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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


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I love what you're doing here Centercourt.
Keep up the great work!

Some quality smatterings there, Centercourt..

I like your Will South "Bold Prediction"-- even though the game doesn't carry as much overall signficance to either team in the big picture, can't way to see South and Timon square off next month. They should move the 3-point line back to NBA range for that game.

I expected East last night to give the Tigers all they could handle. Didn't even come close. Granted, East was missing arguably the best player, but he wasn't going to be a 30-point difference; Kyle Kobis was a beast last night, could've easily went for 30.

Impressive win by the Macks over East to stay undefeated. They got Riverside Thursday, definitely adding that game as my leadoff in my Thursday double-header (Timon vs Joes the nighcap), though I really would like to see Tapesty and Grover square off as well.

Here's my dirty secret; I haven't gotten a chance to see the freshmen Taplin play for Will North yet. Can't way to see if this kid is the goods.

A lot of people dont like a season that doesn't have one dominant team or one dominant player over all others.. I love the 2010-11 season. There isn't a team I've seen there is completely unbeatable, and no one player that is head and shoulders above anyone else.

Coach Gerstung and Coach Beutel...great minds think and score alike.

CC, I really love the random smatterings each week. Great post. Completely agree about the North D on Hill and Maryvale's struggles.

CC, Any idea as to why Maryvale have struggled in their 2 loses? (Besides not scoring enough points in the 2nd half) Have you seen them this season?

Butters -

I have not seen the Flyers yet this season. The good news for them is those are their only two loses and they've already won the first meeting with Amherst. I can speculate that Maryvale might be a team that has limited scoring options beyond Blair Estarfaa, but without having seen them play yet, I really don't know if that's the case. I'm sure Mark Kensy hasn't forgotten how to coach and I'd be surprised if this became a trend.

I sent the link to 100 friends, does that mean that I get free admission to the Pastor-Cooper for the next 10 years, or have I just gotten the previous 10 years for free in advance? :)

I wish that I could check out the Tap-IP game tonight, but I will be busy with my game. Afterwards, some of WNY's best (from years past) will be playing when ECC hosts NCCC at 7:30. If anyone is interested in checking it out, I'll be there.

Alot of WNY Talent that are key contributers in the JUCO matchup tonight. All of them had WNY honors coming out of high school.

Tyshaun Edwards--- Grover
KJ Edwards --- Grover

AJ Roberts --- Niagara Catholic
Robby Seyler --- Lew- Port
Charles Shellman --- Lockport
Vince Kazmierczak --- St mary's
Christian Barczkowski --- Alden
Lorenzo Joesph --- Niagara Catholic

NCCC played hard but not smart Erie wins 96-84
Tempo dictates everything!
Seyler and Roberts had 50 pts 11 rebs 10 asst 2 blks 2 stls
" These two almost played together in high school with Dyrel Dolson"

Freshman got a taste of real college basketbal, and had no turnovers!

CC, where you headed tonight?

If I knew the weather would cooperate, I'd go to Randolph to see them host Maple Grove. I considered Williamsville North at Frontier, but ultimately decided on CSAT at Wilson.

CSAT is 8-1 overall and 4-0 in league, so I'd like to see if they're for real.

I caught the Frontier vs Will North game. Solid game that came down to the final seconds. It was great to watch Edwards and Taplin square off. Both dished, drove and hit jumpers all with a great feel for the game. Frontier came out with a solid win by scrapping out extra possesions and passing to open cutters.

So, is CSAT for real? How do you think they'll fare against Newfane next week?

ECIC 1 is going to be a dogfight every night. Surprised to see Frontier be the 1st team to beat North, but not necessarily surprised that they lost to a non-Jamestown team. I don't see any team going undefeated in ECIC 1 this year.
I know I'll be at Jamestown at North next Friday night.

I was at the Clarence Lancaster game tonight and have to say the the officials screwed Tyler Funk. He picked up some very nonaggressive fouls and was on the bench most of the game. They need to let the big guys play inside at this point in the season. Clarence had no answer at times for Harrington after that. Hill was good for Clarence. Plonka non factor for Lancaster, the little point guard was good for Lancaster. Clarence led all the way until middle fourth even with Funk on the bench in the third until Harrington took over in the fourth with Funk on the bench and playing with four fouls. Two good teams - interesting AA this year.

I was also at the Clarence/Lancaster game. Funk was on the bench MOST of the game, really? Yes, he was in foul trouble because of Harrington. Harrington had 30 points, 15 rebounds and 6 blocks. And this against the so called best big man in WNY. Maybe people should check his stats this year. Harrington is the best big in ECIC 1 and top three in WNY. Lancaster has not had the respect of the basketball community but should. Just because their coach does not promote them and thinks that they will get their respect eventually if they keep winning does not mean they don't deserve respect now. And Plonka not being a factor...this again shows you are uneducated about basketball. His party allowed Harrington to have the game he had. You should stick to quietly watching the games and let the big boys analyze the game.

CC, can you believe Frontier upended North?

Agree with guest, Lancaster played as a team for that win. Plonka hit 2 3's down the stretch. Speyer was crazy on defence, and great leadership by the point guard Kroll. Harrington is really starting to shine. Lancaster is fun to watch

Hey CC,

This talk about big men has me wondering who you think are the best big men in Section 6? I have the pleasure of helping coach one of the best in Mike Bova. Certainly he does not get to play the best competition in the section, but he certainly is one heck of a player and does so many things for our team.

AA is very competitive this year makes for a great sectional tourney

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