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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


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Willy East might have won 10 straight but look who they have beat. They might have a better record but they are not better than North and already lost to them. I think EA, Amherst, Frontier are all better too. Still can't beleive they beat Clarence. Def the most overated team in the top 10.

Good job by CC on his ballot. U certainly can make a case 4 Joe's at 3. I still think Jamestown and Timon r better. Though Timon/Joe's 2 me is a tie.

However I don't get CC's love affair w Depew I think Dunkirk should b in the Top 10 ahead of them they lost 1 game 2 Olean and it was close. I realize they play a lame scheudle but I think ECIC 3 is really bad this year.

Glad 2 hear Pat is ok. Friday has 2 b KILLING CC that he can only do 1 game I think there r like 6 he wants 2 b at! Can he clone himself???

What kills me is that just a week earlier, Lockport @ Ken West looked like the best game on a Friday, and a week later there are so many quality games.

There's no love affair with Depew. Like East, they are a small school in a large school league. They have a signature home win against St. Mary's, while East has a signature home win against Riverside. I think St. Mary's would beat Riverside.

Jamestown & Timon may be better than Joe's. There's really no way to know for sure right now. Lots of answers in the coming weeks.

Anyone know what time the Walsh v. Canisius game is tomorrow at Canisius?

Wny hoops it's at. 6:30

halftime nc up 2 on st. joes

Wow nc must be ready to play .......big surprise they can stay with joes

I think I might have to stop and watch that game. Looking forward to seeing Whepley play and of course Canisius. Between Walsh and Olean High, the Olean area is quite the basketball breeding ground.

st. joes won by double digits

St. Mary's wins 73 -71. They shot amazing tonight. They couldn't miss. They had 10 team threes.

Ultra impressive effort by St. Mary's tonight to defeat Timon. They shot brilliant over the last three quarters and flat-out wanted it more than Timon, winning the loose ball battles and hustling for rebounds. The Lancers have been on the verge of a big-time upset all season long and absolutely deserved to walk out of South Buffalo winners Tuesday.

Fun game and environment to watch. Timon in many ways were exposed as a very poor outside shooting team other than Williams and Kobis. I still think the Tigers got as much talent as anybody to win, but if they want to go anywhere come postseason crunch time they better get a heck of a lot more from Bryant Fulton and Ryan Dougherty. They were complete non-factors tonight.

In fact, Kobis, Williams and DiMillo Gibbs scored all but 8 of Timon's 71 points.

Meanwhile, Reddin and Simmons were beasts for Mary's, and they got a much more complete game from the castmates Tuesday, whether it came via scoring, passes or key hustle plays. That's a sign of really strong coaching.

My unsung hero award for the game goes to ST. Mary's Nicc Johnson, who hit a pair of huge three-pointers in the third quarter.

Nothing should be taken for granted in the top half of the MMA this year. Let this serve as proof.

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