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Wednesday, March 09, 2011


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Here are my two cents:

In a week that has shown some rather sloppy and rather un-eventful basketball for the most part, it was great to finally see a game that was worthy of a sectional final.

I thought both teams played their hearts out, especially O'Connell, Fisher and Stasiak. Fisher did everything from bringing the ball up the court and setting up the offense to banging down low in the post. O'Connell had absolutely no fear of going to the hoop and seemed like every time he had the ball he was going to drive to the hoop. Stasiak's great play on both ends of the floor were outstanding and after the way South were hitting their FTs, I thought for sure the game was over when he was going to the line for 2 when down by one.

Licata probably started the game at least 0-6 from 3s in what seemed like open shots. It wasn't until he started to shoot off balance, in your face threes did he start to catch on fire. I also noticed that he is a pretty one-dimensional basketball player. He's very slow on defense and could not for the life of him stay in front of his man in the half court set. He's definitely a pocket passer.

Now for the refs. This was bothering me the whole game. I've never seen a sectional final game officiated so close like that in my life. There were more touchy fouls than I would have liked to see and there were too many "make up" calls as a result. I will say that the foul on Stasiak at the end of the first overtime was the correct call.

I'll have to agree with Jack Herlan in a different post in that I think Aquinas will handle East pretty easily.

Fisher was absolutely sensational. Extremely impressed by him. 1st team all wny.
Oconnell plays with a ton of passion and is a great defender. He seems to drive every time because he can't shoot. Honorable mention all wny.
Stasiak played his heart out. Gutsy, all around great performance. Best I have seen him shoot in my 3 south games this year. 2nd or 3rd team all wny.
Licata is a sensational shooter but certainly a one trick pony who is not the quickest and struggles on defense. Honorable mention all wny.

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