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Thursday, February 03, 2011


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I was actually wondering what happened to Lonnie Taylor from East. I do remember him in that game against OTC and thought to myself that East has quite a player for the future. That's quite a transition going from inner city Yale Cup play to Medina? Just wanted to give a thanks for that type of update.

Reggie made the free throw, too.

Jack, you mean after 5 months of a quality Joe's education, he didn't know what overrated meant?...lol !

Jack - whats up with referencing media during a basketball game you are coaching. Shouldnt coaches stay focused on the game and not worry about the media..

Dear Chill,

whats should be What's, because it's short for what is.

Jack addressed the media, he didn't reference them.

Your last sentence is phrased in the form of a question, so it should end with a question mark rather than two periods.

Do you think you should focus more on educating yourself and not worry about Jack? I do.

By the way, St. Joe's won big. Do you think they'd have won by even more had Jack been "focused" on the game?

I think you need to chill.

I think you need to capitalize whats in your first sentence. Oh yeah, and two spaces after each period to start a new sentence.


Who turned the thermostat down? :-(

If it was me (unintentionally), I apologize!

As a teacher, I am glad that my humorous intentions during a basketball GAME could lead to this wonderful discussion on proper grammar. I may use this during my next reading class. Thank you.

It's going to be tough to post if posters are going to look at gramatical errors, on top of coaching mistakes.

Lonnie Taylor is back on varsity and doing better now, he needed to get some things straightened having not known the coaches and what not.

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