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Thursday, December 15, 2011


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Who's in the tourn. at Jamestown tonight and tomorrow?

Jamestown v. Fredonia

Wil. South v. Bennett

After seeing Olean for the first time the other day at St Marys, I suspect it won't be long before people stop talking about how young they are and just focus on how good they are. Having said that it was impressive how many quality minutes they received from so many young players, its not one or two but five or six very good underclassmen. They were not in the least flustered by anything St Marys (a well coached solid team in their own right) did.

Thanks TML.

CC,"Confidently" is the tricky word but I think a lot of people would feel that Jamestown would beat Olean right now and a smaller number might even include McKinley,Riverside and Ken.West.

Jamestown/Olean would likely be a very good game...being that they are close to one another, it is a shame they do not play...too bad Olean couldn't fit into the tournament this weekend, that would make it a solid group of four...Fredonia is just overmatched as we saw last year.

We already saw what Olean did to East...the three you mention are all more athletic across the board than East. I think the lack of depth and size for Riverside would be a problem against Olean. I think McKinley and KW would have close games...McKinley has a very deep and of course very quick roster, while KW is also very athletic and has some size...Eckstrom/Campbell would be interesting.

That said, I'd still take Olean over both at this point due to coaching and shot selection.

Bennett already lost to EA by 14, I think it was, so it will be interesting to see how they play W.So.

For what it's worth, because scrimmages and summer team camp games are suspect:

Jamestown pretty much handled Olean in a November scrimmage because the Red Raiders literally made 25 or more threes. They did not miss that night. Olean had the edge inside because of Eckstrom.

Some might remember that Olean beat Ken West in a rough team camp game at St. Bonaventure in July. If Campbell was KW's top big man to play in that game, Eckstrom held him to 4 points, while scoring 12 or so himself. Neither Bathurst nor Portlow played for Olean in that game, either -- and both are difference makers.

It's my opinion that Olean/Jamestown could go either way, but Olean would beat KW relatively easily ... but that's why you gotta play.

What the smatter? This this smatter.

This smatter was HOT. Definitely hotter than medium. Did radio Raja say something about mild wings? A wing contest with mild wings? That would b like a modified game. Big dawgs like McShay and the little lady from GI girls hoop skwad, they be on the varsity. I'm on JV. Wing like and hoops like, actually. But yo I was glad you mentioned that because I saw him swoop in there and start chowin up on some wings. Right after contest! that's a copule of blocks aroudn teh corner from dumpsta divin! WhuhT! ...

Other favorite thing on dis blog early on wuz how the dead horse talked to the blogger dude. Mr. Ed said stop beatin' me! That was almost funnier than the wing swipe by Raja double-U. Almos.

C-I-G is O-U=T.

Gotta say cool trip w CC down 2 Maple Grove 2nite. Always wanted 2 c a game there. Great small town gym and love the State Title banners and pictures. Maple Grove played VERY good 'team' defense and is a 'well drilled' team. Don't b shocked if they pull off an upset at Buff State Tuesday March 6 and beat Middle College or I Prep in the Overall C final. BTW GREAT PIZZA slices at Maple Grove.

Did Canisius win today?

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