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Thursday, January 26, 2012


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CC-Nice job. Thanks for the update.

Davon Marshall is at Monroe Community in NYC...one of the best JUCO teams in the nation and he is leading them in scoring. He's getting looks from some mid-major D-1's. Gazette just did a piece on him very recently.

Thanks for the public service CC. Seems like we get an idea every year where our high school favorites go then they're, but for close family and friends, are soon left to the WNY scrap books not to be heard from again. Hopefully local hoop fans can keep us all up to date how our WNY alums are doing at the next "level" by using your blog. Thanks to TML on Davon! Nice to hear especially since he is such a great kid.

How about Blair Helton? Last I heard he was at Hobart, but decided to transfer. Anyone?

Want to add a couple of names: Sam Moore (2008) and Alex Moore (2010) from Olean both play for DII Edinboro University in Edinboro, Pa. They went there from DIII Pitt-Bradford, Pa. after their dad, Andy Moore (he's coaching Walsh right now), lost his job.

Sam is a starter and Alex appears to be the sixth man.

A few more:
Josh Parker Sweet Home Alfred U
Ron Canestro Nichols RIT
Jake Fladd Frontier Nazereth
Dominique Kendrik Jamestown Nazereth
Abe Miller City Honors Geneseo
Julius Bryant Hutch Tech Fredonia
Amir Billups Starpoint Fredonia

A couple more, Darin Butts-Alfred State, and Fletcher Larson-Youngstown St.

formerly wearing Red and Green...

Dan McFarland (St. Mary's) - Hilbert College

Congratulations Dan McFarland on reaching the 1,000 point milestone at Hilbert.

I didnt see Larson when YSU came into town earlier...he wasnt dressed at least. Is he redshirting?

Larson did redshirt this season.

Seeing we are giving shout outs... how about some love for D'Youville's (and Grover Cleveland's) Raysean Johnson, who reached the 1000 point mark last Saturday? He has also broken the school single game scoring record, have broken the 30 point mark five times and has been in the top 10 scorers nationally all season. D'Youville seems to be in another time zone as far as publicity goes.


this lizzle is the dizzle. Just missed me by a year or six.


Fletcher Larson redshirted last season. This year, he is averaging 1.0 ppg and 1.4 rpg in 7.1 mpg. Not great stats, but I'm impressed that he is getting a few minutes each game. Even now in the midst of conference play, he is getting some minutes.

Nice catch. I found this article from December that made it sound like it was this season.


Oh I see what you mean CC. It sounds deceiving because they always say red-shirt in front of whatever year the player is, whether they've already red-shirted or are currently red-shirting.

Look at all those locals for NCCC who play Monroe tomorrow at 3 at home. See you there. Great work CC!

Thanks Tripp. Any updates on one of my all-time favorites, Robbie Seyler?

Great HS and career, and a star aty NCCC. I had him on my 2nd team in 2009 (News had him on 4th team).

Ronnie C has recently been inserted into the RIT starting line up.

Mark Coppola is doing extremely well at Daemen. He averages nearly 6 assists a game ranks #4 in NAIA D2 total assists and #6 in assists/game. Aaron Davis is sitting out this year with a lingering achilles injury. Daemen is just outside the top 25 having played a top schedule.

Heard this morning that Blair Helton transferred from Hobart after having a successful year and is now at Buff State.

Anyone hear how Nevins is doing in Utica?

Utica sits at 6-14 overall. Aaron has started every game and is averaging 8.1 ppg, 4 apg and only shooting %51 from the FT line.

Reginald Martin from O'Hara and Jerome Hunter from Buffalo Arts both play Division 1 at Alabama A&M.

On Saturday NFHS Marcus Feagin, now MCC..treated Niagara County to the same alley oop slam that he caught on Joes last year. What an athlete! Thunderwolves came away the victors being paced by Hughes and Vandegriff.

Seyler transfered from Walsh and is in thqje process of finding the next school to go to.

NCCC @ ECC today 3 p.m.

Saw Darale Young(OTC) lead ECC with 28 yesterday. He had 21 on Thurs. night. Before that he had not been playing as much and was avg. under 5. Uche and (Eyi)mofee loads of fun to watch throwing it down.



Speaking of which: these might have been missed by some if they don't check out the college page regularly.



Nevins was named Rookie of the year for the Empire 8 and East Region
Averaged 10.1 pts, 5apg

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