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Friday, March 18, 2011


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Did anyone else notice the large number of Catholic and Independent schools at the NYSPHSAA games in Glens Falls? Maybe they should change the name to NYSPHSCS@ISAA??

Great season Red Raiders! You made all of Jamestown and Western New York so proud. Mt. Vernon was just extremely athletic, and Jamestown just did not have the depth or experience to play with a team like that. Theirs a reason why Mt. Vernon has won 9 NYS championships, they are so well coached and just breed D-1 basketball players. I feel as though not only did this state championship run help lockup Paige's POY status, but also his position as a D-1 caliber player and one of the best in NYS.

Raider Pride!

If you look at the NYPHSAA's charter it provides that all schools are members including private/catholic. Some sections preclude their participation in section play like section 6. You can debate the merits of it, but blame the NYSPHSAA not the catholic/private schools that are legitimate members.

Congrats to Jamestown!! Section 6 champs. Far west regional champs!! State finalist!!! Too bad they couldn't finish the trifecta, but in no way dimishes the best hoops season in Jamestown history.

Coach Drake proved he is among the very best coaches in the state not just WNY. I'm sure he's proud of his guys as he should be. WNY is proud of Coach Drake, his staff and the kids!!!! An amazing accomplishment and widely successful season. Query?? When is the last time a school not named Niagara Falls made it to the AA championship[ game???? Also think of it this way to put what a great season it was into perspective: Jamestown was one of about 10 teams playing in NYS today!!! Shows how very special it was.

Congrats to Jaysean Paige. He cemented himself as POY with his clutch play in the post season.

Also congrats to Darrin Butts, who I think propelled himself to a first team nod for the same reason that his teammate will be POY.

Well...no other team from WNY made the AA state title game from WNY due to the fact that the AA class was born in 2004.

Some thoughts I've had since watching today's game is how I feel this team over achieved all year long. After losing Carlos Rivera and especially Fletcher Larson last year, this Jamestown team continued to beat athletic teams who were not only bigger than them but also faster.

First off I credit this spectacular season on Coach Drake who is always able to get the most out of his kids no matter the situation. Secondly this season has to be credited to the dominance of Darin Butts and the rise of Jaysean Paige. These two players were quite the duo for the Red Raiders this season, and without them it would of been definitely a shorter season.

Back to my point about Fletcher Larson; I felt all season that Jamestown was 1 dominant big man shy of being one of the best teams in NYS. I may have been true, but I don't think Fletcher Larson or even Will Regan would of helped Jamestown beat that pressing and swarming defense of Mt Vernon's today.

It will be interesting to see what happens next season with the Red Raiders. Paige and Tommy Campion will be back along with Cechinni and sharp shooter Kevin Diaz. With another dominant JV team this season, I don't think Ben Drake has much to worry about in terms of lacking talent for next year. Good luck to Joe Campion at MIT, Darin Butts at what ever college he decides to attend, and the gritty duo of Ben Wrazen and Chris Carlson. You boys have gave myself and the rest of the Jamestown community quite the ride this year, and we thank you!

MIG.... I heard that Stan Wier and Sterling Taplin are going to bring their talents this fall to the Southern Tier and join the Red Raiders. Don't you think Weir, and Taplin alongside Paige look a lot better in Red and White than those Canisius digs ;)

Hats off to Jamestown for a great season. Most importantly to me, they were entertaining as can be to watch.

WNYHOOPS....Fletcher would have helped breaking the MV pressure. A big man with god hands is invaluable to put at half court and break a pressing defense.

They won't have much height next year, but they'll certainly have a very good back court. Campion showed great toughness for a sophomore...I think he'll do fine sharing ball handling duties with Paige. Diaz showed some nice flashes in the times I saw him on the floor. Again, to me next season, AA will be a four team race. Jamestown will be the favorite, of course, the Falls returns a very good back court and has one very good JV player coming up, Ken West returns four starters and four other players that saw some decent minutes and North will be a factor with Taplin. McKinley drops down to A, Lancaster loses a ton, as does Clarence...Frontier loses Edwards...NW loses Hughes.

How about before 2004 TML? And my question was the State's largest classification.

hoopster -

The last time a team other than Niagara Falls/Lasalle reached the title game in the state's largest classification was in 1984. That year, Sweet Home defeated Long Beach, 51-50 to win the championship.

Congratulations to Jamestown on a monumental and historic season.

Thanks CC!! Just highlights Jamestown's accomplishment all the more!! Pretty sweet.

Who besides Bailey are the other three starters returning from KW?

With the season over, at least in this HS Hoops junkie's mind, it's time to already start thinking about next year!

Besides those teams you mentioned; Timon and Canisius should produce quality teams as well.

Timon returns four of their five starters from last year: Kyle Kobis and Jordan Williams will be seniors while Bryan Fulton and Ryan Dougherty will be juniors. If Coach Palano can find a quality big man/rebounder (they don't have any at the JV level), they will be in great shape. They had a real big freshmen on the JV team, but without getting into details, I heard he won't be playing basketball at Timon anymore.

