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Friday, March 04, 2011


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I skipped the Lady Gaga show 2 go w CC 2 JCC so I obviously have some serious issues 2 deal with. I will say I made Pine Valley a 4 point favorite and they won by 4! Again, just shows I have issues but I was pretty proud. Grover Prep - or whatever they r called now - looked solid. 4 sure a shot at the State title. And that team that was unbeaten in Section 5 Class C lost 2nite. I said Grover by 8 and they won by 12 so I was off a little. Good job by Earl I must say.

Tomorrow should b fun. 7 title games over 2 days is always crazy. All 5 I THINK could end up within 10 points. Falls-Jamestown should b game of the year. I think key will b if T Williams is hitting jump shots 4 Falls. If he is, they win, if not, they will lose. Champion hits a big 3 I say in the final 2 minutes. I also predict they run out of pizza by the start of that game.

CC after 7 title games in 2 days if I am up reading this u should b typing game reviews! Well a good day at Buff State. Congrats 2 Cass Valley on their well deserved 1st ever sectional title. Surprised Newfane went down so easy. Bad day 4 the NO league. Lackawanna has a real shot 2 get 2 Glens now that Alexander is playing so well. East was a bit of an ugly game but that should b a great rematch with Will South 4 the overall A title. Will South needs 2 beat yet another Yale Cup team. Last 4 minutes Butts and Champion really stepped up. Paige played amazing last 4 minutes and it's FOR SURE a 2-man race now 4 player of the year between him and Holland with a few games 2 go. And the 'Super School' Niagara Falls - and yes I WILL say it every year - now has ONE STATE TITLE in ELEVEN YEARS as a 'power'....after LaSalle won 3 in 9 years with half the school. Hey Granto how did that choice work out 4 u? O I 4got he got force 2 retire 4 claiming he had taken zero vacation days while 'building' the new school. HA!

Let me start by saying that I cannot recall a sectional Saturday in which there were so many low scoring games. Not one team scores over 60 points...wow. Sure, some of it can be attributed to solid defense, but the majority of it was due to sloppy offense, specifically lazy passes. I can not remember a day with so many poor passes by so many teams.

With that said, the fourth quarters of the two evening session games were certainly the day's highlight. Bennett did very nicely to rebound from a terrible first half, but couldn't close the deal as South clearly "out-toughed" them in the closing minutes. Did anyone else noticed how much of a beating O'Connell took in this game? Seemingly on every drive he was on the ground struggling to get up, but to his credit he got up every time and finished strong. The big push from Jamestown in the fourth was a long time coming, in my opinion. They were getting fairly easy looks at the basket all game long and just not finishing, particularly Paige. He played one of his poorest games of the season last night up until the last five minutes. He failed to convert on five or six "gimmees" from close range and really didn't attempt much from range until he nailed those two huge back-to-back baseline threes. The Falls played solid defense, as usual, but they just didn't have the offensive firepower. This was the same problem for them all season...I said in after their games against Ken West, the Falls just wasn't that talented this year. They worked hard and Sal probably got as much as he could out of the team. Jamestown has considerably more talent and I feel Falls did well to control as much of the game as they did and to keep it a defensive type of affair. This has to further my point that there is not a good reason that the Falls should go independent in the near future. They lose both Street and Fegin next year, their best two players down the stretch and do not have any sure fire stars in the immediate pipelines. Anyone looking at the situation rationally would have to agree with the fact that the Falls may not even be the best team in the NFL next year.

The B-2 final was certainly the most entertaining of the three early games. Cassadaga did very well to turn defensive stops into easy run-out baskets. Moxham was off the entire game and never got into any offensive rhythm. Lackawanna's 2-3 zone was stifling and limited Newfane's quality offensive opportunities to a negligible amount. Alexander does very well to create space for his shots and Cheatom basically negated Newfane's height advantage across the board by himself. The A-2 game was a scratchy affair. East played like a team who knew that all they had to do was show up to win and that is basically what happened. Both teams were fairly sloppy, while East just has more size and more talent. They will have to up their game considerably to beat South.

Looking ahead to the regionals, all five section V classes have to play their crossovers during the week. The matchups are...AA - Rush/Irondequoit, A - BK/Aquinas, B - Charlotte/Mynderse, C - ER/Marion, D - Finney/Houghton.

Rush is a well balanced, athletic team. Irondequoit is led by 6'8 Josiah Heath who has improved a ton this year. I feel Jamestown is more talented than both...Heath could give them problems inside if Irondequoit wins, but I still would feel Jamestown's guard play would be superior by a wide margin. Aquinas already owns a win over BK this year....the Little Irish are the best team in section V, but either matchup would be a tough one for South or East, in my opinion. Charlotte is very similar to Lackawanna in that the came from the #5 seed, beat a previously undefeated team in the semis and possess solid athleticism. Mynderse's only loss has come to Aquinas and they possess a well balanced shooting attack. Assuming Lackawanna comes through on Tuesday, I see either match up being close.

