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Wednesday, February 02, 2011


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Great stuff from Barker.

Great post, I meant. Job well done by Barker as well.

Some serious problems with the News site.

Well keep commenting there, TML, where is your top ten ?

Large School Poll
1. Niagara Falls - Passed Ken West test with flying colors in 2nd half after tight 1st stanza. Bumped up to #1 in the state...are they worthy?

2. Jamestown - Finally have some games...BIG games...on the horizon. At Lancaster Friday, at North Monday...can they run the gauntlet?

3. Wil South - eased past Wil East and look well on their way to an undefeated league season. Here's hoping for a South/East High A-crossover.

4. St. Joe's - arguably the hottest team around in terms of the increase in their form. Can they keep it up and reclaim the MMA crown?

5. McKinley - rebounded nicely from the Bennett loss...huge game tomorrow that will spark the second half of the Yale Cup...can they make a big run in the AA bracket?

6. Canisius - Just seemed to be missing a spark against Joe's...already looking forward to the rematch and this coming from a guy who doesn't usually share the same enthusiasm for this rivalry as most.

7. East - looking for revenge in their home gym in tomorrow's big clash. The favorite in A-2...will they meet Maryvale in the final, AGAIN?

8. Bennett - looking to garner at least a #3 seed in A-1 to avoid South until the finals. Can they repeat there great performances in the 2nd half of the season?

9. Timon - seem to be flying under the radar ever since the loss to Joe's...they've played very good competition lately and will be battle tested come playoffs.

10. Riverside - still keeping them ahead of teams like Lancaster, Ken West and Maryvale due to how good I think they can be and have been. Can they turn around and play a mature game?

HM - Lancaster(win over Jamestown Friday will firmly entrench them in the top 10), Ken West(played NF close for over 6 of the 8 quarters this year...how many other teams could do that?), Maryvale(class of ECIC III...can they pull of more magic in the sectionals?), Wil North(took quite a tumble in the rankings...can bump right back up with a win or great showing against J-town), Hutch-Tech(nearly every loss to the top Yale Cup teams has been close...definitely a team a top seed does not want to see in sectionals)

TML, you couldn't post a comment? Arghgghhgghgghghghghghghghghghghghghghghgg.

Riverside senior Deon Artis is one of the best and most exciting players in the area this year. If the unselfish forward shot the ball more often, he could easily be averaging close to 30 ppg. He is a very instinctive player who can do it all. The quiet leader is not only an accurate shooter but a good ballhandler and a great passer. When the 2011 Frontiers play at Buff State in the A2 quarters dont miss the opportunity to see this underrated talent He is worth the admission

Holly woooooood!!! Good to see ya man! Hope you're doing well!!

TML is not the only one having problems with the site Keith. I couldn't even register. As you say, "Arghgghhgghgghghghghghghghghghghghghghghgg!!"

Likewise for me Keith. It says that my e-mail is already used and when i try to retrieve a password for it it sends me to some other link and then I type everything again and after 5 mins i just get tired of it and come to Centercourt's site. I haven't tried it since the beginning of the season.

No...I can post a comment fine, the News site just wasn't loading for me at times last night before the chat.

My apologies on behalf of The News.

If anyone has had problems registering, email me at [email protected] with the email address/username you want to use and I'll see what I can do.

Also, anyone having problems registering, see my comment at the Prep Talk chat Feb.2 post. We had the same thought, Keith. I just posted that.

can someone tell me how wilson is #2 in the girls poll? who have they beat? they have yet to even play a team who has a vote in the small or large school polls. the best team they played was holy angels and lost by 25.

its a shame public schools only play 18 games and private play 24. for example: would love to see joes play jamestown, canisius play will north or south, or even some city schools play more games vs the suburb public schools. too tough to vote accordingly in the polls. not to mention if you are in a small school league and your league is weak, how can you compare those teams when they only have 4 non league games, typically 2 of which are a joke when you host a tournament and bring in a few cup cakes. with the state economy and schools losing funding, the seasons are only getting shorter.

It is a shame that the public schools are down to 18 games and some only get four nonleague games. Conversly, large school MMAA teams get 13 nonleague games.

To your point about it being tough to vote in polls, I'd love to have more to go on, but there are enough results you can look at. Generally speaking, good teams schedule well on a yearly basis, and it's no coincidence they're good each year.

I'd love to see Jamestown play St. Joe's also, but the Red Raiders opted to play strong competition out of the area over the Christmas break. We still saw them play Falls and South. As for the South/Canisius game you'd love to see - you should have been there, it was a great game...it happened.

While I'm not happy with the 18 games, I can say that all the top five large and small schools did the best they could with scheduling good competition in nonleague games, with the exception of Dunkirk. But they are also new to the polls this year, the other schools are annually strong.

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