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Monday, March 14, 2011


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How does the selection process work? Do you put a player at each position 1 thru 5 or are the best 5 players your 1st team the 2nd 5 best your 2nd team, etc., etc.?

I'm preparing to release my first annual Buffalo Sports Daily All-WNY team on St. Patrick's Day (last year only had a POY and 1st Team). However, I only have 4 teams and 25 honorable mention selections, which is sure to get even more criticism when certain kids are left off as quite obviously, more kids will be left off.

Whenever it's Centercourt, me, Keith, or anyone else releasing any lists-- it's sure to be met with hot debate. From what I see, any player past the first three on the 1st team are completely debatable.

I just hope people keep their comments respectful on this board, which is sure to fill up quickly with opinions, and not make any of the criticism personal. There are sure to be disagreements, let's just hope the majority of them towards the ones who appoint teams and/or have opinions stay classy.

KKBundy -

1st team will go to the five players that had the best season this year...and so on. I'm not going to do it position. The entire season (including the postseason) will be considered.

Patrick -

Looking forward to reading your selections on Thursday when I get to Glens Falls.

PAL/ACE Showcase will hold tryouts on monday april 4th at Niagara Falls HS. All 9th and 10th graders will tryout from 6pm-7:15 and jr./sr. from 7:15-8:30. The games will be played on wed. apr. 6th starting at 6:15 at NFHS. for more info. call sal at 228-7916

Sal, What time will the jr/sr's play?

right after

All players trying out must of played varsity basketball this past season

Let me use this forum to address a player who is probably going to be on some people's lists, as well as to address a "rumor" that was all over a thread from last week.

Reggie Agbeko.

'Rumor' is he's already left to go back overseas until next November. I can confirm that is not true.

He is currently practicing on a AAU team that's coached by Aaron Nevins' father. In fact, there are other MMAA kids on that team including Kyle Kobis and Jordan Williams from Timon as well as Wagner from St. Francis. There's also Aaron Frasier (Seneca) on it and another kid from East high school so far.

I can't say that things will ever change, but I can confirm without question that the rumors that Reggie is gone is complete and utter bogus and if he's practicing AAU, I am strongly assume he's not going anywhere, period.

Poor grammar at the end-- but you get the point.

I could have told you and anyone else that. OH wait a minute I did, I advise anyone not to believe everything that is written on here.

It would be great to see some AAu basketball games.

Where could I find out information on schedules? Is there a website?

While talking AAU, does anyone know if the aforementioned AAU team with Rehbaum, Stasiak, Licata, Safir, Stolzenburg, O'Connell is playing together?

Good point by CC stating alot of teams had balance this year. I think what people must not do while selecting this years team is to immediately think "I have to have someone from N-Falls or Cassadaga Valley on my All-WNY team". Just because a team had a great year doesn't mean you have to select a player or players from their team to All-WNY. Like CC said, many teams were balanced this year. I think it is actually more of a compliment to a team like the Falls if they got no one on All-WNY. It would just show how balanced and great of a TEAM they were this year without a superstar standing out. Remember, All-WNY is a postseason award meant to recognize the best PLAYERS in wny not the best teams. The team awards were handed out at Buffalo State over the last few weeks. If it means a player from Lake Shore makes it over a player from McKinley then so be it. You should not penalize the better player from Lake Shore by excluding him from an all-wny team in favor of a kid from McKinley just because McKinley clearly had a better season. Now obviously the better teams will have a good majority of the selections but I hope everyone understands the point I am trying to make.

*All teams referenced in this post were used as examples.

KK Bundy: To my knowledge those kids are too told to play together this summer, all be seniors that will be graduated and assumed over 17.

There are several AAU teams around and I'll find and post as many as I can.. The one I know about now is the Buffalo Dragons, coached by Mr Nevins that features Agbeko, WIlliams, Kobis, Frasier, Healy and I'm not sure who else yet.

I know Sterling Taplin is playing on a quality team as well-- I'll look to find out more info for you.

Far West-- Solid points I think.. THere will be exceptions, but also don't discount great players because they are on a great team.. for example, in my opinion it would be a disservice to EXCLUDE a guy like Marcus Feagin from an All-WNY team because he played on a power house

(I know your talking in general and not specific teams and players, I was just using an example)

I've seen people in Keith's chats all season long and on here some bitching about who should and shouldn't be on your teams.

CC is giving you guys a chance. . Where's ya'll lists?!?!?

1st team - Paige, Holland, Rehbaum, Butts, Fisher

2nd team - Stasiak, Nevins, Miles, Estarfaa, Harrington

3rd team - Richardson, Street, Lyons, Bailey, Taplin

4th team - Funk, Edwards, Knight, Alexander(OTC), Agbeko

Tough go really...real hard to leave out guys like Wilkes, O'Connell, Alexander(Lack), Licata, Pierce, Hill, Feagins, Bomasuto, Moxham....clearly others as well. I probably missed someone big time but this is my first run through...I may amend this later.

I'm just going by who I feel were the best players in an overall sense...scoring, defense and leadership all came into play.

I don't get it. Who is Patrick Moran? What does he mean he is putting out an All WNY team? I mean, it's kind of an insult to Keith that CC is doing it but at least he has some credibility. I just have no idea who Patrick is? I mean if 'Mike Johnson' was to put out a team should we care? I mean guys there is 1 true team, let the Buffalo News handle this.