Canisius of course returns an arsenal of talented shooters: Matt Hart, Adam Weir, Paul MacDonald and Aaron White. Losing big guys Gordon Lyons and Ring Henry will hurt as will Aaron Nevins graduating, but like I said with Timon, with another big man or two on the roster next year they can be just as good or maybe even better than 2010-11. They had a quality JV team last year and always have the possibility of getting a transfer or two in the mix.

I still think Jamestown starts next season ranked No. 1. Paige of course and a pair of very, very good shooters in Campion and Cecchini.

Big guys will certainly be at a premium next year.

We have one. He was the best big guy this year(injuries aside) and will be next year as well, particularly after his big long off-season back in Ghana.(lol)

Jamestown does have a couple decent big guys from the JV team coming up, including Sophomore John Czech who was a stud offensive lineman on the varsity football team this past season. I think trying to replace Darin Butts is going to be the hardest part for Jamestown, the kid could play about every position on the floor and was just an absolute beast when driving to the hoop.

Reggie will be the best big man next year, but this year no one was better the Gordon Lyons at Canisius.

Ken West also returns Lobdell, Wilcox and Campbell. Cosme also saw major minutes and started a number of games, so he will start next year at the four. They'll again be a very athletic team...they will miss the offense of Grandits, but collectively the returning players should all step up their game a little bit. I specifically think Campbell could be very tough to handle inside...he was raw this past season as a sophomore, but still displayed good toughness. He's focusing solely on basketball so I would expect a marked improvement in terms of footwork and work-rate. He could be an x-factor considering the lack of paint players returning in the area. They also return three key reserves, Hersey, Ramulic and Norton, who all provide solid defense, while they will bring up three or so JV players who will add to the athleticism.

Barring any unforeseen additions to the Falls, I expect West to test them heavily and to have a good shot to beat them at least once. Yes, it is my "home school," but they realistically should have very strong years in football and basketball next year.

In terms of the best big man debate...I would put Harrington and Bova right up there with Agebko and Lyons. Agebko has more athleticism and handle, but the two I mentioned were certainly more polished in the paint. Lyons was probably the hardest worker.

How about Funk?

WNY Hoops LOVE the Weir and Taplin joke! I agree they would look good in Red! Maybe I will change their plans lol!!! Hey, it got the comments rolling we r going 2 make money on this soon.

CC I love u but I have 2 let every1 know. BOTH nights in Glens he went back 2 his room and did NOT go out with me and Keith! BOTH nights! Me and Keith - who I still have never met - where both shocked and stunned! I mean, it wasn't the Nichols victory party like last year but it was fun! How do u sit in your hotel room and blow off not only a night out by the State C and B finals!

Anyway season not over yet. Hitting Newark Friday for 2 NCAA games (SO PISSED Cuse blew it-go Heels!) then we r doing the 2 hour drive 2 the Fed on Saturday 4 the Mt Vernon-Boys N Girls game and the overall State B and A finals. Then back 2 NYC 2 c who makes the Final 4 Sunday! Should b a fun weekend. So 1 more day of HS hoops 4 me. I'll do some posts and hopefully c Keith if the Mary's girls somehow win Friday.

My first team guess....Paige, Holland, Butts, Fisher, and Nevins. I have a pretty good streak going of nailing the 1st teams so save this and c how I do.


Large - Jamestown, Falls, East, W South, Canisius, Joe's, Bennett, McKinley, Hutch Tech, Riverside.

Small - I Prep, Cassadaga Valley, OTC Middle, Wilson, Tapastry, St Mary's, Lackawanna, Newfane, Dunkirk, Maple Grove.

2012 - Jamestown, Canisius, Falls, Joe's, Riverside, Timon, Olean....clear cut top 7.

I disagree about Will South being ahead of Canisius.

That's ok it's America! South lost 2 games all year. AT Jamestown, and neutral court 2 East. I think it would b a close game but the kids worked really hard 2 BEAT Canisius when they DID play on a neutral court so that was the difference. I get it was 3 months ago and by a point, but still, they DID beat them the only time they played and it wasn't at home.

You have McKinley too low. If they were to play South today, I would take McKinley.

Sorry to get off topic but I know this has been talked about lately. I don't remember, but a few people said Niagara Falls would be pursuing the Independent route.

I can confirm that's not happening, at least not for next season. They will remain in the NFL.

Looking at the full schedules and the results, you can definitely make a strong case for Will South to be ranked a spot ahead of Canisius. The Billies did beat Canisius in early Decemember and also own wins Bennett (twice), Hutch Tech, Timon, Williamsville North and Williamsville East (twice). Their only losses are a three point defeat at Jamestown and the OT loss to East.

So you can make a case for them being ahead of Canisius.. You can even make a case for them being ahead of Niagara Falls. Falls struggled down the stretch, loss to St. Joe's and Jamestown and in my mind, didn't look so great against McKinley either.

