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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


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Has a league ever seen such a dramatic fluctuation from one year to a following year such as ECIC 1? Last year they league top to bottom was very strong, this year I don't think any of the teams will be better than what Jamestown, North, and Lancaster were last year.

looking back on the NF-Canisius game from last year, NF had a huge advantage down low. NF graduated 2/3rds of that advantage and the replacements aren't nearly as effective from what I've seen so far.Crumpton seems to be on his own. Although Canisius does not have an equal to Lyons either, but I think White is the equal or very close to Nevins. I believe Canisius would be much more capable of handling NF this year, unfortunately they don't play

Hey TML wanna re think that Ken West will beat Falls post? Scoring 2 points over an 8 minute span like they did against Canisius won't get it done. I think so far w Falls only beating Timon by 1 at home and Canisius crushing Ken West by almost 30 - and yes I know it was 'close' at half - on a semi neutral court gives Canisius a big edge in the final poll. Olean Mary's was a great game. I really wanna thank Dan Gill 4 that coaches room in his office area. Seriously it is AWESOME! I will vote St Mary's 3 spots higher than they deserve every poll all year. That was GREAT!!!

PS - I must admit after 2.5 weeks of the year I miss J Paige. We just don't have a guy that good this year 2 watch. Damn that Sal!

Never said theyll beat NF.....its not even worth posting critically on here...I did that on the blog. Whatever you take away from that, you take away. Yea....its pretty clear Canisius is the best team in the area.

MiG,...r u on a mission 2 get coaches in trouble?

How come I can't get stats on any game besides like the 3 featured on the original scrolling bar on the news' website?

Keith has been saying they're having a problem getting that working. They are usually on there the next day.

After watching last night's action at St. Mary's, I can see Olean and Canisius not only staying at the top of the polls all of this season, but next year as well too.

I hadn't seen Olean before last night, and man they can play well. The scariest part is NONE of their big contributors are seniors, and Bathurst and Ecstrom are only sophomores. That team is going to be very good for a while.

Canisius just looks (to me) in a class by themselves right now. They are so fundamentally sound, pass the ball excellent, play strong defense and have big guys who may not score well, but can rebound effectively. Adam Weir is someone who's really stepped up to become one of the best players in this area.

And with Weir, Aaron White and MacDonald all underclassmen, they are going to be just as, if not stronger next year too.

Last year was an aberration. Olean is always excellent challenging for the sectional crown at least and usually more. I would be surprised if Canisius runs the table in the MMA, WNY's most competitive and toughest league.

Ya I agree don't c Canisius going unbeaten. Do think they have a great shot 2 get 2 the State Catholic final this year. No Long Island Catholic team even ranked in the State 2 start the year unike St Mary's last year, who lost everyone. Looks like Iona Prep-Canisius 2 c who gets 2 Glens and the Fed.

FINALLY State movied Luthern up 2 AA on the AIS side...c they decided 2 keep FOUR TIME defending champ Collegiate-who returns everyone-as the AIS B which is a total joke. They should have been moved 2 A.

NY Post says Long Island Lutheran was not allowed to move up. They are staying where they were last year.

Yes u r correct in the State poll we had them as a Top 5 AA but their association then said they would not b 'allowed' 2 move up. So we have 2 rank them as an A now. It's a DISGRACE that Luthern who has won 2 of the last 3 B Feds (1 year KILLING Jamesville Dewitt-some of u have heard of them) and Collegiate who has won FOUR STRAIGHT B Fed's r not moving 2 AA and A. Makes the Fed sort of a joke 2 b honest.

BTW Great job on the smatterings CC. However yes I will give u a team - Canisius - that would beat Olean besides Falls. U seem 2 b in love w Falls despite the fact everyone else seems 2 agree Canisius is the best team in WNY. Or maybe u just meant 2 say Canisius....what game r we going 2 later 2nite?!

I said team in Section VI, not WNY, and was careful to word it that way.

I'll explain the difference later.

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