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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


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I covered both games tonight.

Short Version: Zzzzzzzzzz

Slightly Longer Version: As everyon expected, Canisius dominated Nichols from start to finish. It was Man vs. Boy on the floor tonight. Crusaders led, 27-3 at one point. Classy move by Kyle Husband to take his foot off the gas out of respect for Greg Plumb long, long before this one was over. I didn't keep tract of minutes, but I'd guestimate that both Nevins and Lyons played less than half the game. (On a side note, I realized tonight that Canisius is pretty damn deep and young overall, and even after losing Nevins and Lyons they're going to be good again next year. Hart, Weir, MacDonald, White-- they got some excellent shooters returning.

Tough year for Plumb and I hope he's able to get some horses to turn things around in next few years.. It's hard to feel too much sympathy for a (excellent) coach who had one of the better teams in recent memory last year.

As for St. Mary's vs Walsh--- a completely brutal offensive showing by Walsh on this night. Non Whelpley teammates combined for all of 11 points the ENTIRE GAME. Whepley was held in check for most of the game, but got 9 of his 18 during a stretch in the third.

ON a level playing field, St. Mary's showed the ability to dominate. Great job of coaching and using a rotation to keep the squad energized and fresh.

I don't see them having any realistic chance against Canisius, but hey-- that's why you play the games. The Lancers won't be a breezy, easy out for the Crusaders if Meyers hits his threes and Notaro has one of the best games of his life under the boards.

Thanks for the recap Patrick. I got a good laugh from the short version.

Agreed on Canisius and the younger players. They have all made big contributions to the team's success this year and the future will continue to be very bright there. They also have one of the best JV teams I saw this season.

It'll be interesting to see how St. Mary's tries to slow down the Crusaders, no small task there.

Should be noted that unless Niagara Catholic stuns St. Joe's tomorrow, there will be no Class B title game at Canisius College next Wednesday. There will only be the Championship Game, which will be at 6pm--- Good news for Hoop Junkies as you can now watch a the Manhattan Cup title game and then shoot over 10 minutes to Buffalo State and still catch most, if not all of the second Class A-1 semi-final at 7:45

YES! One more win for my Lancers and they are STATE CHAMPS for the third year in a row. THREE-PEAT baby!

IF anyone wants updates to tonight's quarterfinal games and can't make it, I'll be live blogging them both at Buffalo Sports Daily, starting at 6pm.

Don't expect much by way of surprise in the Joes/Catholic game, but I got a funny feeling the Timon/Frannies game is going to be closer than a lot of people think.

Not all that much of a funny feeling Pat re: Frannies V. Timon.
The bigger court at the Koessler Center can make it more difficult to defend, which means more open shots for each team. If Timon is able to control the tempo, which they seemingly always do, than they move onto the semis. If Frannies can open the game up they will have a better shot at the upset. It will be a close game to be sure.

KK you have it wrong. Frannies only chance is to play slow and keep game in 40's, Uptempo favors Timon

jpd, you may be right, I may be crazy(apoligies to Billy Joel)an if in fact the tempo you suggest is effective and Frannies pulls off the upset in a VERY low scoring game, unlike the FONZ, I will be able to admit to being Wrong. Giggidy!!! Three pop culture references in one post.(-:
It will be a tight physical game. Looking forward to it.

... and if Timon is controlling the tempo, it will be opened up.

... and more open shots favors Timon.

Timon always controls the tempo. So call my earlier post critically flawed. The point is that if Frannies is to pull off an upset it has to figure a way to get Timon away from what they do best, knocking down three pointers, and limiting their opponets shot attempts.
Fully expect a Timon victory, but in playoff basketball, you never know.

Frannies best chance for an upset is to keep the game tight and physical, and close going into 4th QT which may cause Timon to question themselves some, since they've blown a number of games late this year.

Using their bench to try and wear down a thin Timon team (after their first six) is another good idea. Make those guys run and run and run and play a lot of defense.. So I actually agree with the first poster when he says PUSH the tempo (If you're a Frannies guy), but doing it using 8-9 guys that may tire out Timon's starting five later in the game.. Just be prepared for Timon to roll early, which they always seem to do, even against the best school's they played.

Regardless, I'm live-blogging and covering both games tonight and will also have full game stories and video highlight/interviews on my site later tonight as well.

Barring upsets tonight, I'm really looking forward to St. Joes vs Timon on Saturday night. While St. Joe's is clearly the more polished team, Timon has given those guys FITS through large parts of both their contests this year. I've been telling CC and anyone who would listen for 2 months now Timon is the biggest enigma in WNY. They've yet to pass a single tough test all season, but if they play team ball and let stats take a back seat, they have the ability to beat ANYONE in WNY on a given night.

Little preview of tonight's semifinals.


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