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Friday, January 28, 2011


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NF looked dominatiing down low again last night, I still haven't seen anyone in the area that can match there frontline. They also play great defense. A hard combination to beat.

cc, All your work is really good stuff, but the smatterings are the best, great idea. Keep up the good work and enjoy your rivalry game tonite.

I agree hoopfan! No one loves hs bball more than CC. It is his passion besides his wonderful wife and children that is. And imagine all it took was some knucklehead like me who enjoyed reading his postings on the prep talk blog enough to carry on a dialogue with him to unleash his fantastic talent for us all to appreciate and enjoy. Long live CC!!!

When will you have an article posted about last nights big win for the Lakemen?

Tomorrow I'll have something on both rivalry games - Wilson/Newfane & Joe's/Canisius.

I see Bono was in boxscore for Fri game

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