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Thursday, March 10, 2011


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Great to see my idol talking to some intelligent people on the radio this week.

On your advertisements creatively placed in the bathrooms at Buff State, it says come to this website for a team, game, and player analysis. Where is the player analysis?

Huge win for the Red Raiders. So proud of the boys, they played such a tough game tonight and came out on the right side after a crazy over time session.

Haha.. As the stature of CenterCourt grows, so shall the critics.

Hey thanks 2 Bulls Fan and Hoopster 4 the updates 2 me during the games. I guess what most everyone thought in the end. Our soon 2 b Large and Small school poll champions move on, the other 3 go down. I am looking forward 2 Glens next week. I am sure Jamestown is very excited first ever trip 2 Glens Falls. Too bad Albany CBA the best team outside of NYC in the State awaits I think.

Grover, I think has a great shot 2 come back with the overall title. Player of the year race is still up 4 grabs, which is great. Holland vs Paige it is down to 1 weekend.

Centercourt: Down 3, 5 seconds left, name the 10 or so guys you want shooting the rock? In other words, the 10 or so best shooters in wny this season

Regardless of what the write ups say, anyone who was at the game knows that Butts' defense on Heath won Jamestown the game. He consistently fronted and face-guarded the big man in the second half and created numerous turnovers.

Paige will still get all the press, but to me, Butts was the MVP of the last two and two biggest games of the year for Jamestown. There is no way he can be left off of the first team now and is arguably just as valuable to his team as Paige.

A very good game to finish off the day. East sure had their chances against Aquinas, with whom I was really not that impressed. They hit shots when they needed to, but didn't really do anything great. East took a TON of poor shots in the second half. Fisher was getting to the rim nicely but just didn't drive enough. The foul trouble on their big men didn't help either. Is it just me or do a lot of players 6'6+ complain and whine a lot? Valenti was complaining after mostly every call that went against his team. Crawford and Pardner won the game for Aquinas, in my opinion, with their energy...Baron and Valenti didn't do that much, especially with their size.

Advertisement -

That's a very fair question.

The advertisements for this blog that you saw at Buffalo State were given to me by Mr. Greco. In December, he took it upon himself to create the ad for me. He designed every part of it and made numerous copies for me to distribute. It was all an act of generosity and he wouldn't accept anything for doing it. I think he did a fantastic job and I appreciated it emensely.

Promoting this site has been aided by coaches sharing the link, Patrick Moran of BSD, John Moriello of the NYSSWA, and Phil Abel of Section V making a link available on their sites, announcements during games, appearances on WGR and WECK, word of mouth, and of course, the ads I displayed during the postseason. In short, I'm doing what I can to gain an participation within the means I have.

Everything that the ad says is contained within this site. "Team, game, and player analysis. Easy to use comment section." All of those things have certainly been provided at different points since this blog's inception in November. Many times, some of the best analysis comes from others in the comments section. Also, I chime in on the conversation when I feel compelled, as I did last week when a players performance was being trivialized.

If you're looking for a weekly feature where I critique the performance of the players, you won't find that. I have no background in journalism and do the best I can to promote high school basketball in WNY and give coaches, parents, players, and other fans like myself, a forum during the hoops season.

In a few weeks, I'll release my version of All-WNY, POY, and COY. I hope my long-winded answer helps.

Down three with five seconds on the clock, I'm hoping I have one of these guys to take the shot:

Blair Estarfaa
Connor Rehbaum
Matt Hart
Tremmell Fisher
Jaysean Paige
Joe Licata
Jordan Williams
Dondre Alexander
Maurice Miles
Andre Jackson

Centercourt, I appreciate the long winded answer. By no means was I trying to be a jerk, I was just curious and wondering if I was missing something as I am new to this site. I liked that question posed about the 3 pt shots, so heres a different one.
Up 2 with 5 seconds left and the other teams best player is a 1, 2 or 3, which 10 or so guys do you want defending?

CC, are you going to do some HM all WNY as well?

CC, i think you are missing the love for Funk over at Clarence. I hear he is going to Canisuis to play. How many other D 1 guys are out there?

An open question to anyone who cares to answer. Subject: Post season individual awards.
It seems that performances in the post season carry much more weight toward individual awards than the body of work during the regular season, if true, than why, considering that all major pro sports as well as college sports choose their awards based on the regular season?

SelectionSunday, who do you think will be harmed with the News choosing their All WNY teams based on an entire season of play?? These questions come up every year by people who feel that their kid/son/player should somehow be recognized more so than kids who had a great year capped off by a great run in the post season.

And to answer your question, that's the way the News has always done it. At least this year you'll have the All WNY Center Court team to compare.

I'm sure Funk will be a walk on. So was a big kid from St. Joe's a few years ago. Don't think he was even honorable mention.

How about Dave Barnett from East Aurora though? He was decent at East Aurora, but nothing terribly special. He went to UB as a walk on and earned a scholarship because he's played very well there. Hope Funk does as well.

Does anyone known if any of this weekends past games will be broadcast on Time Warner this week ?

Thanks for the response, not knowing how the process works, the chatter on the sight and at the playoff venues got me thinking about how the selection process takes place, which is why the question has been asked.
No one has been chosen, so no one has been slighted. Just curious by why a playoff run means more. Teams that make deep playoff runs rarely have a weak link among their starting 5, and get great contributions from the bench, which leads to deep playoff runs, which leads to more exposure.
Worthy canidates from teams who make early exists often overcome a weakness in their line-up and lead their teams to a succesful regular season. Their efforts deserve equal consideration.
The regular season should not mean less than the playoffs, just as it is at higher levels of competition.

More end of game shot takers: Taplin,Edwards(Fron.),both Campions,Plonka(Lanc.),Hill(Clar.).

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