I still think Canisius winning the Manhattan Cup and defeating St. Joe's twice in 17 days to do it holds a lot of water, not to mention they swept Timon (who was ranked both times they played) not to mention convincing wins against Riverside and Grover in my mind keeps them in the top four

Bennett beat McKinley twice but lost to South so I don't think there is much logic in McKinley being better than South. South should be at least #4 because only losses are to Jamestown and East.

I still think I nailed the Top 10 dead on. Patrick we r getting along I like that!

MIG even in that warped "I love the SuperTeam" mind of yours I can't believe you think that Rehbaum won't or shouldn't be first team. It would be an injustice of the nth degree. Kind of like the D1's around here thinking he couldn't play for them.

Well, my objective isn't to fight with people on message and comment boards.. I have plenty of opportunity for fighthing at home already with my wife.

I responded negatively a few weeks ago to stupid accustations that ranged from inaccurate to flat-out lies. I still should've handled it on a less-personal level and understood that some things come with the territory.

You make very valid points with the large school rankings and could turn out to be 100% right. I was just inserting my opinion. Very few people will ever completely agree on polls and all-star teams, which is what's supposed to make for interesting online conversation.

Speaking of, I agree with Jack. That would be absurd if Connor Rehbaum didn't make first-team, ALl-WNY. To me, four of the five are no-brainers (Paige, Holland, Rebhaum, Fisher) and then there is a very valid discussion between Lyons/Nevins and Butts as to how gets the fifth spot. If you put a very heavy emphasis on the postseason, then it belongs to Butts, though people would then have short memories and forget that Lyons utterly dominated the Manhattan Cup playoffs.

If its a body of work for the season and intangibles beyond stats, NEvins deserves to be in the conversation for first-team and possibly Estarfaa, though I think he's definitely a second-teamer.

Sorry Jack and Pat have 2 disagree. I think Nevins edges out Connor for first team. Butts IS on first team 100% for sure. I'll stick 2 the 5 I named and we will c what happens. Just think Nevins is the better player and won 2 of the 3 meetings.

Yea...the Gazette reported the Falls will stay in the NFL a few days ago. That move is for the best on all fronts, I believe, at least for the foreseeable future.

Coach Sal sighted financial concerns, such that he did not want to ask the board to allocate what would be a considerable more amount of money to the team for travel and such under the current fiscal climate. As I've said before, they just don't have the talent that would make an independent schedule really worth it.

MIG...your clear cut top 7...I would add to it East High, I know they lose a ton but they ALWAYS retool, not rebuild and have some pieces returning that I feel can be break out players next year. I'd also add KW to the top 9...like I said above, they return eight of ten players who saw major minutes and will be able to run with anyone. If you don't think they'll be able to hang with the teams you mentioned, you'll be surprised.

Also...you're really not going to put Lancaster in the top 10? They're better than Riverside and Tech...I'd have them 8th. There's more AA teams that I think would beat Riverside at the end of the season, as well...probably beat Tech also.

I know Cass. Valley got to the regionals, but I think all four C teams were better. OTC was definitely better and I couldn't see them beating Tapestry either, or the Grove honestly.

Heath from Irondequoit is going to Canisius.

I respect what u say but I don't do my poll based on 'who would beat who today' I base it on the ENTIRE season. I think outside of Jamestown, Falls, and McKinley AA was basically a joke. And NO WAY would I vote Lancaster ahead of W North who finished AHEAD of them in their own division by a game! Yes I know they made the semis and North didn't but they didn't have 2 play McKinley in the Quarterfinals. Riverside I think does belong at number 10. So they lost in the Finals to East. Everybody but Falls and Jamestown would have as well. They beat Joe's, and the Yale Cup was very strong this year so I believe my final 4 - all Yale Cup teams - belong where I have them.

Cass Valley is WAY under-rated. Being at Glens and CC can confirm this Friends Academy who beat I Prep was no better than Cass Valley. They would have beaten I Prep if they played like they did in Glens. Tapastry lost to I Prep by double digits in the C final and I don't think they beat Cass Valley honestly. OTC I had 3 because they had I Prep beat in the C semis until 2 minutes 2 go and lost in a super close game. AND the last time they played in the regular year they almost beat them.

So I will stick with my top 10 the way I have them for those reasons. Thought about East but I think I have the right 7. Maybe they are 8.

Heath to Canisius I'm assuming is a joke, right?

I agree with most of what you said in regards to rankings.

BTW, If my memory serves me correct, your into a lot of HS baseball, right?

He means Canisius College.

My guess is the only reason you would even consider saying that Nevins had a better year than Rehbaum is because Canisius won the Cup. If Reggie doesn't sprain his ankle prior to the Cup final, I doubt Canisius is able to come back and win that game. Either way, whether you are looking at this season or projecting to the next level, Rehbaum definitely a notch ahead of Nevins. I think a lot of Nevins but really thought Gordon Lyons was both the best big in the area and the best player on Canisius.

