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Tuesday, February 08, 2011


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I have the clip of Paige's dunk. How do I get it to you?

You are the man!

Please send me an email.

[email protected]

Can you make that clip available to all of us here ?

the polls are a joke in the buffalo news. wilson boys and girls play the worst schedule and are ranked 3 and 2 in their respective polls. the league up there is aweful and they play no one non-league. wilson is afraid to schedule anyone. wilson boys beating albion by 25 without their best player is a perfect example. 12 games each year vs Albion, CSAT, Newfane, Barker, RoyHart, Akron. and their girls are ranked 2 as well. their toughest game was vs holy angels and they got smoked by 30. they haven't played one team in any of the polls, large or small. You got all these voters from their league thinking wilson is so good when your team realls sucks therefore you think wilson is great. put either wilson boys or girls in the MMA and they are at the bottom of the league with a .500 record

Wilson boys beat St. Mary's, who is ranked ahead of them. They also beat Newfane, which is a top 10 team. It's not their fault they're in the N-O. Their non-league schedule included games vs. an Ohio power, Riverside, Lew-Port and St. Mary's...sounds like you have a terrible argument MJ.

Anyone know what happened to East yesterday??? They had the Yale Cup for the taking. That's quite the upset IMO.

An even more of an upset is my alma mater taking down OTC Middle College yesterday. From the looks of it, Alexander did not play but I've seen both a healthy Honors squad and a Alexander less OTC squad and I would say that OTC should have had no problem with them. But...that's why they play the game.

Honestly, Tech over East isn't that much of an upset to me. Tech has been in nearly every game that they have lost in the league...many by five points or less. Recently, Miles has been out injured, including against Bennett when Tech was held to 35 points. However, this was his second or third game back and with him in the line-up, I feel Tech can beat just about any team on a given night.

Miles is still one of the underrated very good players in the area...at least in terms of press. The likely seedings will have South play Tech in the semis and Wil East play Bennett in the other. So much for a weak A-1 bracket, eh?

Mike Jordan,
As a coach that has seen wilson more than anyone in WNY besides prob CC, your post is absolutely false and your assessment of Wilson is way off. You must have not seen them play this year. Yes, the N-O league is down..and any small school would struggle in the MMA against the likes of Joe's, Canisius, and Timon most likely. As Jelly Donut posted, there Non-League schedule is rather strong and they also srimmaged the FALLS and NW so to say that they are afraid to schedule anyone couldnt be further from the truth. If they had the opportunity, Coach Sipple would play any MMA team or any team in WNY for that matter, they are limited to 18 a year. The lakemen would be near the top of most leagues if they were not in the N-O.

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