Mike Johnson All-Western NY boys basketball team

POY Holland or Paige

First team (1)
Paige; Holland; Nevins; Lyons; Miles

Second team (2)
Fisher; Stasiak; Rehbaum; Harrington; Ron Pierce

Third team (3)
Estarfar; Butts; Tapling; OConnell; Funk

Forth team (4)
Hillman; Agbeko; Bomasutto; Cheatom; Licata

Just a guy with a little website who's watched a lot of HS Hoops this year.. And I was unaware the Buffalo News monopolized the WNY high school All-Star Market.

Til they do, I'll continue to insert my opinion backed up by a few occasional facts.

And Mr. Johnson, everyone is entitled and going by this thread title, even encouraged to have their own opinion about their all-star teams, and while I have a lot of respect for Maurice Miles' game, I'm curious to your view on why he should be on the first team All-WNY.

Unlike most of the people who post on this blog I don't see alot of games besides the NFL teams. But for my money Martin Bailey was the best player in the NFL this season. Good defender and not afraid to take it to the hoop. He definately deserves some look at for at least 2nd or 3rd team all-WNY.

Personally I look forward to Patrick Moran's picks for All-ANY and POY; he covered western new York high school hoops all season and in my opinion did as good a job as those others mentioned. Why should it be limited to Centercourt or the Buffalo News? ESPN, The Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, etc all name there own teams in most sports, so the more the merrier. Lastly if you haven't heard of Patrick Moran in western new York sports, you need to come out from under that rock alittle more.

I agree with D1. This forum is meant to have everyones opinions and thats what makes it. Patrick does an outstanding job for highschool sports. I guess you dont pay much attention to press row because Patrick is always sitting there along with Centercourt, and Keith. Even McShea is God sits there, although he doesnt seem to do much other than occupy a seat and surf the web...sorry MIG. I dont know why Centercourt and Patrick giving a team would bbe an insult to Keith either. The Buffalo News team is really just one mans opinion just like the others will be and I think they see as many games as Keith does. all 3 ddo a nice job and it gives fans more to look forward to. Dont forget the Amherst Bee and Gazette also do teams.

Not offended.. I've learned it comes with the territory.

Anyway, enough about me. Much like CC, I want to hear EVERYONE's OPINIONS about All-WNY. This is your forum to do so.

Sorry to steal your thunder, CC. LOL.. I just dig having a place to talk HS Hoops 24/7

Division 1 and MMA let me guess...parents of a certain St Joe's player?

So when we see that somehow Patrick names 'Connor Rehbaum' his player of the year we shouldn't question Pat's credibilty? Even though anyone who doesn't 'live under a rock' knows it would either be Holland or Paige? Look forward to seeing if this plays out on his 'little website'...

And yes it is an insult to Keith and the News to name an All WNY team. In fact, the news has legal right to that name so I would be careful what I called it.

Congrats Connor on winning Patrick's award! Mike Johnson you rock!

That's who I am.

POY - Chris Holland

First Team:
Holland - I-Prep at Grover
Paige - Jamestown
Fisher - East
Rehbaum - St. Joe's
Stasiak - Williamsville South

Second Team:
Estarfaa - Maryvale
Taplin - Williamsville North
Butts - Jamestown
Miles - Hutch Tech
Nevins - Canisius

Third Team:
Alexander - OTC Middle College
Richardson - Bennett
Hillman - I-Prep at Grover
Lyons - Canisius
Knight - Tapestry

Fourth Team -
Williams - NFHS
Pringle - I-Prep at Grover
Harrington - Lancaster
O'Connell - Williamsville South
Street - NHFS

Coach of the Year;

Toss up between Ben Drake of Jamestown and Starling Bryant of East High.

Drake overcame the hurdle of finally beating NFHS and advanced the Red Raiders to Glens Falls for the first time.

Bryant loses 4 starters from last years A-2 champion squad only to WIN the Yale Cup, repeat as A-2 champions and avenge last years pitiful loss to Williamsville South in the 'A' crossover game and plays toe to toe with Rochester's best team for 29 and a half minutes.

For the record, i am not a St. Joes parent; My choice for POY is hands down Jaysean Paige, he has had very good numbers while shooting a very good percentage, has done at big moments in big games and is still doing it deep into March. Connor Rehbaum has had a very good year and deserves to be a first teamer but not POY. I happen to think Reggie Agbeko is the best player on St. Joes and most talented player in western new york; Most don't know because he was simply asked to rebound and get occasionally touches for this team.

"Who Are You/I Am Who I Am"

1- The Buffalo News has the 'legal right' to All- Western New York"? Do they also own the term All-Star,Buffalo, I-Prep At Grover International, Basketball, Addidas and Cover It Live as well? I better never have a Live Blog again during a WNY HS game or I'll get sued. For the record, that's not a poke at Keith; I got a lot of respect for Keith, works his ass off and personally did a lot for me to help acclimate me to the high school stage.. That's merely a poke at your completely idiotic comment.

As for the other thing, I have NOT named any Player of the Year or anything else. I wrote on February 19 that Rehbaum was my front-runner for P.O.Y. He was and is still a candidate, along with others as well.

I tend not to worry about personal attacks as I know it comes with the territory. But in this case your comment, congrats, It was worth a response.. I'm just hoping you're a youngster and not an adult because if you are, that's kind of pathetic.

BTW, I suppose its a good thing that MY team is called the All-BSD Basketball Team.