AA was deeper than A...if you're basing it more on regular season than post...or at least having them equal, how are Riverside and Tech clearly ahead of Lancaster, KW and North and even Maryvale? I'm not saying the teams you left out were better, but I certainly think all six of those teams were about even. You can say they played in a tougher league in Yale Cup I, but who is to say the teams I mentioned don't do just as well, if not better in the Yale Cup. Of course, it's all speculation...I just think besides the top tier of teams...I guess the count would be 6...that the next group...Bennett, McKinley, Tech, Riverside, Lancaster, KW, North, Maryvale...were pretty even judging the whole of the season. Sure, some teams will inherently struggle against others no matter what.

I still am not sold that CV could beat a team like Grover or OTC...of course, if they played awful like Grover did in the semis then yes, but other than that game, Grover would not lose to them and either would OTC. CV did not play a tough, pressing defense with decent height in all of the sectionals and we saw what happened when they did, against Charlotte.

Yes, Canisius College...he's a senior. No way he sees much time as a freshman...not nearly assertive or physical enough.

Yea Pat...I'm into baseball...softball is the sport I'd say I know the most about, but I catch as many baseball games as I can.

At the highest, I would have CV at 3...I wouldn't be able to justify putting them ahead of OTC.

Mr. Moran, don't want to get into details about my thought process as to being shocked. Just note that you had me somewhere on there and I didn't necessarily agree with where you placed me.


We would have LOVED to have been a B school instead of a C this year. I ranked Cass Valley ahead of us in my final poll I submitted to the News due to their greater achievement. Having said that, I would really like our chances against them due to our style of play. Coach Clifford did do a great job with that team this year though.

One other thing that bugs me (MIG, TML and others)....

Why all the love for OTC?? They lost EIGHT games, and really have no quality wins other than Tech in the first game of the season. They did play Grover close, but lost to them 3 times. I'm sure an argument could be made for them beating anyone on the top ten except Grover, but they didn't, so then I think you have to look at how far a team went...

I try not to post unless it is informational so let me begin with PAL/ACE reminder -tryouts are apr.4 at 6pm for fr/so and 7:15 for jr/sr at NFHS. Just wanted to set record straight on one thing the ONLY reason I wanted to go independent was we were offered opportunities that other schools don't get. We had 7 games offered to us out of wny that we would of definately struggled to win,but thats not why we play the games. It would of been great experience for the kids. We don't think weare a superior team to ANY team in wny,the history of the program allows us opportunities that other schools do not have. With that said we are fine playing in the NFL and look for some competitive games our non league schedule is set and remember we only get 2 of the 4 non league games to travel as we have 2 in our Cataract Classic.BTW TML,thanks for the bulletin board material. lol Hope everybody joins us Apr. 6th for the PAL/ACE games beginning at 6:15

I'll be there to cover the ACE All Star game for sure.

Have you gotten a good response from player's ready to tryout/participate?

From a selfish standpoint, I like that Nia Falls is staying in NFL for now. More chances to see them locally.

MMA I just think Nevins is a flat out better player. He RAN the team. Granted he didn't finish as much as he should have when getting 2 the hole I just think he was that team's leader. Lyons is a warrior 4 sure but I have him on 2nd team with Connor. I guess we will have 2 wait until April 9th to c who Keith agrees with.

Earl I agree C was stronger than B this year. However having seen all 10 teams I ranked (as I am sure u have as well) I think 5th is the correct spot 4 your team. C Valley I STILL think people r not giving enough credit. OTC was BY FAR the small school that played I Prep the toughest all year and in the C semis they played them closer than your guys did in the final. Wilson only lost 2 Cass Valley by THREE in the B2 final missing their 2nd best player. Plus lost only 2 Newfane (who they split with) and C Valley amoung small school ALL year. And beat St Mary's who I had 6th. So I must say I think u did a GREAT job this year but I still have u guys 5th.

Sal get all my other Top 6 in your Cataract Classic if u can!

MIG, I have no doubt that Keith will "agree" with you otherwise you wouldn't boast your team like you do. Its pretty obvious that you go to Glens Falls, hang out with Keith every year and learn who he is picking and then start guaranteeing the first team and POY. It has become a trend as you did the same thing the last 2 years on prep talk. To say that Nevins RAN the team tells me you arent payng attention. Canisius was the most balanced team all season and got a big night from different players every night. They were the definition of team this year, hardly about any one player running them. As I've said before I really liked Nevins this year and the years prior and I hope the best for him and think he deserves a place on the second team. But if Rehbaum ends up on second team which I'm assuming he will since you always leak Keith's team, then Keith will have blown it bigtime.

Look Mr Reh, I mean MMA, Keith does NOT tell me his team, belive me. I do give him my opinion and I am sure he takes that along with every1 else he asks and makes his choices. Don't let my name fool you Keith does what he thinks is right weather I 'hang out' with him or not. In fact I bet he totally disagrees with my final polls.

Look I am not a genius for guessing first team right every year. It is usually pretty obvious. I think it is this year too. It doesn't mean I will b right again. I think if u asked 20 college coaches who they think is the better player 15 of them at least would say Nevins.

