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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


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CC - LIke the comment next to 'East'. Funny because it's so true.

I thnk it's crazy that Jamestown was not #1 in the Buff News poll this week. They have been KILLING teams all year and they lost 1 game all year 2 a team ranked #2 in the State. They were in the State final last year. No respect. If I had a vote I would have gone Jamestown, Timon, Joe's, Canisius, McKinley, Falls, K West....Timon lost at Joe's who seems 2 play ever game at home in OT and crushed B Kearney who crused Joe's. And losing by 3 at Falls is basically a win on a neutral court. It's funny they honor the coach but don't give him the respect in the polls. So again just shocked Jamestown was not #1 in the poll this week. I plan on having a smoke w Pat Moran 2 c what he thinks about Timon getting screwed out of #2 after crushing Kearney a team Joe's lost 2.

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