Meanwhile, I'm on the horn with the Sporting News, urging them to sue ESPN if they come up with an All-NFL team.

HA! I love that I got you upset! Yes, again, here we go anyone who comments here or attacks you is 'pathetic', has no life, is a loser...we all got it Pat. If only we all could be as cool as you.

Look the bottom line is you are friends with Connor's father. Connor is a good player, second team at best. Not that Holland or Paige know you exist, but for any rag website or magazine not to name them player of the year, that person simply does not know anything about basketball. Keith and Center Court know alot about basketball, not base their picks on being friends with somebody's father.

And the 'All WNY Team' is owned by the Buffalo News. Does the Sporting News give out a 'Heisman Trophy'? Look you can have your thoughts, not that anyone cares, but just don't call it All WNY.

State Champs, Hoopster, TML....those people know a little something about basketball so it will be good to see who they think will be on Keith's team.

Yeah, yeah, I know this is a basketball blog but if I'm starting a baseball team, I want the crew listed below.
From KKbundy:"While talking AAU, does anyone know if the aforementioned AAU team with Rehbaum, Stasiak, Licata, Safir, Stolzenburg, O'Connell is playing together?"
Some serious talent there. Probable All-WNY talent for a few.

7 players who are very underrated and deserve some sorth of recognition even though they likely wont be on a top 4 team, thus putting them as Honorable Mention All WNY include:
Brennan Moxham
Eric Stolzenburg
Kenny Hambruch
Jonathan Safir
Aswad Jones
Jamaal Carter
Joey Campion

I don't really want to chime in and get involved, but I feel like this needs to be said:
Pat you have done a great job this year and great work. However, I feel your constant mentions of POY and 1st team stuff throughout the year was unnecessary. Now is the time to talk POY, not on March 19th naming Rehbaum the front runner! These are high school sports, not college or pro sports! Most of these kids have two years of varsity basketball at 4 months each, so 8 months of this type of basketball in there life and that's it! They don't need to hear/you don't need to write about 1st team this, POY that, prior to playoff time. If you notice Keith and Centercourt refrained from doing that stuff until playoff time as well. It's just the right thing to do if you want to be credited as unbiased and to sit on press row.
Keep up the high quality work, I feel you have added a unique dynamic to WNY HS Bball this year and look forward to hearing your selections in the coming days and more from you this year with the AAU stuff, and then next year we do it all over again!

Ha John you crack me up! Yes sir, all of them are all wny basketball talents and some even are all wny baseball talents in that group!

who are kenny hambruch and jonathan safir?

Where did I say that they are all ALL-WNY basketball talents? I didn't. Go back and look, you will see no mention at all of basketball other than:"Yeah, yeah, I know this is a basketball blog but if I'm starting a baseball team, I want the crew listed below."
Try not to over analize a generic comment on a blog where comments are encouraged.
I just said they are all good baseball players, who I have scene get better and better since they played on the 60' diamond(12&U), and am happy for thier growth as student athletes who represent their schools well in multiple sports.
I have said it before I have great admiration for the kids who do well in multiple sports.

It wasn't a knock at all! You cracking me up was a compliment. Do you know those people/families personally?

Yes, I do and have since the boy's were about 10. Quality thru and thru. I guess I'm guilty of over analyzing a generic comment, HUH(-:?

There is a difference between being critical and intentionally trying to stir the pot with mind-blowing inaccurate statements.
First of all to address I am "friends with the Rehbaum's" rhetoric. That's completely untrue. I'm not sure where you get your information from, but if I've had 7 minutes worth of conversations with Mr. Rehbaum in my life that's an exaggeration. He's a nice guy and his kid is a solid player and even an better kid. If I'm supposed to apologize for having respect for people on and off the court, then you're going to be waiting a long time.
Ironically, in a twist to show you precious little you know about me, I'm actually RELATED to one of the better high school players in the area, and he's in the Catholic league, and it's NOT St. Joe's either.
In regards to Keith and the Buffalo News, which is ridiculous his name isn't even mentioned because I'm sure he has nothing to do with any of this.. I respect Keith, he's a fantastic writer and without question the best high school writer in the business at the biggest, most-read newspaper in WNY. He's also a solid guy away from hoops.. Having said, Keith is NOT the sole authority on high school hoops in Western New York nor is the Buffalo News the only vehicle for high school hoops fans to read about basketball. It's the biggest attraction by far and I'm a huge fan myself, but like it or not this an age with more publications and more opinions than ever and most people like having alternatives.
You, nor anyone else for that matter has to read a single word I ever write. That's your option and right.
As far as Jaysean Paige "not knowing I exist".. that's barely worth a reply. Let's just leave it at your very wrong, I've interviewed Jaysean many times and while you may think otherwise, I can guarantee you pretty much every noteworthy player and coach in WNY knows exactly who I am and, what Buffalo Sports Daily is.
Unnamed Guest- I hear what you're saying about forecasting a frontrunner for Player of the Year (though that was written on Feb 19, not March 19). But that's a difference of opinion. I understand Keith and to a lesser degree, CC refrain from talking about POY of All-WNY teams until the season is over.. I've joked with Keith several times that it's easier to get his social security number than All-WNY predictions. That's their option. I on the other hand will discuss POY or All-WNY 5 days after the season starts and won't stop until it's all over. I have the same right and frankly, I think it makes for excellent debate and discussion. Hell, wasn't Trent Edwards the ESPN choice for player of the year a few years ago after four weeks and look how that ended. Keith and some of those guys are more news and facts, as it should be since he's a High School reporter for the Buffalo News.
Me.. I just like to write and have a discussion. (and with AAU, I plan on doing A LOT of those stories this summer so hopefully you'll like that)
My All-BSD Teams (4 teams, 30 honorable mentions) is being published early Thursday morning, as well as my coach of the year. I completed it today and it's the longest freegin thing I've written in years... Hopefully high school hoop fans give it a read and offer their insight.