I stand by my first team 100%, and think it is the right 5 kids. Keith sees way more games than me and I am sure he will make the right choices. I don't think even once he has 'blown it big time'

Sounds like some St Joe's fans still can't get over the fact we beat you guys twice and mostly when it really mattered? Nevins is by far more deserving than Connor for first team. Who beat who twice? And please don't talk about a bloody nose, nobody talks about a sore ankle Lyons had yet he went out there an played like it was like his last game. And Reggie? You guys had to go overseas to recruit him to try and beat us. And guess what it didn't work. Nevins is I think the best point guard in WNY. Nobody can get to the hole like him. Connor is an good player but c'mon, I don't even think he made the Manhattan Cup all tournament team did he? Got like the seventh best player award or something.

Bottom line is Joe's got lucky beating us in football that last game. With that kid from Will North coming over to joing Matt, Adam, and Aaron I guess Joe's fans will be making excuses next year too.

Yo Schunk still waiting for you to explain those losses to Maryvale and McKinley in 07 and 08 with those Super teams? Maybe if you would have given some guys more burn and used your bench things may have turned out different. Not getting those teams to Glens was off the hook nuts c'mon man.

Here let's REALLY c how good I am. 2012 first team:

Paige - Jamestown
S Wier - Canisius
S Taplin - Canisius
T Williams - N Falls
Reggie - Joe's

Weir averages 32 a game, edges out Paige 4 player of the year.

Coach Schunk...I have a lot of respect for you and for what Tapestry did this year...but when it comes down to it, OTC lost three games to I-Prep all in very close fashion and could have won all three and arguably should have won the C semi. Tapestry lost to I-Prep twice, both times by wider margins than any of the OTC games. Also, the Tapestry schedule was not the strongest...credit to you guys for beating all the teams you were supposed to beat and you certainly came up huge against the Grove. I would have liked to see you guys play OTC. Also, Alexander was missing for some of OTC's "bad" losses. Based on the common results v. I-Prep and the fact that Tapestry didn't defeat a good larger school, I have to give the edge to OTC.

I'm happy to give your guys some material Sal...here's to hoping both team's bring their best in the Falls/West games next year.

The Falls is deserving in getting those opportunities as everyone knows they've been THE program for the past ten years in WNY. Anyone who has watched basketball around here the past two years knows that the rest of the area has closed the talent gap between the Falls and the rest. Of course, it has to do with both the Falls not having as deep a talent pool as it did for most of the past decade, really a cyclical thing I suppose, and also that other programs are becoming contenders, hopefully perennially. WNY basketball is at its best when the Falls have a very good team, I just think several others will be right there with them next year..one being within the NFL.

The annual You-Make-The-Call all-WNY boys hoops blog post is up at ...


Comment on our site, comment here, send me an email. Thanks.

City ball....

Give it up man.... Bush isn't president any more either.....

MIG -" I think if u asked 20 college coaches who they think is the better player 15 of them at least would say Nevins."

I'll bet not.

SG -" You guys had to go overseas to recruit him to try and beat us."

Really?? Yeah and we used up most of our frequent flyer miles and international phone minutes to do it. Kinda like going to Arizona for a coach and Canada for a quarterback and not winning but one championship in four years.

I'll maintain, as I have all year, that Rehbaum is a low-level D1 kid that isn't getting the looks he deserves from the local colleges and is at worst gonna wind up at one of the best D3 schools in the country. He ABSOLUTELY belongs on the first team. And if it were up to me Lyons would be there before Nevins. Lyons and Hart were more responsible for the championship game win than Nevins. Don't get me wrong Aaron is a fine player and one of the top ten but he isn't better than Connor.

Things are getting pretty interesting around here. I have to agree with MMA that MIG gets pretty sure of himself around this time every year...the same time he starts talking up the time he spent with Keith. And it doesnt take a detective to figure out that the Sour Grapes comment came from MIG aswell.

This isn't about Connor or any specific player, but a general statement. To me, playing college basketball is about OPPORTUNITY and not high distinguished of a school you go to. I'd much rather go to a strong D II or II school where I'd have an opportunity to play and contribute than be the 11th or 12 man on a smaller tier D-1 school. I know this much: I have an 8-year old son and if someday he's ever fortunate enough to go to college to play any sport, I'd rather have him get a chance to play and be important to a school like Daemen, Utica, etc than be an afterthought on the end of a Niagara or St. Bonaventure bench.

Most importantly--some lose sight that with these kids at this level, it's about going to college to get an EDUCATION. Any kid who goes to any school and has the chance to get all or part of their education paid for is a big winner in my book.

Now to be more specific, as in the Gordon and Aaron thing-- I think that's obvious to anyone who's watched a second of Canisius basketball that Gordon was the single-most important player on that team. There is no way the Crusaders win the Cup without Gordon. I'm not even sure they have a successful season without him.

That's not to take a single thing away from Aaron. He's a fantastic player.. I think that statement is more about their program and their strengths. Canisius had a plethora of solid guard play with Hart, Weir, White and MacDonald--so even without Aaron they are still a solid team.. You take away Gordon inside though... not so much.