East Rochester came from the #6 seed to win C1 but always have a strong program, while Marion was the #2 seed in C2. I do not feel either will be able to keep up with Holland and Co., much like OTC in class C last year. Finney is a powerhouse in D and have standouts Jamell Johnson and Joe Drummond. They play Houghton who also came from the #6 seed in D2. Finney would be a very tough match up for Pine Valley.

Overall, I see section VI likely taking AA and C and section V likely taking A and D, with B being too close to call.

Good Take TML agree with most all of that. I HOPE u r right about Jamestown winning. I agree we win C and lose A and D....I think AA and B r a tossup. Rush should win AA but they haven't been 2 a Regional since 1994 so Jamestown who played in that game last year may have an edge. Plus u r correct Paige can't have a worse shooting game so maybe he is on 4 that 1. I will b at Spring Training so someone needs 2 text me updates Saturday. At the Canisius game now, they r playing hard!

Thought Falls played great defense last night with the exception of the last 4 minutes. Each basket by Butts and Paige, don't think I've ever seen such a talented a player as he is miss so many gimmes, were all uncontested. Not sure how that happens, but was the reason for the Jamestown win last night and of course Butts and Paige making the shots which they both had trouble doing for most of the night.

Here's some news!!! MIG while commenting during Keith's live blog of the Canisius/St. Mary's State Catholic A semi-final that Sterling Taplin and Stan Weir are considering a transfer to Canisius next year. That would be some coup if it happens.

If I were the parents of the soon to be stars of the Crusaders I would be a tad upset if two transfers came in to steal my kids upcoming thunder. I also believe that Weir might have a difficult time transferring into Canisius before his senior year. There are some very specific rules about that, which would be different if he just came back to Nichols.

How many high schools would that be for Weir? 6?

does anyone know what channel TWC is replaying the games on today?

It would be 3 High Schools cause he is at a Prep school now. The transfer rules wouldn't apply because he is coming from out of State we were told. Why wouldn't you guys want a powerhouse next year? I mean Jack you are the last guy that should be talking about transfers. Rumor has it that kid from Africa actually went back overseas after the Canisius game and won't be back until November for next season. So please.

TML looking @ an NFL issue rationally? r u kidding me?

Don't believe rumors Guest2. I can't comment because we have a transfer???? At least I am willing to put my name on my comments and not hide behind some lame moniker. I have a pretty good idea about the transfer rules because we take great care not to violate ANY rules. If I am wrong about it then so be it. I have been wrong before and have readily admitted it. I think it might be a problem for Weir, it seems to me that it could be considered a way to circumvent the rules in place. if not so be it.

What was irrational about what I said?

To get back to the actual topic of this post....

I've been coaching high school basketball for a long time, but Friday at JCC was the most surreal experience of all those years. Last year at this time, I was expecting to be exactly where I was on Friday. At that time I had no idea I would be retiring and I knew that we had a veteran, really good team coming back at Grover.

What transpired in the 12 months since then was totally unexpected and has been one of the great experiences of my coaching career. I want to congratulate the Presidents on their great accomplishment; I feel like a proud grandfather when I watch them play, and hope that they go all the way. As for my Thunderhawks, I am honored to have been the coach of such a fine group of young men. What they accomplished as a group is simply incredible, especially because it was all due to hard work over the last 9 months since we first met. While the kids were devastated after the loss, they realize all the great accomplishments of the season, most notably bringing an entire school together as evidenced by the great fan support on Friday. These players are the perfect example of the way high school athletics are supposed to be. I will always remember this season with fondness.

The fact that Canisius could have Taplin and Weir on their team next year if the main reason why Section VI will never let the Catholic schools in. As for the NFL next season, the Falls will be the favorite but the gap between them and Ken West is not that great. Martin Bailey will be the best player in the league next year. He is one of the best 15 players in WNY this year.


You should be proud of what you and your players(both past and present) have accomplished this year. Congrats and best of luck to Shaun and IPrep on their continued journey.

TML, I don't know about you, but I can't stand seeing O'Connell flop around, that is why he fals so much.

CC, who was that sitting next to you at the night session last night?

Don't believe all these rumors people. I'm not sure Canisius would even want a player like Wier to come in and mess with the great chemistry they have on their team going forward. With some talks I have had with people close to the situation, I would be very very surprised if Weir or even Taplin for that matter was in a Crusaders uniform next season.