While I've never said my website is the next ESPN, I can promise I wouldn't put the time into HS coverage if it wasn't worth the time. Enough fans, players and coaches are tuned into it that I don't let the few trolls derail me.
I'm done bantering with an obvious trouble starter for good. Looking forward to hearing more people's picks.

Hey man you have got to get thicker skin. So far you have called me 'pathetic' and 'a troll' for not agreeing with you. And now you are using swear words. I think you need to just take a breath.

I stand by what I said. Anybody who is going to copy Keith's work that thinks someone other than Holland or Paige deserves player of the year knows nothing about basketball. Period. I also notice you didn't respond to my 'Heisman trophy' comment, after you used several examples. Yes you can have an opinion, this is the USA. But to alot of us, Keith #1 and Center Court #2 are the voices of HS boys basketball. Period. You are just another person on this blog.

Patrick, I completely understand and respect your answer to my question. Might not necessarily agree with the early wny talk, but hey that's life.

JohnnyFreddyNittanyLion has GOTs to chill. He must chill. Ha was just doing a ha-ha, which was clear to anyone except to Mr. Going-out-in-the-first-round-to-Temple. Second foul on the White Lion. NBA rules so he's got four more to burn, but please, please, please don't. Please.

And hey BSD, it's no BFD if whoever or whomever wants to come on here and start slinging stones (or other stuff). But yo, go wash your keyboard out with soap. No need to get profane in the membrane. Technical foul. Next one is an ejection by that Tony Orlando ref.

And don't use troll. Give me the heebie-jeebies because it makes me think of those Tolkien Ring movies that were totally stupid. If any of these youngsters like those movies then Keith should be moving them down at least one All-WNY team.

C-I-G is O-U-T

Why the hate for the Nittany Lion? He has nothing to do with Pittsburg State University.

Kudos to Nevins and his AAU team. More than half the kids listed for top honors played at some point under his direction. Stasiak, Nevins, Moxham, Rehbaum, Knight, Alexander, Butts, Estafar, Weir, Hart, White, and the list goes on an on.

Reggie is playing this year, and there's word...so will Paige.

Keep up the good work Buffalo Dragons. Great results. Heard Modie Cox is a coach for the Dragons as well.

Mr. Frederick,
What is your relation to those people?

JP, The kid from Newfane who went off against Tonawanda was Dan Hambruch. Not sure if theres a Kenny too or if Dan did anything outside of that game because it was the only time i saw Newfane. Safir played at North but was like the 4th best player there after Taplin, Young and Moranto. Not enough spots on All-WNY for the entire North team that couldn't win a playoff game. I really think Taplin is the only one who gets anything.

Safir there 4th best player? Someone must have never seen them play. Centercourt, whats your opinion on that

Queen B..

Modie Cox does help coach the Buffalo Dragons, you're right. And you're also right that Reggie is playing for them. There are five kids, four of them from catholic schools (along with Aaron Frasier of Seneca) that is on that team so far that I know of.

This conversation has taken a sharp turn for the worse today. Patrick Moran, AAU, and 4th best player on Willy North??? How about who cares!!!

1: Paige. Rehbaum, Fisher, Estarfa, Holland
2: Feggins, Lyons, Butts, Stasiak, Nevins
3: Miles, Harrington, OConnel, Knight, Agbeko
4: Licata, Williams, Alexander, Alexander,Pierce
5: Hillman, Taplin, Farrant, Bomasuto, Farrent, Moxham

I find it amusing that hardly any NFL players are on these lists...the stereotype that the NFL is sub-par still remains and it is a joke.

In some cases you have to look at what kind of competition some of these players faced...the fact is the large schools were just far and away better than the small schools this year. Put a Street, a Fegin, a Bailey, a Hughes on a small school team and they dominate.

The Bomasuto and Alexander(Lack) picks by some posters are really lacking direction in my view. Just because these players make headlines and were seen at Buff St. doesn't mean they were better players than players on large schools that played tough schedules.

Also...could someone please explain their rationale for not putting Butts on first team? Just because he plays on the same team as Paige should not mean he should get slighted. He means just as much to that team as Paige.

If you put Butts on ANY other team, he is a sure-fire 1st teamer in just about everyone's picks. I can't fathom how anyone who witnessed the past two Jamestown games can say Butts is not one of the best five players in the area.

Well 1st of all the season is not over. I don't think it makes sense 2 do your all WNY team yet. Player of the year is still up 4 grabs. Paige may have a slight edge now, but if Holland leads his team 2 a title and gets MVP, certainly he could win the award. As they SHOULD - if a team wins a State title - it is a big deal and could get several guys on the B News teams. I could c Hilman and Pringle getting on with a State title. Kind of like Middle College last year, a guy on each team (Holland 1st, Hillman 2nd, Pringle 3rd). Also, Butts could go from borderline 1st team 2 a 1st team lock. SO my point is - long way 2 go alot could change between now and the 20th.

