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Sunday, January 30, 2011


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I hope all of the regular people on this blog got to enjoy round 1 on Saturday night. i feel bad for those people that got shut out outside and didn't get in. It is truly a pleasure to be part of this rivalry. Oh yeah, it IS just slightly better when we win. See you at round 2 in a couple of weeks.

Agreed. Good basketball and good fun. Both teams have great kids. Round "2" belongs to Canisius by the way. See you in a couple of weeks.

When you see a bunch of kids get after each other that hard on the basketball court it is awesome to bear witness to.
The rivalry brings out the best in the athletes on the floor and the result is a great basketball game. Take into acccount that the rivals are often neighbors or longtime friends off the court and the appreciation of there efforts grows even further.
At games end after the players changed into there shirts and ties and came back onto the floor there were many hugs and hand shakes going around, player to player, parent to parent, player to parent from the rival school. It's great stuff and what High School sports should be about.

Things seem to be getting a little touchy-feely here with the heart-felt sentiments. In the end, it's a basketball game. I know...I hear it all the time...."there's NOTHING like a Canisius-Joe's game." The sad thing about that statement is that, in this area it is true. It isn't sad because it's not a strong, intense rivalry...it sure is. It's sad because the student bodies from these schools are some of only a handful from area high schools who actually get out and support their teams in full voice on a consistent basis.

I hate to say it, but if you go to almost any section V league game, you will see vocal and abundant student sections. I've been baffled for years as to why very few schools in section VI have a regular student section at games. What is even more puzzling is that, in most instances, the student sections get smaller and less vocal as the classes rise from small to large schools. How often do you see large student sections at games between AA or A teams....sadly, very seldom.

TML you need to get up and see a Wilson/Newfane game. Had the pleasure a couple years ago. Great stuff. Gym is always packed and always intense. In fact every bit as intense as Joe's/Canisius.

Wouldn't sell the crazies in South Buffalo short either. The Timon kids intensely support their team, occasionally stepping over the line, but makes for a great atmosphere.

Haven't been to Jamestown yet, but that is another place with great fan support or so I hear. J'town fans were fantastic two years ago at Buff State. Think they had one of the best cheers I've ever heard at a high school game. They parodied our beloved Keith McShea because of some perceived anti-Jamestown coverage and dispute over a critical foul call in a game against Riverside?? Anyway the chant was Keith McShaaaaay, Keith McShaaaaay, ..........!!! Great stuff.

For my money the MMA still is the most dynamic of all though. The last five or so years anyway have been great theater. No guarantees who will win the Cup and seemingly always many surprises, upsets and drama.

Echoing TML's opinion on Section 5. Went to the Timon v. Batavia game, the student body was a riot and in no way intimidating. The added bonus is it is only a 25 minute drive, well worth the trip basketball fans.
What do the following High School players, Kyle Kobis, Dave Scarcello, Blair Esterfaa, Tyler Buchkowski, Joe Lictata, Kevin O'Connell, Phil Stasiak, Aaron Adams, John Saffire, Eric Stoltzenberg, Connor Rehbaum, Aaron Nevins have in common? Prior to High School they all played at varying times on the same AAU basketball team. Not all at the same time to be accurate. Pretty nuts, HUH?

The Jamestown student section "the Event Staff" has been a long tradition at JHS from the days of the State Championship football teams in the 90's. The senior class would sell event staff shirts for fans to wear at the games, and would help bring out a large student body to the football games. These were the days when the JHS football games would constantly be sold out at Strider Field, which keep in mind probably seats between 3000-4000 people and would cheer on the best football team in NYS. This student support carried on to the basketball team who was beginning to be led by a former Red Raider in Ben Drake and an unbelievable guard in Maceo Wooford.

The event staff has carried on long since the days of Maceo, and has been an annual student attraction every year in Jamestown. With often there being little to do in Jamestown on a cold winter night, the friendly confines of McElrath gymnasium has welcomed thousands of students and fans over the years to cheer on some of WNY's best talent and teams. The combination of talented teams, a raucous student section, and a dedicated community that support its athletics has made the "Mac" one of the toughest venues in WNY for opposing teams to play in.

The "Event Staff" may seem to be a little down this year, but that happens on a year to year basis. I wish the Red Raider's and their student fans the best of luck in the playoffs and at Buff State this year. Keep that Sectional Crown in Jamestown boys...

I'm aware that there are a handful of very strong student sections...I'm just saying there should be far more.

My best memory of my own student section experience was during the 2003 season at Ken West for the girls bball regional run. The "Devils Army" was in full swing and we would consistently get a over a hundred students in the section, fully participative. That season was capped off by a trip to Wayland-Cohocton for the regionals for which we had three bus loads of students. I vividly remember the dueling chants with the Greece Athena section and they gave us some major props for making the trek and keeping up the chanting all game, even though it was a blowout in their favor. As any of you could see on Thursday night, the student section at West largely no longer exists, at least in terms of a true "section"....unfortunately this is true at most other schools as well.

I suppose there is just a different culture throughout the schools in section V, specifically in Monroe County. From my experience, almost every small school has a large following for their size when they get deep in the playoffs. The large schools is where the real disparity is located.

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