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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


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Glad I didn't have to vote this week. Might be a little clearer by the end of next week, then again you never know.

For what it's worth -

Top5 v. Top 5 whole season -
St. joes - 2-1 beat Can. and NFalls lost to Can.
Nfalls - 2-1 beat James. and Can. lost to Joes
James - 1-1 lost to Falls beat WSouth
WSouth - 1-1 beat Can. lost to James.
Can. - 1-3 lost to South, Falls , Joes , beat Joes.

I am pretty sure I said it earlier in the year that on any given night I think any of these teams could beat any of the other ones. And the only poll that really matters is the last one.

Hope everybody has fun the next couple of weeks. :-)

I wouldn't bump Joe's ahead of Jamestown. I know you like to look at losses simply as losses but there is no way Jamestown loses to North with Paige playing...it simply doesn't happen. The game did happen, but I can't weight it the same as if they had lost to North with a full team.

Nt leads op 31-21 at half...surprising stuff. Best nt has played this year by far.

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