I look forward 2 hanging out with CC this weekend in Glens. While I feel I Prep is the favorite 2 win the title, a Jamestown win would b 1 of the greatest wins by a Section 6 team in bball history. And no, I don't think that is over the top. This Albany CBA team is SICK. Only unbeaten AA in the State, defending PHSAA AA champs, and just won their regional over the Section 3 champ Henniger by like 30 points! If Jamestown loses by less than 12 it would b a HUGE accomplishment.

So again, still 2 early 4 the All Star team. Hopefully I Prep can bring the title home this weekend and Jamestown can make us proud.

Nah...it's not too early for an all star team...only real question looming is POY.

Butts has to be on first team already...I can't see any of the other I-Prep guys being higher than fourth. OTC was a much stronger and more talented. Stokes was a far more talented second option than Pringle and Alexander a far more well rounded player than Hillman. Nothing against those guys, just not that good compared to some of the large school players that battled night in/night out.

MIG, I am not sold on Albany CBA. They barely eeked out a win in their sectional final. Believe they only won by 3. Not unusual at all for their to be blow-outs in the Syracuse/Albany regional games. The team that has to be the odds on favorite in AA is Mount Vernon. AA is the coaches classic bracket with the CBA coach, whose name escapes me, the Mount Vernon coach, whose name also escapes me. and Drake. Actually the MV coach is Bob Cimino, great guy and coach!! He has done amazing things for the kids in MV; actually surprised there isn't far more published about the guy and all the great things he's done. Bottom line I think Jamestown has a real shot against CBA. In addition saw them last year when they beat Half Hollows Hills West and Tobias Harris and again at the Feds. Thought last years Nichols team would have handled them pretty easily and doubt they are better than last year. In fact I believe they aren't as good having graduated one D1 player in Kameron Ritter who was by far their best player.

I think it's pretty clear in my mind anyway that Paige, Holland, Rehbaum and Fisher will be 1st team this year. The only question in my mind is who will join those four. Butts is a possibility I suppose, but unlike TML I was not overly impressed with him against the Falls as I expected quite a bit more. He was silent for most of the game and the two buckets he made down the stretch were the result of a defense that fell asleep at the wheel for some reason. I didn't see the Regional final so perhaps he gets a bump as a result of his play against Irondequoit and Heath. Although I think it has been quite unusual for a a school to place two players on first team.

As for POY I think this weekend will tell a lot. If Holland leads his team to the chip, I think he gets the nod. We might see another year with co honorees. I think based on how Keith has done it previously, kids that made the team last year, as Holland did, usually get the nod over kids that did not. Holland was 3rd team last year. Not even sure if Paige was honorable mention so it might be that Chris has the tie-breaker advantage.

I think it's great that CC and Pat Moran will publish their lists. Anyone who complains about that is like my wife. When I'm right I'm wrong, and whenI'm wrong I'm really wrong. As a long time fan of high school sports and someone who had the privilege of playing about 93 years ago, I think the coverage is better than it has ever been. And I think that is just FANTASTIC for the kids, which is what this is all about after all.

With that said there will only be one official ALL-WNY and that will be the one Keith comes up with in consultation with area coaches, scouts and a bunch of losers that have nothing better to do with their time, but watch high school hoops. And as I discussed with Mike Harrington, the one thing that could increase the News' circulation was greater coverage of high school sports because of the amazing number of people who have kids playing or know other families in WNY that have kids playing. It is truly amazing. And since then, for which I take absolutely no credit, the coverage by the News has become so much extensive and in depth, largely due to the tireless and passionate work done by Keith McShea. So I say to all, the more the better. Be thankful for it has never been this good.

Enjoy!! And best of luck to Jamestown, IPrep and the girls from St. Mary's who will play for a fed title next weekend in Albany.

And the one Al;l WNY list I'd like to see more than any other is one from Hollywood.

One of the great things of being around the courts throughout the winter is meeting other like-minded people. In this case Hollywood is one of those great people. He really appreciates the kids who play, although he's partial to the Yale Cup and the NOL. That's ok since we're all entitled to one flaw. He's one of the good people.

So, one question, where is the good man???

Forgot the Lady Vikings of Grand Island, who play in the Class A final four at HVCC this weekend. Best of luck to coach Banker and the Lady Vikings.

And I'm still wondering where Hollywood is. Any police officers out there? If so, put out an APB for him. This blog and Keith's chat is always better with him participating.

GI girls have arguably the best chance to bring home a title.

I wanted to address a few rumors, which after tonight I can confirm through extremely reliable sources.. and a few other things.

1. Stan Weir is NOT transferring to Canisius
2. Sterling Tapling is NOT transferring to Canisius.

3. Someone, I don't remember who, said they "heard" that Reggie Agbeko was overseas now that St. Joe's season is over. That is also not true.. He's in Buffalo and he's staying in Buffalo.. I know that because I was just with Reggie Agbeko at AAU practice (his ankle is about 70% I'd say)

I did hear one thing floating around that I can confirm is TRUE. Jaysean Paige will be playing for the AAU Buffalo Dragons.

They got the makings of a pretty damn good squad. Paige and Reggie are both on the team, and so are Kyle Kobis and Jordan Williams (Timon), Jamaal Carter (City Honors), Tyler Wagner (St. Francis), RaShaun Brown (East) and a few other kids that escape my mind.. That AAU team actually kicks off their tournament season next weekend with one in Iroquois.

