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Sunday, February 27, 2011


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I brought my ten year old daughter to the semifinal games tonight. It was the first time she has gone to a game with me in a few years, because she's had no interest in going. At the beginning of the evening, I explained that there would be two games, and that the winners would play for the championship on Wednesday.

When I said goodnight to her, I thanked her for going with me tonight. She said she had a really good time and was glad she went. Then when I was leaving her room, she said "now I just really want to watch St. Joe's play Canisius". Me too!

All it took was a seat at center court.

I hate to disagree with my friend. However, disagree I must!! It wasn't the seat at centercourt that did it for her. It was the seat right next to Centercourt that did it!! Thanks for sharing. A nice story.

Kudos to St. Joe's on a dominating win without their big man. Just shows how deep and resilient they are. Gonna be a tough out I'm guessing.

Hoping for a great game Wednesday night. The MMAA has been anti climatic this year. No surprises. No upsets. Not much excitement other than the Timon/Joe's game @ Timon and the Canisius/Joe's game @ Joe's. Hope the rubber match makes up for the lack of excitement during the regular season.

Good luck to coaches Husband, Simon, their staffs and of course the players.

Game preview:


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