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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


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St Mary's is legitimate and can play with the big three on any given day.

On a side note Canisius beat Walsh handily tonight.

Canisius did have a tough time in the first half, but then Weir, Hart, and MacDonald finally got it going. It's unfortunate that Whelpley plays on a team with not much talent around him. Anyone know if any schools are looking at him?

Not 2 b a jerk WT716 but u could NOT have been at the game. Canisius was up BIG at half and Hart and Weir at half had a combined 20 POINTS! So 2 say that 'they had a tough first half but Weir and Hart finally got it going' is a dumb statement. They had 20 combined points at half and were up by 15...so WT716 u need 2 go 2 games if u r going 2 post on them.

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