Also, Aaron Nevin's college choices are down to Gannon, Utica, Clarkson and Hougton, with Gannon and Utica being the two favorites.

And, regading Darin Butts. Clarkson is after him, but he prefers to go to Utica.

Jake Denz (St. Mary's) is also on the AAU Dragons.

Last week MIG proclaimed "at least 1 for sure" of Wier/Taplin would be going to CHS

After Moran's post (and as many of us tried telling him last week), neither are going to Canisius!!!

Its official, MIG has lost all credibility in WNY HS Hoops.

So long buddy!

Well...my first amendment to my team would be adding Bova and Farrant into at least the very close to 4th team category...possibly into fourth team.

Patrick just stay on as 'Patrick' don't come back as 'The Truth' with your very next post.

I was at work 2day then at my kids 1st confession while u were hanging out at an AAU game. Hope that was fun 4 u. Did you take Reggie out 4 dinner after the game too?

I have heard from a BETTER source than Pat's that 1 of them IS going 2 b at Canisius. I guess we will c who had the better source in September. Patrick can u confirm 4 us if the world will end 4 sure on December 21st 2012? Or do they not discuss that when u 'hang out' at AAU games?

And I'm not sure what 'credibility' means but as long as I am voting on the Buffalo News poll and u r NOT I guess we can let people decide who has more credibility. What Keith thinks of me means alot more than some guy who 'hangs out' with HS players at AAU games!

I'll send u pictures from the NCAA regionals in Newerk with Cuse, Carolina, Ohio State and Kentucky and then from the Final 4 in Houston. Let me know what AAU game u will b hanging out at while I am at those NCAA games, so I know where 2 send the photos! Much love Truth! I mean, Pat!

Why the hate for Patrick Moran? Guy's just participating in the discussion. No need to get personal. Relax.

Hoopster 'Nichols would have handled Albany CBA easy last year'...hmm. I don't think so. There is no way that team would have beaten not only our team but Christ the King, Boys N Girls, or HH Hills West with Mr NYS Basketball Tobias Harris. We did have a close Sectional final with out best player out of the entire fist half in foul trouble. With our full team we beat the Section 3 champ by 30, and won our previous 11 games by an average of 26 points! It's not about players Hoopster it's about our team. Plus we are ranked 6th in the East region by USA Today. So Jamestown beating us won't happen, and if it did it would be an upset of upsets.

To say Nichols would have handled us easy last year - and yes our school was at the Fed - is a joke I hope. I mean, there is a reason Nichols was in Class A and we are in AA. I mean Nichols had a good team, and that big kid was a nice player, but c'mon you have got to be kidding.

So Frank when it is said 'MIG has lost all credibility in WNY HS Hoops...so long buddy!' - that is not being personal? Guy is just defending himself. Unless I read it wrong he was being attacked first no?


First of all, I didn't call anyone out by name.. If your source is better than a player's own father than you are the man.

I didn't "hang out at AAU practice" to hang out with Reggie. I didn't know he was going to be there. I hung out at practice because I live in Hamburg, the practice was in Williamsville, and I drove my nephew, who is on the team there.

While there I talked to Rodney Nevins, who told me that Paige is playing on the team, told me that both Sterling and Stan have no plans to attend Canisius (he's close with both their fathers) and from there I also spoke with someone else who I am not going to say who said the same thing.

Lastly, are you serious about your NCAA stuff like that's supposed to impress me? Should I send you photos of every season Sabres, Bills and media credential I possess like that's supposed to impress you or anyone else? Who cares! what's that have to do with the topic?

What's the matter? You don't like someone actually looking into your rumors and rebuffing? Man up dude--- If either Sterling or Stan end up at Canisius this year, I will be the first to congratulate you on a fine scoop. Til then, I will rely on the sources that I have.

Unless I misread what you said (which doesn't really matter because you blasted off on me anyway), did you just accuse me of being the comment under a phony name?

I will NEVER make a comment under a phony name, I have absolutely no reason to.

And for the record, I NEVER said you didn't have credibility.. I am sure you do.

Sorry not kidding. Nichols clobbered both Long Island Lutheran and JD. Jd was ranked in the top 50 in the country. Nichols ended up #75 in the country. They played a number of teams that were better during the year CTK. I think Nichols would have beat last year's CTK team as well. And don't forget Stan Weir. He torched Achraf Yacoubou for 31 while holding him to 11. As you know Ash is going to Villanova next year. And Coleman is universally regarded as the 3rd best player in the 2012 class. I say no contest between last year's Nichols and CBA teams. ZCBA beat Harris and crew because of Harris melt down and his insistence on being a perimeter player.Neither Yacoubou nor Coleman had the same type of melt down.

As for CBA they were fortunate to get by Albany high in the sectional final. Better worry about Jamestown rather than debating the merits of last year's teams. This is a new year and CBA has a chance to make it two in a row. Good luck.

Pat YOU started this. Maybe someone's MOTHER might b a good source? But hey whatever. And hell ya u should b impressed! This will b my 10th Final 4! Bills and Sabres games? Is that a joke? Good 4 u that u get 'media passes' 2 c teams in Buffalo. I just thought it was a bit sad u were 'hanging out' at an AAU game. YOU SAID THAT READ YOUR OWN POST.

