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Monday, December 06, 2010


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Pretty darn good smatterings CC!!

Is there a difference between smatterings and musings?

Love the post CC! The shot at 'no registration required' was great! Growing a set of you know what's! What do you mean Hinsdale 'joined' Section 5? You can't just 'join' a Section! Can Niagara Falls 'join' Section 2? Is that a joke? They r in a Section 6 COUNTY!!!

I predict Canisius goes 29-0 and beats Joe's by 20, 30 and 40 the 3 times they play. Weir joins just in time for the first Joe's game!

Anyone have any thoughts on the Yale Cup being split into two divisions? Maybe I'm just an old school kind of guy but I prefer the one division format. Although it does a better job of correctly seeding the teams for the playoffs, from a league perspective and traditional standpoint I'm against it. Smaller schools have done extremely well in the Yale Cup in the past (see Traditional, City Honors, and Middle College last year) and I think the teams are missing out by not playing everyone. I guess I would feel better if I knew there would be only ONE Yale Cup champ and not two.

Let the games begin!!!!

Go Crusaders!!!!!

Someone please give the Queen some daisies. Oh, nevermind, she has a whole school full of them.

StateChamps -

First off, it's great to have you joining the discussion. Your contributions to the high schools hoops conversation are always solid, tactful, and insightful.

I'm right there with you on the Yale Cup thing. I struggle to accept change and really liked the way the Yale Cup was. To make matters worse, next year we lose Lafayette. Your point about the small schools doing well is a good one, and goes even farther back to the Burgard years. Sure, there were some schools in over their heads, but that applied to some large schools also.

As far as correctly seeding teams, I guess that's a positive. Although it sure seemed to me like the Yale Cup teams did just fine reaching Buffalo State, where there's no home court advantage and the cream always rises.

In the future, there should be just one overall Yale Cup trophy awarded, and a system in place to determine it. For this year, we'll have to rely on the Pastor-Cooper results. East won a division over OTC and McKinley over Grover, so the Division 1 large school Yale Cup champ could also be viewed as the overall league champ. Maybe the small school winner could just get a plaque...we could call it the Yale Plate.

Tapestry could be heard from in Class C come Feb./March. Its backcourt, led by Daz Knight, is incredibly quick.

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