Earl you did a good job this year you should be proud. Still the 2007 loss to Maryvale and the 2008 loss to McKinley during sectionals with those powerhouse teams will forever define your coaching record.

Jack I don't think I have a 'lame moniker' like you said. So let me see...everyone who doesn't use their real name is lame? Hooopster is lame? I guess TML is lame, MIG is lame, State champs is lame, and even Center Court in your eyes? Look if alot of used our real names you would have no clue who we are anyway. If I used my last name what would you do? Find my address and beat me up? Look if you want to take away from me exposing the African kid is back overseas until basketball season then so be it. But don't rip everyone on here who doesn't use a real name.

Also 'Jason' you source is WRONG. If Stan comes back to WNY next year he IS going to Canisius. And Taplin from MY source - which is better than your source - is almost a lock to go there. Look at what is coming back for North. Makes sense for the kid to go to a great program like Canisius. So Jack and 'Jason' - an obvious Joe's alum - if you are lucky enough to make the finals next year the game won't be as close with Stan, Adam, Hart, White, and Taplin on the floor.

Too bad the season is coming to a close. Things are picking up on CC's board.

Earl, while you may feel like a grandfather, you look like a great grandfather. :) Congrats on an excellent year.

Yes, Guest2 I am lame, especially the last week or so. The screen names are half the fun on these boards, so screen name or no screen name I plead guilty.

Personally, hope Stan returns next year. Would be fun to watch him play. And certainly WNY hoops could use another very talented player.

Wayne, don't think there is an iota of interest on the part of the MMAA in joining the section for hoops. And given the budget struggles in NYS, not sure why there would be. They play at least 25 games/year with section teams playing 19, a number that may, hopefully not, decline as the state and local school districts struggle to bring their books in balance. Thus I would guess that you'll see more and more kids heading to the private schools if basketball is something important to families. For someone who plays as a freshman that's 24 more games they'd play over four years by attending a private school.

As for MMAA rules, I think it would be foolish to discount Jack's knowledge of them. He has always been on top of them and out front when it comes to that kind of stuff. My guess is that there isn't a clear cut rule for someone in Stan's situation. There is a rule against senior transfers, with an exception for someone who is transferring from out of town. However, would Stan's transfer really be from out of town??? That is the question that would have to be answered. His family still resides in East Aurora. I'm sure Stan has called that home over the last year. As I say hope he returns. I'm sure the Weirs will do their home work as the last thing they'd want to happen is to transfer then have Stan ruled ineligible.

Stan should have never left East Aurora.

Just as Sterling should not leave North.

One ? for u TML, why? Interested to hear your take.

I have no real problem with nicknames as I realize that some don't what to allow their names to be known for any number of various reasons but put a little thought into it, this is a place for discussion of ideas and opinions not crap like you put out there for the purpose of who knows what. Once we get our recruits from Brazil, Spain and England we won't be worried about whoever anyone brings in. :-) Frequent flier miles need to get used up.

Ah, good to see my "fans" are still around... Clever name too... City Ball Rules. Seeing you lack the intestinal fortitude to actually publish your real name, I am assuming you are one of the undefeated and WINLESS who coach so well from the stands. Enjoy the view...

CC if I didn't know any better I would swear u r paying someone 2 get all these comments 2day! Smart man if that is the case! Crazy day!

Anyway I honestly did hear at the Canisius game from and 'old wise man' that both r possible moves 4 next year. 1 is VERY VERY possible. Personally I would like it. Whether it was Canisius or Joe's I think it is better 4 the area and if it gives us a shot at another team like Nichols that can make the Fed WHY NOT. That was great with Nichols next year. I mean Taplin at North the next 3 years 4 what? He would have ZERO chance at getting 2 Glens. So if his father thinks the next 3 years with like Hoopster said - up to 20 more games - would b better 4 his kid at Canisius why not? Anyway I don't know who Jason is but I can tell u the rumor about 1 of the 2 is 100% possible. And if u all think I am nuts remember my 'Guilo is out' post 2 days after the Fed ended last year.

Nichols winning it all last year in A was great. If that team is Canisius with a transfer or two next year so b it. Better 4 the Section.

Pretty sure that was McShea is God sitting by CC last night. Its the same guy who was with CC and Keith on Tuesday and he was with Keith today at Canisius. Keith said that MIG was courtside with him on his blog. He's the short guy with blackk hair and glasses.

North loses so much though, they lose their entiring starting 5 minus Taplin. With the falls and jamestown in the section, it could be in his best interest to leave...

"If I were the parents of the soon to be stars of the Crusaders I would be a tad upset if two transfers came in to steal my kids upcoming thunder" -jackherlan

Just as your parents were probably upset when Reggie came in to steal their kids thunder.

