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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


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How is it possible Buff State yesterday didn't have pizza? We were told 'we can't get the oven working'....I said 'did u call someone 2 look at it?' and was told 'I don't know'....every year it's something. It's not that hard. Make the pizza, then sell it when it's ready. Last year we were told 'we can't sell it until the Hot Dogs r gone'....I am laughing my ASS off as I type this but sad 2 say this is all 100% true.

I was VERY VERY impressed with Olean's kids. Book a room 4 them in Glens 2012, 2013, 2014...assuming of course that the world doesnt' end on December 21st 2012 (google the date if u live under a rock!)

Congrats to both Newfane and Wilson on wins the last two days. The N-O is well represented once again with very good chances to win sectional titles for the third year in a row...

Also, very impressed with the young Olean group. Coach Anastasia does a great job.

Good Luck to the rest of the teams!

Olean certainly looks to be a state power in the coming years, particularly because they will move back down to B next year.

I see the third East/Riverside meeting as being far closer than their previous match up. Riverside has to have the most confidence right now since they beat Joe's and have shown that they have reverted back to playing strong defense. East still provides them with match up problems but I still see this game as finally being an A-2 final that could both be close and enjoyable to watch. That hasn't been the case for the middle game on sectional Saturday for a number of years.

I see Wilson going through over Cass. Valley...they are fairly similar teams, in that their strength's are both in their guard play, but I feel Wilson's guards do just about everything a little better. Cass. Valley has some size, but do not really utilize any post up opportunities in the paint.

Does anyone else think Ken East has a shot tonight?

Jay Skurski and I might be the only ones there to find out.

Great stuff Centercourt as always.Sorry to hear that Buff State is dropping the ball again when it comes to the snack stand. See you on the show Saturday.

This year I believe there is really only one, maybe two teams that can really say they deserved to be at Buff State.
Maryvale certainly deserves to, having gone undefeated but with the funky power points getting the unfortunate draw of Riverside. Man, how talented is Estarfaa?
The other is Will North. How is North more deserving than Lancaster you may ask? North split with Lancaster, beat Jamestown, beat Batavia and towards the end of the year had a convincing win at Clarence, whereas both of Lancaster's wins vs Clarence were close games.

Hey, Billy Bob. North had its chance to make it to Buff St. — and lost. They beat Jamestown without Paige and that Batavia win looks less impressive now that Batavia was crushed/ousted by Aquinas in Sec. 5.

Meanwhile, I also was impressed by young Olean. The East kids weren't exactly beating their chests after that game... had the look of "whew" after the game was over. Just an impression...

If Maryvale deserved to be at Buff State, then they should have beat Riverside...at home nonetheless.

Billy Bob -

Funky power points? Riverside finished 8-6 in the Yale Cup. The eighth seed seems pretty appropriate for a near .500 club.

How talented is Estarfaa? Extremely, and he's also a great kid.

Interesting spin you put on Will North and Lancaster. Here's mine:

North's wins over Batavia and Lancaster were in December. Since January, North went 8-5 while Lancaster was 9-3.

North lost 3 of its last 4, while Lancaster is on a five game win streak.

Lancaster won the most recent meeting with North, by nine.

Lancaster had two very good showings against a Jamestown team at full strength.

North won at Clarence by 15, Lancaster won at Clarence by 10, for whatever that's worth.

Every team at Buffalo State deserves to be there, because they all had to win to get there.

Ha...the "deserved" stuff in ridiculous.

You could make the case for a slew of teams with that logic...Ken West, Wil East, Amherst, Lew-Port, etc.

Something I find funny is that during the season, there is so much banter and "what if" regarding the polls, but once it gets to sectional time, the polls are a mere formality of the teams who are still playing. Just something I really find as contradictory.

Buff St. has added Tim Hortons this year, though. However, they are apparently not authorized to sell them in the roll up the rim cups.

The Riverside/Maryvale was a well played, loosely officiated game. Both team played hard to get to Buff state and only one can go.The top 3 teams in A-2 were East, Riverside, and Maryvale. One was not going to make it. The coin toss goes in favor of Riverside, Then they are playing East or if Riverside do not loose to Mckinley in the last 5 seconds, they are a higher seed. That is how it works sometimes it the luck(?) of the draw.

Lancaster won its game at home vs North, while North won at home vs Lancaster

Billy Bob must be from either Will North or Ken West Area.. Good luck to ALL teams that made it to Buff State...

Here's a thought on the location of the Class C games. Does anyone else think that the semi-finals and finals should be moved back to Buffalo State? Or even possibly moving tomorrow's finals to Buffalo State?

This year, 6 of the 17 Class C teams are within the city of Buffalo, including 3 of the top 4 seeds. The number of city schools is more than what it was back when Class C finals WERE held at Buffalo State. I think Section 6 should consider moving these games back to Buffalo State considering that the last two years, the top seeds were from the city and virtually playing away games.

The hour and half drive to Jamestown is pretty unneccesary considering both teams could take a 15 minute drive to Buffalo State. Considering the financial status of the state, you would think they would be looking for any way to cut corners and save some money. Well, tomorrow would be an opportunity.

lakawana didnt win by very much to bad vinny bomasuto couldnt play his game. Things would have been different.

lackawana didnt win by very much to bad vinny bomasuto couldnt play his game it would have been a different ball game.

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