U tell me to 'man up'? Look man don't take this stuff so serious. I'm not the one putting up posts with swear words cause u r getting punked then calling people 'trolls' and 'pathetic' for not agreeing with you. We can stop anytime. I didn't start this you did!

I didn't call YOU a troll or pathetic. I told someone that who accused me of being friend and close to the Rehbaum family when I've never met Connor's mom in my life and have had about a minute and a half worth of conversations with his father since I've known him. If you want to call someone making up flat-out lies as me "getting punked', then I guess I got punked.

I didn't start anything. You put the Weir and Taplin rumors out there and I reported that according to a source of mine, that they are not true. Obviously one of us is right and one is wrong. Like I said, if either of them are a CRusader next year I promise I'll be the first to congratulate you and recognize you as the one who broke the news. Personally, while in my OPINION I think it would be Weir manipulating the system, I'd actually enjoy seeing Sterling at Canisius as I think it would raise his profile.

It is impressive that you're going to the NCAA Tourney, I wish I could do that (I seriously do all kidding aside).

I was "hanging out at AAU" tonight, but unlike you said, I wasn't hanging out with Reggie and going out to dinner with him (lol). While there, I had a conversation with Mr. Nevins, who as you probably know sat with Mr. Weir at Buffalo State for the Section VI and as you probably know is also close with Mr. Taplin. I"m sure you can also figure out that Mr. Nevins is pretty entrenched in the Canisius program, with his son being there and all.

However, that is not my "source". I spoke to soemone even closer to the situation.. Since I said directly I spoke to Mr. Nevins, that's obviously not the source.

As a reporter, if "hanging out at AAU" allows me to report actual other news as I did, such as the team Jaysean will be playing on as well as teh college choices for two of the best players in WNY (Butts and Nevins), then I should probably hang out at AAU more often, don't ya think?

Come on....this banter is a joke. One would think you guys were still in HS.

People are dying in Japan and need our help and you guys are arguing over where a player is going and if Nichols could beat Albany CBA. Patrick? Hoopster? McShea is God? TML? Have you all given money to relief efforts? Or are you too busy posting on here. Get a grip you guys. Japan is in ruins and on the verge of a nuclear meltdown for God's sake.

Real World this is a BASKETBALL BLOG. YOU get a grip. I think I can speak for all of us that we could care less about Japan. Kidding!! Hey Pat I will match whatever you give 2 relief efforts how about that! Ha!

Here's some more HS Hoops stuff. Matt Hart (Canisius) has been invited to play AAU with East Coast Fusion, based in Rochester.

Real World. that's a little outta hand.. this is a basketball blog.. Things get heated.

having said that, I'm done talking about anything that's not HS Hoops related.

MIG- I still think your the man. I just think my source with the Canisius situation is better than yours, LOL.. Like I said, if 1 of those 2 you say is Sterling, then I hope you are right.

I will give my car to the people in Japan if anyone thinks that will help.

No....I have not given...I don't have extra money...gotta pay off those college loans first.

What do you expect people to do, stop living their lives because there are big problems in the world? There are problems in the world everyday, always have been and always will. All I did was post All-WNY teams...big deal. Did you take off from work this week to follow up to the minute coverage from Japan?

Hey Real World - what goes around - comes around.

Pat....can you explain your rationale for leaving players like Hughes, Grandits and Morreale off of honorable mention.

Hughes had stats comparable to those of Bova and played in a much tougher league. Grandits led his team in scoring on a AA team that won 13 games. Morreale also led his team in scoring and won a like number of games.

I know you probably didn't get to see many NFL games, but these guys were just as valuable to their teams as players like Street and Williams. Heck, I'd throw Bono in their too..one of the best shooters in the area.

I know you guys don't think much of the NFL, but I'm going to keep bringing it up.

I agree with TML. From what I heard the all-NFL first team was Grandits, Bailey, Feagins, Morreale, and Hughes. Yet 3 of the 5 aren't even listed on Moran's list. Very MMA slanted as well. Gordon Lyons first team? Is he even the best player on his team? I don't know so could somebody help me out. As for people disrespecting the NFL. I would put it up against ECIC I any day.

you have a very fair point (which I expected) and I definitely didn't get to check as much NFL as I'd have liked. Let me ask you this though, in your opinion (which I'm sure yours and others will vary), who are three guys that you take off HM to make room for them?

I can't tell you how much back and forth I went with Lyons and Butts. I love Darin Butts as a player. IMO, Lyons, though not the biggest, was the best inside player I saw this season. He was a beast on the boards and defensively too. It certainly wasn't that I didn't feel other guys were worthy of 1st team, I just couldn't bring myself to not have Lyons on it, because I think he is that valuable of a player, to a championship team.

Personally, I don't think there needs to be a limit on the number of players on the HM team. You have 30...I could probably add ten to that list that are deserving. Of course no one can see every player...in terms of players you have on your HM, I didn't see Lenert, Lowerey or Whepley play this season. I'm not going to say they should come off for the three guys I mentioned...that wouldn't be totally fair.

I just think that players like the guys I mentioned in the NFL...a large-school league where every game is a battle, even if it's not the deepest league...have to get serious consideration. The majority of top players in leagues like ECIC 1 and the Yale Cup will have higher scoring numbers and the like due to the style of play in the leagues. The NFL is a more physical, defensive style of league than ECIC 1...not to say they are better, just different. Naturally, scoring is going to be lower.

