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Sunday, February 19, 2012


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Who would you rather have, Blair Helton or Adam Weir assuming they have been the Crusaders' two best players over the last 5 or 6 years?

I would take Weir and I didn't even pause a second to think about it. I disagree with the assumption that Helton is one of the two best Crusaders over the last 5-6 years though.

If I go back over that time frame, I would take Ragusa, Young, Nevins, Lyons, Hart, and Weir ahead of him.

I would for sure take Ragusa, Nevins, Young, and Weir. over Helton.

Would you take any of those mentioned ahead of Weir? Or is it too early to say?

Adam Weir is our best scorer. Matt Hart is our best player. Leadership does not show up on the stat sheet. Over the last two years Hart played his best in big games and in big moments. Timon on Thursday and SJ yesterday more of the same. Calm, cool and efficient he can be a playmaker or shooter. Hart makes everyone better and you can see in his approach to the game all he wants to do is win.

I believe when all is said and done Weir will be the best of those players.


I would agree with the last two comments above if that helps answer the question.

Sounds like you're no longer needed CC! :) You can delegate your responsibilities to Ricky and crusader fan. :) Interesting topic to think about though.

Just got done speaking with RA, said he will make his decision sometime in May. Asked if he could share his top 3 choices right now and he said, Bonnies, Oklahoma,and Marquette. The thing that impressed me the most with him was that he did not get caught up in the game yesterday. He did not taunt the CHS players/fans after his two thunderous dunks. He just lets the game come to him. Seems like a very humble young man.

Give POY to Adam Weir RIGHT NOW!!! The most complete player on the best large school in WNY. He will continue to expand his game making him a legit prospect at the next level.

POY should go to the best player on the best team. Matt Hart does everything for CHS, he scores, passes, rebounds, and plays defense. The kid is a winner and shows up in every big game CHS plays. He never comes off the floor because they need him to run the offense and make sure someone gets a good shot. He makes Weir the player he is.


So I was right in thinking Bonnies was a big option for him. But Marquette and Oklahoma, those are some big schools. He is very humble, unlike #22(Hoffman) on CHS JV, who every time he scored put his finger to his mouth to make the "shhh" sign and stared at the St. Joe's fan section. I just really cannot stand cocky, arrogant players. Plus it gets old after you do it once.
I actually think the turning point of the game was at the end of the half when Hart drove and RA pinned his shot as hard as I've ever seen a ball be pinned and it bounced right to Mosely who put it in at the buzzer. That player gave CHS the momentum and must have really killed any Joe's momentum.

I just really hope for no upsets in the playoffs so we get Joe's v. Mary's and CHS v. Timon ending in a Joe's v. CHS for the title. And although losing last night hurts for Joe's if I were them I'd look on the bright side and say I'd rather play St. Mary's than Timon.

Matt Hart POY!!!!! Kids insane best player in the area!

Ricky without that play the score would have been 76-60. What game were you watching. CHS controlled the entire game but for some self inflicted poor decisions for a few minutes in the second qtr. SJ was not going to win that game if they played till midnight. Reggie also was the closet witness to the ball swishing thru the hoop on Harts 6 treys. Seriously did any of those shots hit the rim?

I don't think Hart hit the rim, at all.

If Joe's had the momentum going into the half maybe they come out and don't go down big in the 2nd half. Maybe they play inspired ball after that monster block to end the half.

Ricky you can blog you can post you can wish you can hope. One play changed that game? Just one play? CHS was the better team yesterday by a lot and will likely prove it again in 10 days. Perhaps you should rip your guys some more online, seemed to work well yesterday.

St. Mary's is playing good ball right now...I don't think they are any less dangerous than Timon. One can argue Joe's is playing the worst of the four teams at the moment.

Those are both pretty fair points.

Maybe we should treat a Canisius/St. Mary's semifinal like its the final? Only a three-point game the last time they played.

I'm just so disappointed about the scheduling overlap this season and having to miss something on Monday, Feb 27th.

Buff State - the first B2 and both B1 semis
Koessler Center - MMA semis

It just clicked that duh, like I wrote above, Canisius is on the same side of the bracket as Timon.

I guess to TML's point, a St. Joe's/St. Mary's game would be pretty intriguing. But let's not look past St. Francis just yet.

Are the MMA brackets posted somewhere?

I wouldn't worry about the Marauders. They played the best basketball of any team this season despite a disappointing loss to St. Francis and performance yesterday. They will regoup and win the Manhattan Cup.

