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Friday, February 11, 2011


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Not to burst anyone's bubble...but this was NOT a pretty game. I don't even know where to begin...very sloppy on both ends and poor execution, specifically by Lackawanna.

This game reminded me of the A-2 final in 2009 between Maryvale and Depew...not one we're ever going to reference as a gem.

Regardless...congrats to Tonawanda...many, many tough years recently.

Just for the sake of discussion and before today's and next week's games (looking over more recent results), I think it's fair to wonder whether St. Joe's can be considered better than Jamestown and Will. South right now ? (Not for actually considering changing next week's polls ,unless Jamestown loses today, but, again, just for some interesting discussion.)

33-32. I'm speechless. What a barn burner (note sarcasm). I don't know how a team wins when scoring 5 points in two quarters. Oh wait, I know, the opposing team scores 4 points in a quarter. Congrats to Tonawanda but really?

Class B is pretty weak this year and is the group least likely to advanced past regionals as Mynderse from Rochester went up a class and is returning practically their entire team from last year that lost to state champion OTC Middle College. Not to mention Rochester also has an undefeated 'B' team in Livonia.

Sure, St. Joe's can be considered better than Will South or Jamestown, but does it really matter? The Polls create discussion which is fine, but other than that don't hold all that much value when the ranked MMA teams, both large or small school and the ranked Section IV schools dont compete against each other for Championships. And no I am not trying to stir the proverbial pot, just commenting.
However, from a "that would be pretty cool" point of view ,if Joes moved to #2 this coming week, setting up a #1 vs. #2 matchup next Friday vs Niagara Falls, how much more interest would that game generate?

I would consider moving Joe's ahead of South, just as I moved McKinley ahead of South when McKinley was playing their best basketball. I don't think you can consider moving Joe's ahead of Jamestown...Jamestown's only loss in the past two months was this past week without Paige.

Realistically, I feel Joe's right now is the third best team in the area.

Great teams need to adapt when a top player goes down for whatever the reason may be.
St. Joe's 4 losses early in the season came without a projected starter, who now comes off the bench. But again, how much do the polls really matter? If you're a great team you will win your leagues championship and that is what matters most.
This year a little bit more than the last few, the 4 or 5 teams bunched at the top are matched pretty equally. A nod for a #1 spot could go any way.

Sorry to burst everybody's speculative bubble, there is this little matter of Tuesday's game with that team from Delaware Ave. that must be taken care of before anyone talks about #1 v. #2 or 3 or whatever it is. It will still be a special week on Kenmore Ave. no matter what happens. See you at the game.

Congrats to the Warriors!!! Imagine they would have been thrilled with a 16-15 win.

Kinda unusual for Jerry Sullivan to write a touchy/feely piece. I thought I was tough, but man he is one hard hitting journalist.

Surprised no one else picked up on this. Yes Virginia there is HOPE for the Buffalo Bills. The first title for the Warriors in 53 years. Well, next season will be the Bills 53rd (1959 to2011-12). Book it! The Bills are gonna win the Super Bowl!!

Based on what I saw last night and the night before I'd definitely have Joe's ahead of South. South looked sluggish. Not sure why. Thought they would have been super charged for a game against a decent opponent. Perhaps just a reflection of playing a poor league schedule.

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