TML, thanks for your opinion, but we feel Stan made the right call.

I just personally feel kids should remain in the same school unless their are absolute extenuating circumstances. I feel it is more important to build relationships with classmates and teammates rather than constantly moving around in the hopes of possibly getting more attention. If a player is very talented, especially at such a young age, they will be noticed by the right people, wherever they may play. Stan was very talented when he was a freshman back at EA, just as Sterling was very talented this year. Yes, North may lose their four other starters, but it's not as if they will not have other players who can step up in the coming years. First of all, they are a large school with a solid tradition of being at least competitive with the Falls' and Jamestown's of the world in recent memory. Second, Sterling will naturally make other players around him better, players that without him might not seem very good, will very likely see their level rise while playing alongside such a talent. The same could have gone for Stan at EA. Instead of being the third or fourth option at Nichols last year, he would have been the star of not only EA but of the entire league. I'm sure it was a great experience to be a part of such a successful team and if he's better for it in the long run, good for him.

I just feel players should finish what they start, so to speak. It is different in a sport like hockey, where all the elite players leave high school to play juniors. In basketball, all the elite players still play high school ball and no matter where they play, if you are a truly great player, people will notice. Hey...if Sterling leaves North next year, I wouldn't exactly be crying...that would be one less potential very good team in the way of Ken West...;-).

How about North girls beating Jamestown...sounds like they beat them at their own game and got a lot of fast break points.

If their was a better overall athlete in recent memory, guy or girl, than Corrin Genovese I sure can't recall. She put her team on her back and willed them to victory over two teams ranked in the top 8 in the state in back to back games...in her second best sport. She's the best softball player in the state, the second best basketball player in the section and more than held her own in volleyball and field hockey.

Quite a year for Wil North already...especially the girls. State title in field hockey, shared sectional title in girls soccer, sectional title in girls basketball and are the heavy favorites to get to states in softball.

Quite possibly so, Sam, but the scenarios are not entirely the same. I was more perturbed at the suggestion about Reggie. His family brought him here to improve his play and finish his education which he is doing. The off-season is the time he will make his biggest strides in improving his play and we are all looking forward to working towards that goal which means he is staying right here.

Wow. Love the banter that is going on here.

Did anyone notice that in Keith's live blog of the East-Riverside game at the halftime mark, he let us all know that Stan Wier stopped by press row and told everyone that he loves it where he is.

The Wiers were at most, if not all, of the games on Saturday, not just the Canisius game on Sunday. They were seen standing around at the evening session also.

So the rumors are flying and poster's with "sources" can't wait to let anyone who will listen, know how smart they are. Who is going find the big scoop, that will impact next season's High School basketball landscape? More importantly, who cares?
Here is my rumor; The Nichols recruiting machine will be up and fully operattional in short order and Stan will be returning there. Now does that make anyone feel better? It shouldn't, BECAUSE IT'S A RUMOR.
I do agree partly with TML1000 that Stan should have never left. But, I beleive that he should have never left Nichols, as his ability could have led a very young Nichols team to a birth in this years class B playoffs instead of St. Mary's. Really would have been nice to see Stan grow into a team leader.
As far as Taplin goes, it would be great to see him stay at North and become the schools all time leading scorer. A handful more games each season at one of the privates would give him more exposure, but talent like his is not going to be overlooked by college recruiters no matter what school he plays at.
The only reason for a kid to transfer is because a family move, or to get out of a situation that is not providing the education or atmosphere that is needed. Naturally, whatever the reason may be for a transfer, it is a private family matter. To find a better basketball opportunity is not a good enough reason.

Adding to the rumor mill. Paul Schnitzius will be roaming the sidelines at a MMA school next season.

Charlie, won't Piers Morgan have you on anymore? You must be lost and in a drug induced haze. :-)

I thought Alumni Arena was a lock to be Sterling's college hoops home !

Rumor #1568 - Bob Knight is leaving ESPN to become the next head coach @ Nichols.

Rumor #1569 - Keith McShea will be leaving the Buffalo News to join the crew that broadcasts the Jamestown games on the radio.

I have seen Reggie at tons of WNorth games I must say...it's fine though I am sure he knows how 2 get 2 Canisius. What a backcourt that will b next year...White, Hart, S Weir, Taplin...going 2 b fun

Rumor #1560 - Centercourt makes seamless transition into McShea's prep talk seat ONLY after receiving commitment from Warren Buffett on multi million dollar signing bonus.

TML, there is a lot to be said for everything you say. Bottom line for the Weirs anyway they will make their decision based on what basketball situation is best for Stan. While I wouldn't recommend that approach, I think it suits Stan fine as he is a very good student and the kid loves the game and wants to go as far as he can. In other words, basketball is extremely important in their decision making.