But it's important to say that I'm basing that on their ROSTER. Aaron is a great player and I'll tell you what-- you make him the point guard on a thinner team that badly needed a pure point guard like Timon, and I think Timon could've been legit contenders to win the Cup. Nevins woulda had a bigger offensive role and his stats would've been better. Aaron also had intangibles that don't show up on stat sheets. Aaron had both the benefit and the curse of playing in a program with a deep backcourt.

But having said all of that, based on their roster make up, I think Gordon would get first team honors first in my book.. In fact, in my book, he did.

Hey 'Hoop Fan' I don't post under other names. If u know CC ask him if the IP from that post matches mine? Yes, crazy to think some 1 from Canisius might think Nevins belongs on first team 2. God forbid anybody agrees with me. In fact every anti Joe's post ever was me under a fake name. Give me a break man.

Also I don't 'talk up' hanging out with Keith. A great guy but I don't stay up late at night thinking about him. I simply have been correct on naming the 1st team the last 4 years. I MAY very well b wrong this year. I do not think there is ANY way Nevins should b off the 1st team and Connor on it. And Jack, I certainly enjoy our banter but I disagree with u 2. I think Nevins is the better player. It's amazing how much hate is coming out 2 me hear 4 thinking Nevins belongs on 1st team ahead of Connor. Makes u wonder who 'MMA' and 'Hoopfan' is 2. I mean, c'mon I love my son 2 but the topic is 'who should b on the all WNY team' so man up and don't b so upset some people don't think Connor - who Sour Grapes IS correct did NOT even make the all Manhattan Cup team - belongs on 1st team. He doesn't.

I'll stick with my 5: Paige, Holland, Butts, Fisher, and Nevins. If I am wrong I am wrong, don't think I will b.

MIG, I realize it doesn't take a genious to guess the first team, but Nevins on the first team and Connor not takes someone on the inside to know that because the rest of the local bball community all knows that Rehbaum is a no brainer first teamer after the season he had. If you just laid out a team once and let it be, I wouldn't be a big deal. But thats not your style. You like to go the rout of saying "we'll see who Keith agrees with" or "save this post" and make guarantees about stuff. And in a year like this when the first three spots are obvious to everyone...Rehbaum, Paige, Holland...the info you decided to leak is a shame. And if CC makes the same mistake, then I'll tell him he blew it too.

Boy its not hard to get MIG worked up. The Sour Grapes post is totally yours, and no I wouldnt expect you to admit that. If you dont think you talk up hanging out with Keith then you have lost all touch with reality. Look at the name you use (when your not using Sour Grapes). You talk up hanging out with CC also, along with beiing on the poll, going to Glens Falls every single year, going to NCAAs and vacations and such.

Hoops Fan and MMA....it's amazing how within minutes of each other u guys basically both ripped me with the same post. HA! C'mon man give me a break Mr R, at least admit that is the same person. Like I said ASK CC since u claim 2 know him if MIG and Sour Grapes is the same person. HE can confirm it. And yes I do enjoy hanging out with CC and Keith in Glens every year. So what? Not really sure why that bothers u so much. And I do think it's cool I am going 2 the regionals and Final 4. Lots of hoosp fans on here, some of them might care.

And the 'basketball community' Mr R, Jack, Mark Simon I guess? Ask Kyle Husband if he thinks Nevins or Connor belongs on first team. The only LOCKS 4 anyone who know anything about basketball r Paige, Holland, Butts, and Fisher. Nevins is MY pick 4 5th, maybe or maybe not Keith's. I would put Lyons, Taplin, and Miles all ahead of him. I guess Connor still gets 2nd team.

Why do u keep ignoring the FACT that he didn't make the all Manhattan Cup team?

I LOVE that it is KILLING u thinking I know 4 sure Connor is not on 1st team!!! And Jack if he is a division 1 player, then I am CEO of a fortune 500 company. This meeting goes till Noon so keep going if u guys want!

Now I REALLY hope I am right and Connor doesn't make 1st team. Just so I can laugh in your face. Actually I'm sitting in a presentation right now bored out of my mind. Thank God I have wireless in here so I can post. Not really getting worked up lol...but hey whatever!

First since I do know many of the bloggers here let me put my two cents in -
One - MIG is MIG and I seriously doubt(99.9%) he would post as anyone else. He has always been willing, as much as we disagree from time to time, to stand up for what he believes as himself and no one else.

Two - It has been insinuated that MMA is perhaps Mr. Rehbaum I can assure you that this is also not true.

Pat - I am guessing your point is you don't believe Connor would play at the D1 level at least right away or maybe not ever. I don't believe that at all. Whereas i cannot say for certain what the D1s needs are at this moment I think he would play and contribute - he is 6' 3", athletic - I recall one very monster dunk at St. Marys, has range out to 25 ft., can get to the hoop, sees open people and as you said several times cover the other teams best players. At the college level he could play 2, 3 and with a little work could probably play the point. I would play him at the 2 and let him go.

