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Friday, January 14, 2011


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I think it was an important game for both teams.

St. Joes- You were right last night. They needed this win more. Had they lost it woulda been the fifth of the season and that might've creeped into their heads. It was a huge confidence builder for them to win in a tough environment last night and the late game heroics by Agbeko might end up comforting and igniting him to the point he takes that next step in becoming a dominant player.

Timon- I'm sure there spirits are crushed today, but in the long run this may be a good experience for them. They now have the feel of what a tight game is where every possession is critical. They proved that despite a perceived lack of size in the middle that they can play with one of the best teams in WNY.

Also, they can hold their hat on knowing that they could've have possibly gotten a worst shooting performance from Jordan Williams and Kyle Kobis and still found themselves in overtime. If anyone wasn't sure before, they know now that Timon isn't a one or two man team.

Having said that, if Timon wants to be one of the top teams in WNY, Kobis and Williams both have to shoot a lot better-- that's what they do.

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