And if MIG is right, I hope Canisius and Jamestown square off next year. Would love to see Stan and Jaysean go at it.

I’d like to add my two cents in, on a variety of topics and I’d like to start with the most obvious, which everyone is buzzing about, which is the potential transfers of Wier and/or Taplin.

These are rumors and they may be legit rumors, but should treated as such. I have sources of my own and I assure you I will take advantage of them over the coming days, and when I get something concrete I’ll report something—not until then. I’ve learned that its far more important to be right than first, such as last week with my Greg Plumb story. We all heard he was leaving but that wasn’t ever confirmed, at least publicly, so I wanted to talk to either Greg himself or at least someone connected tight with Nichols.

Fortunately, Greg was willing to talk and as everyone knows (or should) by now, he’s leaving because he wants to start a family with his wife of two years, not because the Nichols basketball team stinks after winning a State title last year.
Now, regarding transfers of Taplin and Weir—from a personal standpoint I would have a problem with it. I think transfers from one WNY school to another should happen only in special circumstances. One of them could be being in a bad school or getting a raw deal from that school’s coach. I personally know of one very talented HS Junior who would love to be able to transfer, and for the RIGHT reasons, but is pretty much stuck, and shall remain nameless.

In the case of Sterling, he’s already the star on his team and that’s just as a freshmen. I don’t think he has a legit reason to leave (unless there is a rift with the school I don’t know about). If anything and I was a recruiter somewhere, I’d actually hold it against a kid who left a school he was the “man” at to go join a power. I want to see leadership out of the kid, Lord know he has the talent over the next three years to grow into a better player and make other guys around him better.

As for Stan, it’s tough to offer a strong opinion. Here’s the only thing I’d know as fact: This would be (if he transferred to Canisius) his fourth high school in four years. That, I do not like—at all. I don’t care how much he loves basketball and how important basketball is to his family, if I’m being honest being at a school, having stability and developing relationships and continuity should be priority number one. Stan is a good player, a very good player and from my dealings with him at Nichols, a pretty nice and well-spoken kid. Having said that, he’s not the next Lebron James or Kevin Garnett, stay in a school and get a good education. If he is indeed coming back, I think he should have to play at Nichols, but that’s just my opinion. Otherwise, leaving last year would seem like a manipulation of the system knowing Nichols was headed downwards.

Regardless whether its them or any kid, I think some of us lose the insight that at this level, education is the most important thing. Our high school years are the most informative and stick with us the longest in life, it’s far more important than basketball.

Plus TRUST me on this, when it comes to recruiting 95% of the time, playing on AAU and All Star teams is the top tool to get noticed before how you do in high school these days.

To touch to how it translates on the court: let’s for the sake of argument that both Weir and Taplin did join Canisius. Joining Matt Hart, Aaron White, Adam Weir, Paul MacDonald and others, that would make them the prohibitive favorite.

However, that doesn’t make them a lock by any means. There’s only one basketball and with the exception of White (who I like as a PG) and doesn’t care about scoring, that’s a lot of shooters on one team. However, and don’t get me wrong Canisius could very well have developed a few big men at JV I didn’t get to see much, I don’t see a lot of rebounding,
Championships are won and lost and team dominate at HS level because of the BIGS. For all the talent Canisius had this year (and it was a lot) they do NOT beat St. Joe’s in the Manhattan Cup if Gordon Lyons (22 rebounds) isn’t a beast down low. Conversely, and this is just opinion, I don’t think St. Joe’s losses that game if Reggie Agbeko is 100% either.

It doesn’t stop there: Jaysean Paige scores 24 points but Jamestown doesn’t beat Niagara Falls last Saturday if Chris Carlson doesn’t do a great job on Jordan Street and Darin Butts doesn’t get a lot of rebounds.

Speaking of Falls, they spent virtually all season ranked No. 1 but I don’t think they even have a top 12 on the perimeter after Street, Feagin and Crumpton down low. Not always, but more often than not the team with the better BIGS will beat a team of better shooters (ask Timon about that)

I’m not saying one or both players transfer or don’t, and I’m not saying Canisius won’t be dominant if they do, I’m saying games aren’t won on paper. With the players in place at Canisius currently, I actually see it being a potential problem. Nichols won all those games not because they had elite talent (after Regan), they won because they had a mix of shooters, rebounders, defenders and team chemistry. NO one (outside maybe Wier) cared if they scored 22 points or 6 points any night.. I don’t see that with Canisius’ current team plus additions of Weir and Taplin.
For the record, I don’t know Stan well and certainly have nothing against him personally. I have spent time with Sterling and he’s a very good kid. I just think both, and especially Sterling, should stay where they are.