Thanks Jack. Also the more I think about it - with Reggie coming back (assuming he is back from Africa 4 the start of the season) - I now will push Stan Weir 2 attend Joe's. The shooter outside with the big man in the middle! My new A Federation 2012 champs!

Did my first team 2012 make ANY 1 laugh? C'mon! Stan vs Paige. It will b a great player of the year race next year. Both may average 30 a game.

Hey I just discovered this blog. Pretty cool!

Does anyone know where Hollywood goes on vacation so I can get a tan like that?

No need to push, MIG I seriously doubt if Stan will wind up anywhere in our league next year.

Patrick Moran -

Patrick I wonder why you ignore girls sports on your tip sheet. Those girls try just as hard as the boys and work just as hard. Somehow to people like you though that doesn't matter. And please don't patronize me with some lame explanation. At least the Buffalo News sometimes act like the girls exist.

I think MIG is pretty much dead on with the first team. Teams that win advance farther more than likely get those spots first:
Paige(no brainer)finals at states, same for Butts. Holland (semis at states). Fisher(class A champ)and Nevins MMA champs. Nevins rates over Lyons cause he was(Nevins)HM ALL WNY last year and Lyons was not. If it was based on just basketball talent, then it would only change slightly with Rehbaum, Estarfaa, and Taplin in the conversation with Paige, Fisher, Holland and Butts.

Does anyone think Paige will make first team all-state this year? If he does I believe he will be the first Jamestown player in 30 years to make first team, although I thought Maceo Wooford made first team all state...

He has a SHOT. J Hinds (Vernon), J Sanders (Rice), S Stokes (Lincoln), T Sledge (HHH West) are locks. After that Paige IS in the mix for the final slot from what I have been told. I will certainly push it. However Omar Calhoun (CTK), Daniel Dingle (St Raymonds-CHSAA Player of the year), Mike Taylor (Boys and Girls), Mandell Thomas (Rush H), G Cancer (Albany CBA) are there one's. In fact I more than likely named the top 10, first 2 teams right there. Honestly I think Paige will end up on 2nd team. Remember we r only talking AA anyway. A has some strong players...D Coleman, A Yacoubou, C Lewis, etc...

Good news Jamestown fans is almost ALL of the players I mentioned are Seniors! Except Calhoun. However don't get any 'Mr Basketball 2012' ideas that is going to Dajuan Coleman 100% unless he ends up at Oak Hill.

How much do you know about Dajuan Coleman, is he seriously looking into Syracuse... I hope!

When is the next McShea chat?

Tonight at 9.

WNY Hoops it is pretty much a 2 team race between Kentucky and Syracuse. I'd be my LIFE coach Boeheim
will b at the Fed this weekend watching him (now that those jerks screwed up my Carolina-Cuse game!) as he was last year. And Calapari was sitting right in front of me Sunday to watch him play. Rumor is the 'best salesman in America' has the edge asking him when the last time Cuse send a big man 2 the NBA! And since they never found a Center all year, he has a point. Although Cuse's top recruit this year - my favorite name ever - Rakeem Christmas - should b a good 1 for them.

Coleman is strongly considering Cuse, No surprise!!, according to the liked article of Adam Zagoria. http://www.sbnation.com/high-school-basketball-march-madness/2011/3/23/2067546/syracuse-kentucky-showing-dajuan-coleman-the-most-love-of-late

Too bad we have to compare and contrast kids when it comes to All-WNY, especially in this case when all the discussion centers around two kids who apparently are great friends. FWIW, Connor would be my 5th 1st teamer and Aaron and Gordon both 2d teamers. However, given the Canisius Cup win I could see it being a coin flip.

Always people upset with their player/kid not getting the recognition they think they deserve, with Blair Helton and Keron Briggs being prime 2010 examples.

I played Division 3 ball and would not trade my experiences for all the tea in China. Had a captain my freshman year that was and is the epitome of a leader/team player/hard worker/passionate/all about team, etc. In many ways he influenced and shaped my core beliefs about the game. Not surprisingly he went into military intelligence. Sadly he passed away last summer. To this day, I'd run through a wall for any of my high school or college teammates. Above all else that is the type of experience I'd hope all of the WNY kids moving on to play college ball will be as fortunate to experience.

Regardless of where any of these kids go it will be about the experience and education. So best wishes to them all and many thanks for letting us enjoy the ride from the sidelines of center court as the case may be.

I think you are right about Timon being a contender but ublike you I don't think their frontline is their main problem. Yes everyone would love that 6'6- 6'7 kid. I think for them to be successful they need a point guard. Not a shooting guard trying to be a point guard. It doesn't work. A true point who thinks pass first and shot second. Until that you will see more of the same disappointment. Maybe Kobis playing with all those talented players this summer will help him develop his point guard skills because looking what they have it looks like it will be him at the point. Williams coming up from jv is also a shoot first kid. Just my opinion.

