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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


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CC - No love for Coach Bryant at East? Loses 3 (maybe 4) starters from last years team that had a 2nd team All-WNYer in Jackson. They go out and beat Williamsville South in the cross over game whom everyone had winning in Class 'A'. I think he deserves an honorable mention.

I think Bryant's ability to re-tool every year is quite an accomplishment in itself and his consistency over the years is amazing.

State Champs -

Nothing but love for Starling Bryant. I agree with everything you said. For whatever reason, the paragraph I already had typed on Bryant never got moved to the post when I put it together, so I'm glad you said that when you did. It's up there now, where it was supposed to be all along.

Nice. Well said CC.

Very nice job!!! Excellent choices.

I completely agree with this decision. Well done.. He was also my BSD Coach of the Year as well. Typically I don't like to see a coach with arguably the most talented team in WNY win, but in Drake's case it's absolutely deserved.

I would have went w Clifford of Cass Valley, but hey that's me. It's funny after reading the story CC wrote then State Champs comments cause 4 a minute u think he is totally insane! Until u keep reading down....

Mt Vernon btw I hear ended up beating Christ the King in Overtime to win the overall AA Final! Jabari Hinds had 33 - MVP. Final State ranking has Jamestown 6th - which is exactly right. Vernon 1, CTK 2, Boys N Girls 3, Lincoln 4, HHH West 5.

Needless 2 say my Sunday in Newark was NOT fun. 12 three's 4 the Wildcats so what can u do? Must say I have NEVER seen an arena w not ONE bar around it. Just crime really! Thank God the New Jersey transit is close by otherwise good chance I would b dead right now. Off 2 Houston this weekend so 1 more basketball weekend 4 me. I am REALLY hoping 2 c U Conn and Butler make the final and Butler win the whole thing. Since I wrote that I am sure VCU and Kentucky will win now lol!!

Look forward 2 the All WNY team coming out April 9th I think! Final polls 2. Should b interesting.

Hahaha...first experience in Newark, MIG? It's not the most happening place in the world. My friend lives in Hoboken and works at Pru and let's just say he takes the train straight home after work.

just a cople of other names that did a nice job-Erik O'bryan(NW),Sippell(Wilson),Meetze(KW),Kensy(amherst)

Jeff Anastasia of Olean deserves a shout. Started three freshmen, a sophomore and one senior in most games. Team started 0-3, but then went 15-2 before losing in A-2 semis to Buffalo East.

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