Having said that, I’m not blind to certain facts. I know there is under-the-table recruiting that goes on in HS Hoops and WNY is no exception. I just don’t like the reasoning behind this potential match(s) because at least on the surface, there seems no motivation here other than to have one all-star team. I also know there are very few coaches in WNY that will say no to talent like Taplin and Wier.

From a “fan” aspect, I prefer a bunch of great players spread out rather than 1-2 great teams—but that’s just me.

Yo Schunk I don't want to be a coach and don't go to any of your games. Actually like to watch a coach that doesn't just throw the ball out and say run. Maybe if you would have given me and some other mores PT on those teams you wouldn't have put yourself in a situation that led to those two losses with teams that had way more talent those years. Both losses were brutal.

Quite off-topic here....but I'd thought I'd throw this out there since many more high school fans comment here than on the News' site.

Some of the schools have their 2011 football schedules published and the one big Week 1 game that jumps out at me is OP @ KW. Could be a possible Ralph preview.

Also, I sort of got a feel for how the divisions are split up...AA North will be Lockport, KW, N-W, Falls, Riverside and Tech. There are only 10 schools in AA if you go by the +1000 cut-off, but only four of them would be North teams, so Tech and Riverside remain in AA North. However, I believe Bennett will move out of AA South, as the core six teams in that division, OP, WSW, Jamestown, Clarence, Lancaster and Frontier, all remain. So there will be just 12 teams in AA.

Thus, there will be 16 teams in class A. That could make for a mess, as I know for a fact not all teams in A will play seven league games(i.e., Ken East who I know for a fact will still play KW). There could also be some odd division splits, as Wil. South, Wil East, McKinley and Amherst could either go to the North or South. Also, by my count, class B will have 18 teams, so three divisions of 6 teams again.

Basketball only on this blog. It's 'Center Court' not 'Center 50 yard line'

typical tml1000, whats next...softball updates?

What ever happened to Paul Schnitzius? I know a the beginning of the year it was mentioned that he wouldn't be the coach at Sweet Home but it seemed pretty odd to me and it was never really talked about. To me, it seemed as if he was a player and fan favorite at the school and everyone spoke very highly of him.

Also it seems a bit odd that Coach Plumb is leaving Nichols after he did some nice recruiting in getting a couple stud players from City Honors middle school who played on the JV team over there. It seems like Nichols is heading in the right direction.

"StateChamp".... Plumb told me last week that his focus is on starting a family with his wife. He will remain on the Nichols staff as a science teacher, and he coaches middle school because they practice during school hours. He said the schedule for varsity was too grueling to be able to start a family.

look up...i told ya'll that Schnitz would be coaching an MMA school next year. i didnt think it was nichols though. i thought it was St. Marys

Looks a little something like the NBA -- even the stars want to get together in an attempt to form teams that, on paper, would seem to dominate. It's a factor of the AAU generations: Players from different high schools know each other, they even play with each other, and they want to get together because "We would dominate."

It's funny, because the 2009-10 Nichols team, taken as individuals, just did not blow you away with their skills. Even Regan wasn't someone who, if you saw him shooting and playing around in the gym, was someone you looked at and said, "Yeah, he's ACC for sure."

They were a special TEAM, whose members played and trained together for years. They had the cohesion and spirit needed to achieve winning the Fed Cup.

Stan Weir 'played and trained' with with the other Nichols players 4 years? Really? Did Connor Van Degrif 'play and train' with the guys 4 years? Weren't they on East Aurora and Roy Hart?

First of all 'Hoopsview' it's an insult 2 Hoopster 2 use a name that close 2 his so change it. Second u literally just disproved the point u were trying 2 make with your OWN sentence! If anything after reading your post Stan and Taplin may have already enrolled at Canisius.

You know it....softball is on the way. Although I won't litter CC's site with all that chatter.

Patrick Moran - Well that's pretty darn good reason to step away from the game for a bit. Hopefully he can get back into varsity at some point as he was one of the better coaches around in WNY.

MiG,- I'm sure you didn't intend it this way but your starting and spreading of the 'rumor' about Stan (at least) is irresponsible and will now serve only to heap unfair criticism on him and his dad, not based on any fact.

Read my post 'lucky' 13 I said ONE of the 2 didn't say which 1. And yeah u r right, nobody but me has ever talked about Stan coming back 2 the area. Much less guessed where he might end eup. I would like 2 c him back in the section and I think superpower teams that win State titles r good 4 the area. No offense 2 CC but I am pretty sure Stan and his Dad have other things going on in life than 2 spend much time worrying about what 'MIG' or any1 else is discussing in a blog.

Stan at Canisius would b great! Except 4 Joe's!