"Girls Matter" : No lame explanation necessary. I would LOVE to be able to cover girls sports in high school. I simply don't have the ability to and need a few writers to hit that area. Trust me, I feel very bad about it and want it covered. (not just girls sports, but boys hockey and lacrosse as well). Do you write or know of any writers who would be interested in doing some female HS stories? If so, I'd love to hear from you. And please don't compare BSD to the Buffalo News. Of course they give some coverage to girls sports in HS, they have a wide variety of finances and resources to devote to far more writers and coverage--they should. Again though, it's something I'd love to do, girls deserve press too.

MIG- I'm getting to the point that I can't tell if your assessment that Wier is on his way to Canisius is a joke or serious. Did you really predict him to score 32 per game for Canisius next year? That's one of the silliest things I've ever heard.

Jack-- Absolutely not was I saying I didn't think Connor could play D-1 basketball. I'm a huge fan of his game, have been all season. I was talking in general on that topic. There are certain player in WNY who can adapt to multiple offenses and play different positions, and he's definitely one of them. In general I meant, If it were me I'd rather go to a great D-3 school and start or at least be a big factor then play 4-5 minutes per night at a smaller D-1 school. Heck, not just Connor, all these solid players in WNY, I wish they could all go to major schools and dominate.

Lastly, in general, All-WNY is basically an OPINION and nobody is right or wrong. MY All-BSD essentially boiled down to my opinion.. The team MIG lists is his, Hooper, TML, CC they all theirs as well.

Even Keith's All-WNY team comes down to his selections and therefore, his opinion.. It's just that its done on the largest vehicle in WNY. So that makes it the prominent team.

The only way you can determine a true all-star team is by having a large panel of voters determine teams, but that's something that can't and/or won't happen. So I think we should just take everyone's opinions with a grain of salt and lastly, I think at least some comments towards the players belonging or not belonging on 1st team are starting to verge on insulting to the kids themselves.

1st team All blog:

Jack Herlan
TML 1000
Patrick Moran
State Champs 2003

I belong on 2nd team, like Connor R.

CC not allowed anymore since he runs it. Hoopster the 'Jayson Paige' MVP award 4 always keeping us on an even keel. Almost like a modern day Mr Cleaver. The 'father' of this blog. I am more like Eddie Haskell....always starting trouble :)

After readin that AA state breakdown, I mightsta hafta change my handle (not my hoops handle - that needs no changin. I just broke yo ankles while you were readin this!) ... change my handle to McShea is God is God. Although that would mess up my signoff. MIGIG doesn't flow yo, not like my rymes, not like my dimes (just nolookered a layup setup while you were readin that!).

And where's JohnnyFreddyGorilla been? Is he really a Fighting Gorilla? That would be a good handle aslo.

C-I-G is O-U-T

You can pretty much equate everyone on blog first team to a likely first team member...

You already said hoopster is Paige...I will equate myself to Holland(I think he's the most well rounded player and I think I follow the most sports)...Jack will equate to Rehbaum or Nevins, depending what team you're looking at(for obvious MMA connection reasons)...Pat can equate to Fisher(as both had break out years on the blog and court respectively)...and statechamps equates to Butts(they may go dormant for a while but when they are in the game, they give their best stuff)

MIG...I think you're more like an Ashton Broyld type...king of controversy.

Does that make hoopster older than me??

Ha...according to the blog to player likenesses, he would be the youngest.

I know it has nothing 2 do w basketball but I just have 2 say that Greg Anderson guy has got BALLS! Going 2 jail again! I hope Bonds ends up behind bars but Anderson will 4ever b known as the opposite of a NARK! Wow! Huge check waiting 4 him at some point, smart man.

Mark my words, Keenan, Edwards, Taplin, Funk and Harrington will end up having the most complete college basketball careers of all the players in WNY. Wait to see in four years. If the five of them choose to play in college at any level. Most kids out of Buffalo area do not stay with the sport four years. Many of the other players listed above will not even make it to college to play. Which is unfortunate. Either grades or behavior will be the issue.

buffalo storm tournament this weekend will have alot of these players on differwent teams

For the record, I checked on all the accusations of bloggers using false user names today. I won't out anyone for hiding behind a second, third, or fourth moniker, but I can confirm that Mr. Rehbaum is not MMA or Hoopfan.

Yeah.. Aren't the Storm playing the Buffalo Dragons in Iroquois?

CC, you need to direct that to MiG and you left it tantalizingly out there for Hoopfan to continue thinking MiG is Sour Grapes by not confirming that he is not!

So the Tonawanda News' teams came out recently...I don't know if I can ever take that publication seriously again. Their co-POY's were Lalka and Hess from Tonawanda.

Sure, Tonawanda was a feel good story, but they played in ECIC IV...put Tonawanda in the NFL and they finish no higher than fourth...put them in the MMA and they finish fourth or fifth. When you have a pool of players including Rehbaum, Bailey, Grandits, Agbeko and Bono to choose from, it's tough to fathom how Lalka and Hess are the co-POY's.

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