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Sunday, January 29, 2012


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Timon will show us who they really are this week vs. maybe the top 2 in WNY

I know you don't want to feel biased, but really, you're passing up Wilson @ Newfane as your game of the week? Wow. Honestly, you know that Olean will defeat Dunkirk by more than 15 at home.

Currently, Newfane is playing their best basketball of the season and after they bury Royhart Tuesday they will be primed and ready for the Lakemen.

I can't look any further than tonight for the game of the week.

I concur with "TheDude" about Timon and that this week will show everyone who they really are. They got Joe's and Canisius, both on the road. If they want to be taken seriously as a Manhattan Cup contender they have to at least earn a split.

Aside from that for me personally, I'm looking forward to getting my first full look at McKinley on Tuesday (vs Riverside) and on Friday I'm definitely headed to Williamsville North in hopes that the atmosphere against Jamestown can be even remotely similar to what it was last year.

St. Joe's beats Timon 57-54 in OT despite some of the worst officiating I've seen all year. During breaks you could find the refs laughing it up with Timon parents/supporters.

Agbeko had a big night, I'd say around 26 points 10 rebounds and a couple big blocks, even being manhandled all game he still had a pretty big night. Jordan Glover continues to impress me running the point for Joes.

Jordan Williams had a couple 3's, but Gibbs had a nice night consistently boxing down Reggie and putting a hook shot in.

I'm rather impressed by this Timon team and think they'll pull off the upset vs. CHS

McShea reported Reggie had 22 points and 19 rebounds Ricky. You must have been sleeping to miss almost 10 rebounds or someone at Joe's is padding Reggie's stats. We'll see what happens Thursday night.

Mr. McShea was/is correct. Reggie's official stats for the game read 22 points, 19 rebounds and 4 blocked shots.

I got plenty to say on this game, but I'll wait for CC to post on it tomorrow (assuming) and use up a comment there.

This was a very good game for sure.

CHS, I'm not very good at counting rebounds. He was consistently on the boards but I lose track of rebounds in my head after about 2.

There is too much complaining about how games are officiated on this blog. A poorly officiated game usually goes both ways and is balanced for both teams. The only people who, normally, complain about officiating are if they have an emotional stake in the game (child playing, employed by school, graduate, etc).

Simply because the officials were 'chatting it up' with Timon fans doesn't mean they were biased for them. Players AND coaches need to adapt to how the game is called by the officials. For example, some officials allow a 'hand check' on the ball handler while others don't allow it. Next game the same official may be the exact opposite.

Enjoy the game.

I agree with Lakemen. Timon was just utilizing an advantage that the referees were allowing. They were being as physical as possible with RA and pushing it until there was a call. Most of the time there wasn't a call. It was smart on Timons part to do anything to take RA out of his game, since he is clearly St Joes best weapon offensively.

It's hardly a secret that it's very tough to get a fair shake at Timon, or any MMA home gym in the area. But more so Timon. It is what it is.

Reggie got away with goaltending at least twice; one of which got the Timon fans so loud you could probably hear them screaming on Kenmore Avenue. I also remember Kyle Kobis getting whacked in the head while making a layup with no call.

The refs were not biased for or against Timon. I think they called the game as even and fair as possible. St. Joe’s won because they finished a few more opportunities than Timon did, plain and simple.

Having said that, I’m not one to complain about officiating often but this wasn’t the finest hour for these refs. I thought they let the teams play a little too much over three quarters and then in the fourth (and OT) were calling a lot of ticky-tack things late.

One last thing I’d like to add—everyone talks about Reggie and his scoring and rebounding, as they should. He’s a great player who continues to get better with each game. But what impressed me a lot about St. Joe’s is the ability of their guards to defend nearly every inch of the floor. Glover, Briggs and the other kid (sorry escapes my mind at work- #3) were constantly in the face of Timon shooters and rarely gave up a wide-open look. The Marauders play very underrated defense.

Pat you obviously didn't see the Joe's/Canisius game. IMO Joe's defense was the difference. After Reggie went out with two fouls, Joe's increased their lead from 1 to about 11 because of their tenacious zone defense. Canisius, with the exception of a couple times, simply weren't able to penetrate the zone and passed the ball around the perimeter. Another important part of their win was the play of Olivieri. He was simply outstanding. If Canisius hopes to win their next meeting they will have to do a much better job on offense against an excellent Joe's defense.

As for the officiating all I can add is a general comment since I wasn't able to make the game. Traditionally the refs in the MMA allow very physical play. It's fact of life. So one has to be prepared to play in an extremely physical manner unless and until the refs decide to call it closer. And though I wasn't their last night, I suspect there have been games were it was far more physical. As others have said just need to adjust.

the game was at St. Joe's

You're thinking of Morris Pat.#3 Joe's

Hoopster: I did miss the St. Joe's/Canisius meeting last weekend. I didn't get a chance to see Kearney earlier in the season so I made sure to catch them when they were in Buffalo this time around.

Before last night's game against Timon, I had saw Joe's play twice but against far lesser competition, so how good their perimeter guys can play defensively went unnoticed to me. Definitely didn't after last night. You're also right about Oliveri, he was pretty clutch last night. My one problem with him (potentially) may be he jacks up some wild shots-- in a tight game if he's off and does that enough, I can see that driving coach Simon crazy. But that kid is a good player and he flat-out carried the Marauders for stretches last night.