I did read your post. It's obvious the one that you describe as a VERY VERY real possibility is about Sterling, that's why I said your rumor about Stan is irresponsible.


Stan at Joe's would be great,too. Kelly,Agbeko,Wier! Except for Canisius.

He could move to Jamestown and play with Paige and T.Campion,too. That sounds like a pretty good big three!

Other than Keith and CC, not sure there is anyone who skulks around local high school hoops more than MIG. Not sure where he gets his info, but I'm sure it is more than just a mere rumor. Of course I don't think that means in the least that either Stan or Sterling will go anywhere, but where they are now. I'm just glad Sterling has 3 more years to play so we can all enjoy watching him develop and play. By the way, spoke with a D1 college coach from one of the 6 power conferences a couple months back who said he saw Sterling play against some of the best players in his class and did extremely well. As for Stan, hope he returns. Where is immaterial as far as I'm concerned. Have read where he has had some impressive showings against some of the best prep teams/players in the country this year.

I am LMFAO reading this stuff. If this isn't the best 24 hour period in the history of this blog then I'm not sure what is. Good thing I had the day off!!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys sure are hung up on the names attached to these posts ... most of the Nichols players were together since they were freshmen, Weir was the exception. Would Nichols have been so successful in 09-10 without that nucleus of seniors? That was all I was getting at.

Taplin and Schnitzius are attached as a package deal. Both will be at st marys next year.

the bottom line is that no one will know where Stan will be until the first week of September...so all you hoop heads can scurry around the local high schools on September 6th to see where he shows up...leave him and his family alone to make a decision.

MiG himself just said that he is the only one who has ever talked about Stan coming back. It is a rumor.

Not trying to be contentious, just saying...

And if the reason a kid goes to prep school is to play against better competition and a national schedule and improve his game and is having impressive showings against some of the best prep teams/players in the country, how would it serve his interest to take a step back for his senior year?

I'm not taking anything away from MiG, here.

No I totally get what u r saying. I will say it again I would LOVE 2 c Stan at Canisius next year. Or Joe's! I wouldn't even put it past me 2 try and put that idea in someone's head. I think it would be great 4 the area to have another Nichols type team next year.

As far as a personal choice - playing near your home 4 your senior year on a team that COULD play a VERY good schedule might not b a bad choice. Obviously up 2 him and his Dad. I hope they do come back, and I have heard - NOT from his Dad - that it IS possible.

Love the Hollywood and Guilo stuff let's get back 2 that. CC if u r not working on a way 2 make money on this after today not sure what u r waiting on!

Lucky my friend, you hit on a very good point/question, the WHY of it all. Personally, and I think everyone agrees with this even though they might personally do things differently, is that it's really up to the kid and his parents to determine what's in his/their best interest. That's why I don't think any of us are justified in criticizing anyone in this situation. And to answer your question, a couple reasons come to mind, wanting to be with his family(the Weirs are as close and tight as any I know) for his senior year and secondly it could well be that he has a bunch of scholarship offers already in hand(know he had several at the end of the 10 school year) and figures he'll get the exposure he needs this summer playing AAU ball.

To change gears....kind of shocked nobody has brought this up, most likely cause they lost. Marcus Feagan was a fifth year senior this year and should not have been eligable to play at all. You will see this play out soon. Too bad for Sal, his first year record will end up 0-19. Playoff games after the first one won't count.

I'll agreee on one thing.. If either is transferring it won't be confirmed by either while the school year is still going on.

Go Pine Valley and I-Prep. Holland for POY. It is their post, after all!

How much longer are we going to keep it up with the rumor mill? I feel like I'm reading a hot stove report.

Well I think you people need to pick it up a bit, so that CC can get his first 100 comment post! That's a very big milestone, so keep the hot stove heated.

Man, I remember when I had 100-comment posts. :-(

Rumor #1570: CC is very interesting in the vacant job at Nichols. He has already contacted the AD to express his interest but has only told some close confidants of his intentions. If he were to get the head job he will reportedly try and lure Keith McShea away from the News to be his JV Coach. Sean Bruso would be his pick for his top assistant while also hoping to find another assistant who has had experience with success that is looking to get back into the game such as old Hamburg coach PJ Cauley. Finally, he would bring Hoopster on staff as a senior consultant because he is so familiar with the ins and the outs of the Nichols program.

The catcher is this: CC already as an agreement with Taplin, Weir, and another current All-WNY junior to come to Nichols should he get the head job. I don't see how Nichols cannot give him the job. Look out for the Vikings in 2011!

What a heck of a staff that would be!

I am watching Fast Times at Ridgemont high...Charles Jefferson was asking 'where are my Earth, Wind, and Fire tickets - I'm taking my little brother'...when he walks away the kid with freckles says 'Man does he really live here? I thought he just flew in for games!'

