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Friday, March 04, 2011


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This Jaysean Paige character may turn out to be an OK basketball player before this season is over.

Ok, seriously, the stat guy came up to me and Keith last night when we were writing our stories and notified us that Jaysean was 16-of-22 from the field against Lancaster. HE also had 13 rebounds and 4 steals.

IN his first playoff game earlier, he was 16-for-23 with 35 points.

He's averaging 38.5 points in postseason and averaged 24 points during the regular season.

Watching him score at will last night and the manner in which he did reminded me a lot of Marcus Whitfield of Burgard from the late 1980's, when it often seemed like he was toying with his opponents.

Paige was incredible last night, his ability to score at will sets him apart from any player I have scene this year. It was my 1st time seeing him play this year and his physique is what impresses most. Looks like a seasoned college player running with high schoolers. Gifted player and unqueastionably POY.
Jamestown by 8 vs. Niagara Falls on saturday night.

A very athletic Marcus Feagin guarding Jaysean Paige may have something to say about your 8 point prediction on Saturday night, though I'm sticking to my pre-tournament guns and predicting Jamestown as well.

Jaysean without question already has D-1 scoring and athletic ability. He's a tad undersized right now for the next level on what the strengths of his game are at the high school level. To his credit, he's been working on his outside shooting hardcore and since coming back from his one-game suspension last month, he's been on fire from beyond the arc.

Like I said, watching him all season he reminds me of some of the great Yale Cup stars of the late 80's and early 90's. He scores points at a pace that are often effortless. If nothign else, he's bar none the most exciting player in WNY to watch and to think he'll be back next year is even more exciting.

This has been a good season for HS Hoops and with the crazy talent coming back next year, Paige, Agbeko, Taplin, etc... It's going to be loaded.

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