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Sunday, November 28, 2010


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Overall a good job Center Court hopefully u will never lose last year's Sectional Program : )

2 things in all this stood out. The part about Buff State will b out of pizza by halftime during every game of the Sectionals. AND your prediction of Olean not winning a 5th straight Class B title which I must say is a lock since u also note that they move UP to Class A this year. HA! C everyone tomorrow!

Olmsted now has a varsity team competing in the Yale Cup. It will be a Class D classification for the playoffs. Their head coach is Mike Webster.

As with the Harvard Cup, the Yale Cup is changed for the 2010-11 school year. There are 2 divisions: large school (Bennett, McKinley, East, Riverside, Hutch Tech, South Park, Burgard and Lafayette), and small school (Grover, Seneca, OTC, City Honors, Performing Arts, Emerson and Olmsted). I am not sure how the Yale Cup will be determined, or if it will be awarded at all. Teams will play each team in their division twice, so the best teams in the city may not meet. It will help with the larger schools' power rankings, though.


I'm glad you can appreciate the Olean prediction. Another one I forgot to include was my prediction that McKinley will fail to reach A-1 finals for the first time since 2005.

HUGE BATTLE TODAY!!!!! #1 vs. #2 in CC's top ten large school poll. Will. South at St. Joes. Could decide absolutely nothing as they play again on Wed. at South and its only a scrimmage. Oh yeah I guess these kinds of things matter to some. Great job again CC, see you tonight.

I am surprised no one has mentioned Frontier adding to the competition in Div 1. They looked strong during the summer. They were competitive last season and return an Empire Games player (dont bring up Empire games). Look for them to be in the middle of that Division.

I agree Frontier will add to the competition in ECIC I. They are always well coached and Darius Edwards should be one of the top players in the area. Jamestown, Clarence, Will North, Frontier, OP...ECIC I could be very interesting once again.

Willie Jakes actually isn't at Medina anymore, so it will be essentially an entirely different team than last year.

Thanks for that. I actually just heard about that last night. I was told he went to Albion, but I'm not sure if he's playing this year.

No, I don't think he is. There were some transfer issues that I think would've kept him out.

I hereby renounce the "aka ........." part of my screen name. Apparently CC thinks he's just a regular Joe, of course we all know better, and has made a special request that I drop it. So it's done.

Just a couple things worth following this year.

1. How will Will South fare without play maker extraordinaire Mark Coppola? I think they'll be darn good with a goodly number of seniors returning, but sharp shooter Joe Licata won't find as many open looks.

2. How about Sweet Home without Paul Schintzius patrolling the sidelines? Won't be the same. He will be sorely missed.

3. Will be weird to watch Grover without King Earl on the sidelines. Fortunately we can still catch his comedic act this year, just with a different team.

As I like to do every year, all the best to all of the teams, players and coaches. have fun. Your time on the high school hardwood is all too short!

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