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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


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Congrats centercourt this a great forum to talk wny basketball. I am looking forward to seeing all the games from your prospective. I know you have the schedule down, is it to much to ask to see a daily schedule?

So many teams to see so early. I think alot of these teams will show who they are by winnining the Holiday Tournaments!

Tripp...as in the new NCCC Thunderwolves logo??? Love it. Go Vikings!!!

Tripp -

We're all still waiting for the Buffalo News to print the 2010-11 season schedule in its entirety. So far, we are just getting a glimpse of the next day's games when the nightly scores come out. Keith McShea says that as soon as the new format the News is converting to has been completed, the entire schedule and all past box scores will be available all the time.

Good to hear, there is plenty of talent out there to evaluate. Early observations: i see a lot of players are trying to find there roles ond once they do wny should have some good teams to watch.
Jelly D -- Good thing we had that mascot unveiling

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