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Thursday, December 16, 2010


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CC - just an idea - could you keep a running total of power points etc on here so we all know where teams are standing for sctionals as the season goes on? Or maybe keep an going record of league wins and losses for everybody - so people can keep track of who is in first place in each league. I think that would make this website considerably different and more interesting. What ya think? What about keeping track of the JV league records etc.... This would be great place for all that - but it is a lot of work. Dreaming...................

There's already a website that does a running total of power points for Section 6 basketball that gets updated on a weekly basis.

What is the website and was it reasonably accurate last year? I don't think CC needs any more work! Section V does an awesome job of this, thanks to Phil Abel.

The website is the Section VI site and it was accurate and updated weekly last year.


If they don't provide that again this season, I'll do it. But I'm with BBBfan, I don't need more work. And I agree, Phil Abel runs a top notch site for Section V and he was even nice enough to link this blog to his site.


Hey CC,

Certainly this post has been out awhile, but I was just reviewing it, and shouldn't Barker be in Class C. According to my calculations there should be 19 teams in Class C. But there was only 18 on the list and I think Barker is the missing team. What makes this interesting is that on the Section 6 website, they also only make room for 18 teams on the bracket. However, the bracket is missing a 14 seed. So there should be 19 teams in Class C and hopefully someone fixes that on the Section 6 website.

Thanks for catching that Andrew. I've added Barker to the teams in Class C.

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