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Sunday, January 09, 2011


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like the rationale and build up for the I (0 vs. Tap game,but my game of the week is Joe's at Timon. The game will set the tome for MMA league play. There isn't team in the MMA that can touch the big three, Joe's, Can and Timon. Plus you have perhaps the biggest home court advantage in all of WNy with the possible exception of J'town. Don't think Timon has any big guys, so Joe's has an advantage there. Timon runs a nice offense that leads to many open looks. This one could be a blazing barn burner.

Ooops that should have been I90, which might be a perfect way to describe the way Holland and the rest of the preppers will run.

apparently hoopster missed the game between st. joe's and st. mary's.

Liked the statement about having a guy like Maranto on your team anyday..great defender and does all the small things which may not make the papers in order for thier team to be successful.. Please add to the list of people who I would not want to guard me as they will do anything it takes to shut you down...
Nevins -Canisius
Aaron White-Canisius
Kevin Oconnell -W. South
Stasiak-W. South
Maranto- W. North
Safir - W. North
Campion - Jamestown

You know Beth I didn't make that one. Think St. Mary's is good, but isn't in the conversation for the Manhattan Cup or overall league title. If they are, then they should not be competing as a B school.

With that said Beth, wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the Lancers pulled off an upset down the road. They've done it before and are certainly capable of doing it again.

The Orchard Park @ Lancaster game has been rescheduled for January 24th. Game time has remained the same.

Also, the Lancaster @ Clarence game which was scheduled for January 21st has been rescheduled for Saturday, January 15th. JV's will play at 4:00 and Varsity at 5:30.

Thank you for those updates coach. I made the changes to the post above.

Hoopster, Nichols was in class B when they won the cup when Reagan was a freshmen. Dont think St. Marys would get moved up unless they won the cup which they wont but they will beat one of the "big3" aqnd Frannies probably will too. Happens every year. I dont think Nichols voluntered to go up and it was a huge deal when it all happened and then they lost out on a couple years when they would have won titles in B.

Who do you think are the top defenders in the area?

Coach Walters,
Who do you think are the best players in Ecic 1?

MMA, sounds like you and I are saying the same thing. St. Mary's is NOT in the conversation to win either the overall league title or the Manhattan Cup. They are not strong enough to do either. That is of course not to say that they won't upset Joe's, Canisius or Timon. In fact would not surprise me in the least. Really like Peter Notaro. He has made huge strides over the last three years. Always great to see that development in any kid because it shows they really love the game and are working hard.

All I said in response to BK is that if the Lancers were a serious Cup contender then they would based on State rules have to be classified as an A team. The State catholic schools are classified based on the strength of their team.

Nichols was never a perceived threat 4 years ago in the chase for the cup. They as you may recall started gelling after Regan returned from his fractured wrists in early February and after missing 10 games. If I recall correctly Keith described their Cup win as one of the biggest upsets in the time he covered high hoops. Think a Mary's win this year would be viewed similarly.

Personally think this year's Frannies team is well below the Frannies' teams of the last 5 or 6 years. Just don't see them beating any of the top teams. Not impossible, but very unlikely.

In regards to St. Mary's (as someone who watches as much MMA hoops as possible in my coverage).. I also don't think they have a chance to win the Manhattan Cup. Having said that--- They will end up upsetting one of the "Big Three" this year, as always seems to be the case. Lancers aren't a team I'd be happy to play no matter what team I played for.

As for Timon vs St. Joes, I'm very much looking forward to this game. One thing I'm particularly interested in is if Timon's early season dominance in light of a very weak schedule will help or hurt them. On one hand, they're very confident. On the other, they aren't the least bit battle-tested this season (St. Joes is for sure)and Timon's starters have barely even played any 4th quarter ball this year because they've blown almost everyone out.

With the exception of OTC Middle Timon has played an awful weak schedule, but I also expected Seneca, Amherst and Walsh to give them at least competitive games. I was shocked that the Tigers laid the lumber on Walsh last Friday by nearly 50 points. I dont know-- maybe they are just that good.

One thing is for sure-- Timon can shoot and score with anyone in WNY. Kids like Joran Williams and Kyle Kobis will absolutely murder you from the three point line (these guys are averaging around 16 per game and would have much more if they had more playing time in non-blowouts), they got senior leadership in Dace Scarcello and some scrappy and underated talent in sophomores Ryan Dougherty and Canisius transfer Fulton Bryant.

As for Joes, they have a huge advantage down low and on the glass. Rehbaum is a straight scorer and Kelly as Atwogo (I know I spelled that wrong) will dominate in the paint against an obviously undersized Tigers squad.

I think if the game is tight in the 4th quarter its advantage, St. Joes. If it becomes and up and down game then Timon won't give them a chance to breath. Of course, the crazy South Buffalo home court will be an advantage as well.

Prediction Time: I like St. Joes in a close game. I think their stronger schedule will be a huge asset in the second half and under tight pressure; Timon may take a step back before moving forward since they haven't had to sweat out a close game yet.

BTW, apologies for the typos and poor use of grammar at times. I'm fixated with watching Cam Newton warmups on TV.

Mr. Moran, very nice analysis. You got me thinking(a rarity for me). Could tonight's game against Will East be a trap game? East has had some nice wins including a W over Clarence in the Amherst tourney as I recall. I'd be concerned if I was Jimmy P.

We'll also get an idea about St. Mary's tonight as they invade the Bernard Kennedy Center on the campus of Canisius High School.

Hoopster, absolutely Will East could be a trap game for Timon tonight. For one, they will have St.Joes on their mind for sure and for another, as stated before they haven't been in a tight game yet. I think their smallest margin of victory is by 10 or 12 points against a weak Nichols team. That win over Clarence for Will East was a huge confidence builder. Honestly for Timon, they can use a tight game going into Thursday as well.

Good week for hoops, I'm looking forward to seeing how Riverside vs McKinley and Tapestry vs Grover plays out also. That with the MMA matchup is one hell of a day of hoops.

Timon smacked Will East tonight 72-43. They should gain more respect in the polls as a result especially if they defeat Joe's on Thursday. With the big win, I do think Thursday's game is the game of the week CC.

Here's a link, http://www.buffalonews.com/sports/high-schools/article309728.ece , to an article in the News on tonight's action. As reported there, East was without 6'5" Eric Stolenburg. I'm sure that didn't help East at all. Nevertheless an impressive win for the Tigers.

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