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Thursday, January 20, 2011


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The West/Lockport game isn't going to be put on any basketball "how-to" instructional videos, but was a fun game. I know the News said Grandits was sick but he smacked his head on the floor after taking a charge late against East on Tuesday....that is why he was out tonight. West is off until the Falls game and has mid-term exam week next week so they're not even in class, so he should be ready to go then. The remaining Bailey in this matchup...you already know Bailey from Lockport is gone...really took charge. He consistently got to the basket off the dribble. Lockport played decent defense on everyone else.

The Falls has more talent at every position but the four....however I just really feel West matches up well against them, mostly because they have the athletes to run with them all game. Plus, the Street/Fegin duo can't really have their way in the paint. It will be interesting to see how the Falls comes out after not really having another test since the first West game, after having numerous test prior.

Cleveland Hill has a young man named Molson who is worth watching. Saw them play at Lackawanna and looking at their box scores, he has been their leading scorer most of the time.

I noticed Jero Molson as well when I watched them play earlier this year. He's only a sophomore and was a bit reckless at times, but was very athletic, went all out, and is loaded with potential.

Nice win for Niagara C.C. and Coach B today. Local guys played extremely well. Vince K (St. Mary's) had a great day hitting big shots, nearing the 10 minute mark in the first half, seemed like he scored 12 straight and also 2 or 3 big blocks. AJ Roberts (N.C.) and Old Man Charles "Chuck Wagon" Shellman (Lockport) also played extremely well. Coach B doing a great job up North with the Local talent.

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