Pat, I agree that the refs were not bias for either team they were consitently inconsistent at both ends. I just feel Timon did a better job of adjusting to the way the game was being called. I think the size of the St Joes court also contributed to the physical nature of the game. Things can get pretty congested for players driving to the basket. It will be interesting to see if Joe's can maintain their stifling defense on the more open venues of Canisius and in the Manhattan Cup. Defense on the perimeter has been outstanding in their wins agaainst AQ,Cani,and TSJ, and Reggie is always present to guard the lane.

When exactly did you see goaltending?!?!? just because he blocks/ alters a shot does not mean it is goaltending. All 4 of his blocks were clean, watch the film

^ Absolutely. Just because he pinned the shot against the backboard doesn't make it goal tending.

Oliveri is very talented and much improved but he does tend to jack up bizarre shots. (replying to another comment high up)

from what I seen, at least one of Reggie's swats should've been goaltending and possibly two. Ironically enough, I actually do have the film to go back and watch. Give me a few days and I'll post it.

Anyway, CC is doing the Mary's/Walsh followed by Dunkirk/Olean games tonight and I'm headed to do McKinley vs Riverside. Will post some thoughts on that later. As much as I love MMA hoops, I need a break from that league and am looking forward to a little Yale Cup action.

Please do post the game film Pat. That would be great for jamokes like me that weren't at the game.

Pat is right I hear half of Reggie's blocks this year were goaltending. I still can't believe a kid who will b flying back overseas after basketball season is even eligible 2 play. Kyle Husband would never pull a kid from his friends and family in Gana 4 months a year just 2 play basketball. It's a joke. And 2 have 10 idiots vote them #1 ahead of Jamestown makes it worse.

BTW had a chance 2 hang w CC at O Walsh and Olean 2nite. If anyone should b getting honored b4 games it should b Center Court not Palano. He IS HS basketball in WNY. When coaches r assulting players at girls games, CC shows us what is good about HS basketball in WNY.

Loved Olean HS but HOW THE HECK can they NOT SELL PIZZA! No Hot Dogs, no pizza - r u kidding me? There had 2 b 500 people there and all they can offer is popcorn? Not 2 b crazy here but it was kidn of like the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving where him and snoopy served toast and popcorn 4 dinner. It just made no sense. Jeff A is maybe the best coach in WNY (except Ben Drake obviously) but he has 2 do something. Maple Grove has great pizza why can't Olean sell it? U mean 2 tell me there r no pizza places in Olean? This is a serious situation that needs 2 b fixed.

I find it a mixture of alarming and amusing that one of Western New York's esteemed pollsters just compared Olean High SChool to a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving because of Pizza.

I'll give you this though, MIG-- you sure as hell are one entertaining dude to read thoughts on, at least you're never, ever boring.

Who is going to the Canisius Timon game Thurs night?

I covered the McKinley victory over Riverside yesterday in Buffalo and wanted to offer a couple of thoughts on both team, since each are ranked among the Top 10 large schools.

McKinley: The first thing that sticks in my mind when seeing them is they have kids who are much better athletes than football players. S. Jordan and R. Jordan are both outstanding football players first who are doing good things on the court because they just flat-out seem more athletic than most others (Jordan said as much in a postgame interview with me). Being so athletic and quick allows them to be monsters defensively. They had 37 steals against Riverside Tuesday, that’s just incredible. They can run with the best teams in WNY, play a rotation of 9-10 guys so they don’t get tired and will give any squad 32 minutes of hell. Their coach, Zaire Dorsey is a combo of solid stern coach—and nuts. He certainly commands and gets the respect of all his players. Their weakness, something I think will eventually catch up to them for sure, is they are not a good shooting team. They do not look good in a half-court offense, they couldn’t make an outside shot to save their lives (and most shots missed by a lot) and they looked terrible from the free throw line. Their defense will keep them in the game against anyone, it’s seriously that good—but if they want to win a Section VI title they’re going to need to find a way to get more consistent offense.

Riverside: They have a very good shooter/scorer in Lamont Little and a few good post players, led of course by Justice Feggans. Much like McKinley, they are an athletic team that’s not as fast as the Macks but has more length. The problem I see with them is a lack of good ball handlers to bring the ball up the court against pressure and make smart decisions. I literally lost count at how many times they threw blind passes against McKinley’s press that were either picked off or sailed out of bounds. Their coach, at least on this night seemed a little too contempt to let his team play street basketball instead of slowing things down and playing more in the half court game—a strategy that I’m certain would’ve landed them a victory last night. They have talent for sure, but I’m not sold on them being postseason factors at all right now. After Tuesday, if I had a vote they’d be removed from the Top 10 large schools, even though they were tied with McKinley after three quarters.

Game Summary: Riverside was up 13-1 early, coach Dorsey told me postgame some of his starters were benched in the first quarter for team rule violations. What it came down to, literally, is that Riverside couldn’t handle McKinley’s full court pressure over four quarters. The Macks completely took over in the fourth quarter because they were faster, quicker and anticipated things better, which is a sign of being well coached. I’d be shocked if McKinley doesn’t win the Yale Cup and think they’ll be a hard out in the postseason.

I'll be there.

MIG. First off he isn't flying back after the season, Reggie will attend college according to his uncle who I usually sit behind at the games. You think Simon pulled him from Ghana? No it was his decision and he lives within a mile of St. Joes, I bet Husband wishes he knew about this kid when he was coming to Buffalo. Joes has beaten AQ, CHS, and Timon the past 3 games, it would have been a joke if they weren't #1.

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