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Friday, January 20, 2012


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Where you going tonight CC? I'll be @ the old Wilson Junior High gym, errr I mean at CSAT watching the Lakemen play.

ECiC III talk is always about East Aurora and Depew. Not much mention of Amherst, I guess you have your favorites. Even though Amherst beat Depew but not EA.
It's easy enough to focus on teams that have better records from last year...guess you may have to learn how to spell some new names before this season is over.

Tonight's lineup of games is pretty underwhelming for a Friday night in the middle of January.

The one that I think has the most potential is Lockport @ Kenmore West at 7 pm. Lockport had size inside, a shooter in Diantre Cullens, and now has Sean Allen on the team to handle the ball. Allen was not with the team for the first meeting between the two that KW won 70-57 at Lockport.

KW has only lost two games this year, to the top two teams in WNY. I'm interested to see if KW can back up the number seven large school poll vote I've been giving them.

I'll start at either Wilson/CSAT or Holland/Tonawanda. Right now, I'm leaning towards going to Tonawanda. That game gives me a chance to see Jesse Lalka again and possibly the last time I'll ever see Holland's Jordan Farrant.

CSAT could be a trap game for Wilson - lots of talent and a tough place to play, but Barker was able to win there and Wilson has never lost there. In fact, CSAT has never gotten closer than within 17 points of the Lakemen.

One of the Nichols freshman has transfered out reportedly to Niagara catholic.

Expect a good game today @ Joe's. Unfortunately not in town, so if anyone is going would appreciate some real time reports. Thanks.

How packed was the Joes gym? Could anybody get in after halftime? I listened to most of 2nd half on broadcast, but was out earlier and wanted to then drop by before going home but had no idea how far along game was or how crowded or how far away I would have to park. Now , I'm dying to know.

great wins for canisius and joes,mm will be alot of fun for next few weeks. glad to hear pat moran feeling better, read about his illness. now the season gets fun.

First things first! Hadn't read nor heard Pat Moran was ill. Best wishes for a quick return to excellent health Pat!!!

Congrats to St. Joe's on a marvelous win! Really makes things intewresting going forward now that they shown they deserve to be mentioned among the best in WNY. The MMA should be a real horse race, which is when the league is at its best,

D1 thanks for the updates!! Much appreciated!!

Looks like I missed quite a weekend...two huge MMA wins and a good slate of Friday action. Unfortunately the two NBA games I went to, Sixers/Hawks and Nets/OKC were both duds. This coming week is a little light on games...Timon/Marys should be good on Tuesday...Friday has a pretty good slate.

article on scout.com says paige is getting interest from moorehead st.,tenn. tech and marshall according to is hs coach, he could of gottten that back here in jamestown

Hoopster not a problem on the updates. Very exciting game; both teams made the kind of defensive commitment I would like to see more WNY teams make.

CC I made the second and third quarter of the St Joes game after the Canisius game. Glad I stopped by, St Joes was the better team during the time I was there. AQ didn't handle the SJCI defense very well (triangle and two on White and Valenti). SJCI seemed like a team with something to prove and AQ wasn't able to match their intensity. Nice wins, for both SJCI and Canisius. Still feel Canisius is a better team but not sure that they have any answer for Reggie down low should make things interesting.

Guest, Nichols Freshman dropped out, couldn't keep up in the classroom. Washington will help that team out more than him next year anyways

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