Made me think of Reggie at Joe's! Now that he has gone back overseas!

I realize this has nothing to do with basketball...but in the spirit of trying to get to 100 posts....best line ever in a move just came on the movie 'MISTER IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP I'M GOING TO KICK 100 PERCENT OF YOUR ASS!'

Let's face facts wherever Stan Weir goes to high school is of little importance to him getting a college scholarship. Buffalo High School sports is not a major player in terms of sending kids to major colleges in either basketball or football. In a couple weeks the News will be releasing their all-WNY team. See where those kids are going. Nothing will jump out at you. How Stan does over the summer with his AAU team will determine what kind of offers he will get. It is just sad that the Wier family has moved Stan around that he hasn't gotten to enjoy the high school experience.

Pssst... I heard Keith and Lauren Mariacher are replacing Colin Cowherd and Michelle Beadle as co-hosts of SportsNation. Only thing is, they told Keith they want him to smile more. :-)

Guest2, STOP with the Reggie back in Africa posts, they're not true. Reggie is in school and doing well.
The St. Joe's Basketball community is looking forward to his cousin joining the team next year. There is alledged video of this 6' 3" super athlete jumping over the roof of a car to throw it down. I do mean alledged, I have'nt scene it but have heard from others who have. So, this possible transfer will strenghten St. Joes who has lost more kids to transfer over the last few years than they have gained.
Once again, the reason for a transfer is a family matter, but if it is only about playing time then the transfer is foolish. Where do you think the better educational opportunities exist, at St. Joe's or in Ghana? There is no doubt that the family here in the Buffalo area believe that basketball can be a vehicle to higher education but basketball is not the only reason the boy's are at and will be at St. Joe's.

See now Wayne (and MiG), that's exactly what I am referring to. Nothing personal, but you cannot assume that your last sentence is true.

Guest2,-looks like you might be experiencing your 'best line ever in a movie' if the St. Joe's people find out your name.!!!!!Hahahahaha!!!!!

Sorry, couldn't resist. (See way above and his back and forth with Jack for those who don't know what I'm referring to.)Only kidding.

I think we're pretty close to 90, if not over!


I will make it 95. I just want 2 say Hoopster is the best blogger ever. The mix of reason he gives us makes him the unofficial 'father' of us all on this blog.

Like Pauly said 2 Rocky - 'if I could come back as some1 else - I'd wanna come back as u! You're all heart rock!'.....as far as TML goes I will quote Ivan Drago 'If he dies - he dies'

Aaah, Prep Talk blog, don't be sad. Just think of this as your progeny and be proud. You're its' "Hoosier Daddy"!

Hoopster, You know the Wiers?

Yep Lucky. See my post above. They have a great family! With that said I have absolutely zero inside info. Of course if I did, wouldn't share it anyway unless I had an ok to do so. The only thing I know is what MIG is reporting, which several other knowledgeable local hoop fanatics have said they're hearing similar things. Perhaps they're all talking to each other hoping to generate a potential blockbuster move to Delaware Ave. And as a local hoop fan, I would love to see Stan return for his senior year. Think it would be fantastic.

I don't get many assists, not exactly my forte, but since this makes 99 I at least might get one here.

Let's finish out and enjoy the rest of this fine basketball season. there will be plenty to talk about for next year. Good luck to all teams still playing.there's your assist Jack, thanks.

Sorry Jack, you were whistled for a charge. This is only comment #92 under this post.

I think Jack traveled first.

Wayne Rooney - WNY isn't a hotbed for Division I basketball players? Are you crazy? Look at the past 10 years alone. Paul Harris and Jonny Flynn to Syracuse, Lazar Hayward to Marquette, Dave Mallon to St. Joseph's, Will Regan to Virginia, Blake McLimans to Michigan, Rodney Pierce to Rider and then UB and more.


Those sheets you've been putting up at all the venues must be working. The best kept secret in town (this site) is finally getting its just due. Glad to see your hard work is paying off. Spread the word that this is the place to be to find out about what is going on in high school basketball.

If we start the debate about top ten large schools or All WNY team going we could probably get at least another 50 to 100 hits.

Told you I wasn't very good at it.

State champs look at your list. Harris legit recruit, Flynn went to SU originally because of Harris but turned out to a star, Hayward went to Prep school before Marquette, Mallon bench player, Prep school for McLimans who rides the pine, Regan bench player on bad ACC team, Pierce nice career at UB.But you can't count UB as a big time school.

Wayne u r an idiot. Will is a FRESHMAN on the 8th seeded ACC team out of 12 LONG way 2 go b4 that book is written.


Was that a threat, MIG?

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