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Thursday, February 10, 2011


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Tell them to put me on too....or at least when they do the softball preview show...o wait...;-)

You can definitely talk about St. Joe's impressive win tonight over St. Joe's.

Connor Rehbaum legitimized himself as a Player of the Year candidate tonight in my opinion (19 pts, 6 steals, 5 assists)

And Reggie Agbeko is starting to look like that dominant big man most think he can be. He had 14 points and 15 rebounds, including eight offensive and had Timon all kinds of intimidated down low.

Timon's post game is non-existent. I'll be interested to see Agbeko take on the Falls front line.

Thought the Joe's/Timon game had the possibility of being a great one. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out to be. A great effort by Joe's in the final three quarters coupled with a weak effort by Timon turned it into a Joe's rout.

Timon had an excellent opening quarter leading 18-8 going into the second. They continually beat the Joe's defense for easy buckets. Joe's seemed to lack intensity to start the game.

Things changed drastically in the second. Joe's markedly turned up their intensity level and defensive pressure. They turned a 10 point deficit into a four point halftime lead outscoring Timon 20-6 in the 2d. It was close for three minutes in the third before Joe's found their stride, after a Simon time out, once again leading to a dominating win by 20 or so.

First time I've seen Timon this year, but seems as though they're lacking their trademark team toughness, which has defined the Tigers over the last six years or so. Timon lacks depth, which also hurt them last night.

Joe's looked good, especially in the final three quarters. They definitely out-hustled and played much tougher than Timon. They got contributions from their top 5 and then some.

Nice sub-plot was the battle going on between #24 for Timon and Kelly for Joe's. 24 seemed to be frustrating Kelly big time in the first quarter. If I was Timon would have liked to see that match-up more often in the game. Seemed like they didn't go at it much after the first. Kelly seemed on the verge of losing his cool, which would have hurt the Joe's cause. Things settled down quite a bit after the first.

As Pat said, Rehbaum had a nice game. He was particularly effective in sniffing out some ill advised Timon passes. He stepped in front of about five soft cross court passes that led to some easy transition points. Thought those steals/Timon turnovers played a large part in the Joe's win.

Agbeko had a very effective game. He was extremely active inside snaring rebounds and blocking shots. He scored effectively on put-backs and had one nice fluid move on the block to the hoop off a nice feed from a teammate. Otherwise he missed numerous shots, which I chalk up to inexperience. I'm sure Mark and Jack are working real hard with him. He has a lot of potential. Needs to refine his game. If I was him I'd stay 30-45 minutes after every practice doing mikans, reverse mikans, work on his shooting and on an array of post moves.

As far as tonight's tilt between South and Timon, see a fairly compelling South win unless Timon finds some of that old Tiger toughness. You can be sure O'Connell and Stasiak will bring the hard-nosed attitude to the South squad.

There's the old hoopster! Keep getting out to games so we can all look forward to more of that insight.

EXCELLENT insight, hoopster and I agree with all your points.

One thing about that game that wasn't said and needs to be mentioned is that Timon's starting PG and lone senior, David Scarcello did not play because of the flu. While he doesn't have big numbers his presence on the floor was missed big-time. Timon had way too many sloppy turnovers and him being out hurt that cause.

I'm a writer and I hate to be critical of players individually at the HS level, but Kyle Kobis, in part because of Scarcello's absence, held the ball way too much, didn't find open guys for looks and took some extremely what we'll call "ill-advised" shots. (To be exact he put up 27 field goal attempts and scored just 14 points). I won't put that all on him as again with Scarcello being out he simply tried to do too much.

I've seen both teams play at least a handful of times this season and think St. Joe's is the better team overall. Still, with Timon up by 12 early in the second I can't help but think maybe they play better and don't "fold" under the St. Joe's pressure with a better ball handler in the mix instead of Hayes (#24) who was forced into the starting lineup and typically plays about 5 minutes per game.

You're spot on about Timon lacking toughness for sure-- and you're completely right about their lack of depth.. That is a BIG eye sore on this 1010-11 Timon team.

Very interesting crowd at the Timon v. Joe"s game last night with The Crusaders of Canisius and the Billies of Will South basktball teams plus coaches Monaco and Husband in attendance. Was it scouting or two high quality basketball programs paying their respects to two other quality basketball teams?
A combination of both to be sure but great to see either way. The basketball community in WNY is not thet large and most of the kids know each other very well and are friends as well as competitors who like to measure theirselves against each other.
Who will be in the crowd next Friday when Niagara Falls visits St. Joes?
Would it be that suprising to see a Buffalo Bill and St. Joes grad and a Super Bowl champion and former UB Bulls watching the game together?
This rumor starter doesn't think so. We'll just have to wait and see.

Thanks Pat. I wondered about Dave. He's an excellent player and his presence was sorely missed. Although I haven't seen him this year, love his game.

Just got a chance to read the sports page. Congratulations to Brennan Moxham on surpassing 1,000 points for his career. A great kid who loves the game. And he had a huge handicap with that father of his!! :) Just kidding Wally, you did a great job with him!! Congrats to them all!

If anyone finds out if Scarcello will or will not play tonight, please make it known here before the game.

Lucky13 are you implying that there is some sort of betting line on tonighs South vs. Timon game? What other reason would you have for needing that information prior to tip off? SHAMEFUL, betting on High School games.

John, think all Lucky is saying is that it is more likely to be a competitive game with Dave in the line up and, therefore, more reason to go out on a cold Friday night to see the game.

No, not at all, just might affect whether I go to the game or not. SHAME on you !

I agree hoopster, and by the way, you still owe me $100 from Tuesday's game.

There was really doubt that my earlier comment was not to be taken seriously? That is taken SHAMEFUL up to whole nother level.

Good one CC. BTW, does anyone know if Paige is playing tomorrow ! :-)

From what I've heard, Paige will be on the court tomorrow when the Red Raiders host Williamsville North...so I've moved the line accordingly. :-)

Well, that's good to hear JF. One never knows.

JF, you didn't use any !!! or :-) or haha's when one is usually joking so it was in doubt.

A dry sense of humor or a heavy dose of sarcasm is welcomed on this blog. Use of smiley faces, HAHAs, & LOLs are optional.

North beats Jamestown by 20 tomorrow. Lol, hahahahahaha :-)!

I lack the mad keyboard skills to know how to make smilely faces like you cagey veteran bloggers. Now that is SHAM****, alright that has been played out:-). Yeah, I dit it. Nelson Muntz.

why is St Mary's looking for a varsity and jv coach immediately?? in Buff News today?

If it said coach, that was a mistake. They are reporting in their "high school extra" today that it was incorrectly reported. Apparently, they are unaware that Cleve. Hill has taken that game as reported here though, because they are still mentioning that St. Mary's is looking for a varsity and jv game.

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