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Wednesday, January 10, 2018


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Cardinal O'Hara beats St. Mary's last night! St. Marys was 1 of 3 H.S Boys Basketball teams that were undefeated in the WNY area. Give the boys at Cardinal O'Hara some recognition and credit for a job well done.

Obviously a Timon fan ... if Park is so "
Over rated " then I guess this win is no big deal ! Lol

Is Master the new "best big man" in WNY with the departure of Joe Jones? What does that list look like ranked?

Radford is no Joe jones ! What does his offer sheet look like is a better question

Mater Radford’s game Is far superior to what I saw of Joe Jones last year. He’s a quiet leader on that team who fears no one in the paint. He’s only gotten better as the year has progressed, taking fewer fouls. He started off slow this game, but quickly turned that around. His only rival, in the paint, in the Monsignor Martin Association is probably Mr. Bradley of the team on Delaware Ave.

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