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Sunday, January 22, 2012


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Do you have a prediction for the Canisius Joes game?

Canisius by 30. Aquanis was missing their best player he was at the Notre Dame-Syracuse game visting that weekend. Canisius will have all 10 votes in the poll on Tuesday now.

That is a great point. I'm glad you brought that up. Jarron Jones is not only their best player this year, but probably all time. Had he played, Aquinas wins by 27 easily. He could go straight to the NBA but rules won't allow it. I think you give St. Joe's way too much credit though.

Canisius by 53

is it true big kid didnt play?

Matt H, you are joking right? Jarron Jones is a good player but he is not the best on the team. He is a football player on a basketball team. I would put Valenti, White, and Jahmahl Pardner (the kid going to Pitt for football) all above Jones.

kyron allen and xavier major both better basketball players than jones. big guy just a role player that comes off the bench. he aint the reason aquinas had canisius down 20 in the 4th or the reason joes won.

Immediately after the St. Joes game, an Aquinas fan walked up to me and said very well played game BUT Aquinas was missing a starter in Jarron Jones. I simply said that's interesting since St. Joes was missing a starter in Jaylen Morris. Hmmmm

I see Ken-West and Niagara Falls will be going at it this Friday. Should be a good battle between their big men, Campbell and Crumpton. It will be a show down as to which player can stand in the 3 second lane the longest without getting called for it. The NFL refs seem to have forgot that it is a violation. I haven't seen one called yet. Either they don't know the rule or choose to ignore it, which I think is the latter. It is a shame and unfair to the rest of the league. The people in charge of the officials should be watching this lack of enforcing the rules for these two gentlemen.

Truth, when I was in college (oh so many years ago) I worked for the sports information office and, at home basketball games, manned the press table as a stats runner. Behind us in the stands, guys would constantly be yelling "3 seconds!! Call 3 seconds!!" like it was the only rule they knew.

In reality, good refs do not mentally count down: 3, 2, WHISTLE FOR THREE SECONDS!! They hit a 4-count, maybe even 5 before blowing the whistle. A good ref gives the big man a chance, if he doesn't get a look from his guard, to step out of lane on his own without disrupting play.

In today's guard/swing-oriented game, give the big men a break. Coaches and college basketball fans are always lamenting the breakdown and loss of traditional, fundamental play. Well, the post position is becoming a lost art as big men have to beg for the ball from guards who can barely execute a competent entry pass.

It's little wonder they get caught lingering in the lane a time or two.

Use, understand your point regarding the refs not calling it immediately. Makes sense. Problem is: they never "do" get caught lingering in the lane a time or two, even when it is past 5 seconds. As to not getting the ball, maybe if they actually moved in and out, the ball would be passed to them in an open spot created by their own movement. When these gentlemen play in college, they will never see the ball if they just stand in the lane.

Truth just as an fyi, those "NFL" refs are the same ones used in ECIC, city, MMA, etc. There aren't refs specific to the NFL. And could not agree more with the sentiment of Use Ya Left regarding obnoxious fans yelling 3 seconds all game. It really has nothing to do with legit big men either. Anyone playing near the basket is often violating this rule. If a ref wanted to, he could call 3 secs 25 times a game. If you watch a game obsessed with the 3 sec rule then your missing a lot of good game action. And even if the two players you single out for what ever reason were called every single time they lingered in the lane, NF would still win that league and KW would still finish 2nd.

Hey Leftie!! You need to be a more frequent contributor! Beside the excellent writing, your points are well taken and made.

There are some obvious things refs don't call and occasionally for excellent reasons. Regarding the 3 second call good refs may not be visibly counting 1...2...3..., but they should be aware of someone who is in the paint a little long and should be vocal telling them to get out of the lane just like trying to get the big fellas from knocking the bejeeesus out of each other before giving a short blast on their Fox 40. And any call must be made with the thought of whether the violation/contact gave one team/player and advantage or put another player/team at a disadvantage. Before I retired my whistle some years ago, there was a play where I didn't make a foul call on contact near half court as a player was being fouled trying to make a pass up court. The coach was all over me, but when I approached him heading back down court I said to him what did you want the non-shooting foul at centercourt or the uncontested lay-up for two. He then realized that it was a good no call and was thankful I didn't blow the whistle.

Hoopfan: From the games I have seen, no argument from me that NF and KW will finish 1 and 2 regardless of the 3 second rule. I know the call could be made on probably any team on the court, several times a game, if the the refs wanted to. My issue: I don't need to see 25 3 second calls,but even just ONE (1) would be nice to send a message to stay out. You know how you shut up those obnoxious fans-make the call occasionally when it is warranted. No more, no less. Ignoring it is plain wrong. And I personally don't watch a game obsessed with 3 secs, but it is getting so darn obvious. I guess the 3 second call has gone the way of not calling the numerous reaching in/contact and hacks that are allowed to go on without a whistle.

Many of those same people yelling 3 sec. also don't realize that the time allotted in the lane starts over every time a shot is taken.

"a short blast on their Fox 40." Nice.


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