A guy like Grandits averaged 18ppg and also led his team in rebounding. Yes, he may have had his worst game of the year against Lancaster, but that shouldn't put him out of contention. Hughes had huge stats on a team with negligible guard play and teams double teaming him nearly every game. Bono also led his team to Buff St...he missed a bunch of games but there is no way he is not one of the best 50 players in the area.

If I HAD to take three guys off...they would be Lowerey, Lenart(I'm sure these guys are fine players but class D and small school MMA doesn't carry the same weight to me as players leading large school teams to 12-13 wins)...the third I would have to take off would be Andre Jackson. Sure, he hit some big threes, but I don't think he was a very complete player. I would put on House over him.

I would also give serious consideration to Stolzenburg from Wil East and Lalka from Tonawanda...certainly deserving of HM in my book.

Those are all good points.. I lmited the HM guys, which may or may not have been the right thing to do; in part because I felt the more players that made HM, the less importance it carried.

Having said that, there's guys left off all together that deserve some kind of recognition, so it definitely goes both ways.

Beyond the HM's, as someone who's seen a lot of hoops, what are your thoughts on the Four Teams?

You guys would have gone nuts in the early 70's. They picked 5 guys and thats it. No 2nd team, no 3rd team no HM at all, and that was for the leagues as well as the All-WNY. :-)


Well written article. I don't agree with all your picks, especially your player of the year, but Paige is a legitimate pick, and you make a good case for the players you choose. By the way, for all the youngsters out there (which to me is everybody but coach Herlan) there were two All Western NY teams for a number of years, one for each newspaper. Sounds like this blog needs a little adult supervision with all the childish comments. See what happens when the coaches go away for awhile??

MIG - just Bcuz McShea says your opinion/vote counts, doesn't mean it has 2 b true. do you watch him tally the votes?

Well...I have 4 out of the 5 guys on first team the same. I have Butts on first team and I have Lyons on third. We both have Nevins, Harrington and Estarfaa on second team. I also have Miles and Stasiak on second team. I feel these two guys really led their teams in every way possible. Miles is a great talent who absolutely got the most out of his teammates. Stasiak is a warrior and went hard every minute I saw him play.

In terms of third and fourth team, I have players like Richardson, Bailey, Alexander(OTC) and Edwards, whom you have in HM. I feel all these players are leaders and made their teammates better in a big way. I think a lot of people forgot just how good Alexander is...I thought he was definitely a top 20 player last year and he certainly was this year. In players like Bailey and Edwards you have great ball handlers who could score and create in addition to being two of the best defenders in the area. I'd have both of them on first-team defense. Both also went as hard as possible every game, even if their teammates didn't always bring the same intensity.

So, we agreed a decent amount, particularly on 1st and 2nd.

Agreed Pat, good job.

There is one kid I think that's getting overlooked big time, Peter Notaro of SML. He has been a 3 year stalwart for Coach Gill and a part of two teams that made it to the federation tourney. For my money he has been among the best bigs the last couple of years. unfortunately it seems as though he's flying under the radar, certainly deserving of an HM spot if not more.

How about that Hollywood???!!! He'd give the shirt off his back to anyone who needed it.

Nice to see Earl making a cameo appearance. Welcome back Coach! Just ain't the same without ya!! And nice comment about Coach Herlan.

And don't look now but this is comment #91. Looks like CC will do it again!!! This time free wings at the Wilson harbor all on CC. He might even throw in some green beverages if we make it to the double century mark.

Hoopster still waiting to hear if you have made a donation...I promise 2 double whatever u do! I think this is some of the funniest stuff ever on this blog. Obviously I am just trying 2 get comment count up so CC can make some money on this thing. Some great NCAA games today.

And 'So u think so' I have never even met Keith I just worship him from afar. It's possible he doesn't count all the votes I guess. Not a great comeback really.

Did any 1 c the irony...Rick Pittino matched up against MORE-HEAD State...HA!!!!!!!!!!!

From MIG responding to a post from Pat Moran on Wednesday, March 16th, 2011@8:27
"And I'm not sure what 'credibility' means but as long as I am voting on the Buffalo News poll and u r NOT I guess we can let people decide who has more credibility."

From MIG responding to a post from So you think so on Thursday, March 17th, 2011@4:13pm
"And 'So u think so' I have never even met Keith I just worship him from afar. It's possible he doesn't count all the votes I guess. Not a great comeback really."

I ask you sir, which of the above is true and which is fiction? Do you know Mr. McShea or do you not?

Can't they both b true? Can't u vote on the poll but never have met Keith?

And why do you call me 'sir'? I am a FEMALE. U men all just assume us woman don't know anything about sports. We should all b barefoot and pregnant in your eyes.

Have u given 2 the relief efforts in Japan? I am searching 4 some accuracy on that.


Kats advance!

Well at least Keith's creepy stalker is a female....


Lucky.. I saw that (ECC). That's awesome. I see Ty Edwards had a big part in it too

Well done MIG, playing to your strengths, avoid an honest answer at all costs, BRAVO!!!

Who cares if MIG does or does not know McShea. Let's not be so dopey and get back to All WNY discussion and not who knows who. Ridiculous!!!

JR Ewing: "Why tell the truth when a good lie will do" Hey searching get my number from CC I want 2 fight u when I get back from Glens. See if u would hit a woman.

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