I wouldn't worry about B1 or B2 CC. Olean will easily beat any and all comers. The MMA semis should be far more interesting.

Do some of you understand what the words "could and maybe" mean. All I'm saying is maybe that monster block really pumps up Joe's and they come out in the 3rd and play like they did in the 2nd.

I cannot see Joe's losing to Frannies again. Joe's played as poorly as they could have possibly played and still only lost by 1. Hopefully they don't jerk around like last time and win it.

St. Mary's is no easy win by any means. I think Timon is more dangerous because they have Kobis and Williams who if one or both of them get hot it will be very difficult to beat them

adam weir is the best player on canisius team and possibly the POY for western new york. Reggie gives a strong showing and we cannot forget about the other wier in east aurora, but you cannot deny adam weirs talent he can drive shoot post up and plays great defense. Matt hart is an excellent player... overalll weir for POY

^Strange stories...

C'mon man. Weir plays great defense? At best the kid plays decent defense. I love watching Weir I think he's a great player, but he shouldn't be POY. Nobody was saying POY before last night which means people are very impressed by his game last night(which they should be) and now are saying he should be POY. Reggie and Stan are much more deserving.

Big up to our boy Reggie for making us proud back home in Ghana.

Reggie and Stan may be the best two Division I college recruits in WNY but I feel that the player of the year should mean more than just the best college prospect. The POY should be someone who raised the performance of their team. I look at Martin Bailey of Kenmore West as such players. His stats by no means will outshine other players but in the victories over NF and NT he has taken West on his back and led them to victories.

Patrick Moran is a huge fan of Adam Weir and his name has been thrown around in POY talks. And Ricky, Huffman, a freshman was just caught up in the moment. If Chad Kelly was chirping at me all game I would have done the same thing. And you must have missed Dylan Hall from Joes who starred a CHS big man down after HE got swatted.

This season has been a pleasant surprise for us especially when I think back to the Dallas game to start the season when we were extremely outplayed. Saturday was just one of those days on the rivals home court. We had one of those in our favor on our home court vs CHS a few weeks ago. I think a neutral court game next week, if we meet again, will be a close game. Since I am a big SJ fan and and MMA fan as well I will offer an opinion on the Weir/Hart debate. Having seen both our CHS games and many others during the season and a few other CHS games, if you traded one CHS player to us that would make by far the biggest difference it would be Hart. Forget the points between Hart and Weir. Hart would make the biggest difference because he plays a smart game of basketball. Saturday he played like a college bound player, exactly what you would expect from your senior captain, on senior day with a title on the line and a thousand people in the stands. Hart had the highest basketball IQ on the court Saturday. I think he played the entire game and never looked rattled or rushed. I think Reggie will gain that IQ for his position in time, he has improved so much in two years. Perhaps our other guys will gain that important quality as well. They've gotten better this year as well. The CHS juniors Weir, McDonald, White also have a ways to go to get to Hart's hoops IQ level. Case in point with under 4 minutes to go in the game Weir and McDonald took threes early in the shot clock holding a 12 point lead both missed then the next trip down the court both challenged Reggie on successive shots and he blocked both. Unfortunately we couldn't take advantage. But hey they are juniors, that's why you get four years. I remember Hart making a few turnovers during the game other wise he played a smart mistake free game. Of course his 3 point shooting was great I would say he took one bad shot early in the clock. It also seemed he took only half the shots Weir took. The timing of his 3's was also deflating for us. The way he moves the ball up the court to open guys and on back door cuts is even better. I think Reggie is one on the best players in WNY. Stan Wier I have no opinion on all I see is box scores and scoring is only one element of the game and can be very deceiving especially in high school. I have not seen some of the other noted guards in the area either. Based on what I have seen Hart makes everyone better on his team and although I love our guys he would make our team better too.


Well if he got swatted and stared the kid down that's just foolish.

On the Weir/Hart discussion it's very hard to tell which one is better. Weir is better at getting to the hoop and getting easy close range baskets, but he can shoot as well. But Hart can shoot the lights outs from the 3pt line and from mid-range. I think I'd take Weir though, I don't know why I just like his game a bit more

Some very good points on here about both Weir and Hart. Great stuff.

I am a fan of both players. I’ve been a huge fan of Weir all season. The kid can flat-out score, he’s a well above average shooter and is fearless in taking it to the hoop. He also seems to grow a half-inch every time I see him. At this rate he may be 6’10” by his senior year (Joking). He does have a few weaknesses in his game for sure. He tends to take too many difficult shots and can get impatient in set offenses. A previous commentor was correct not just on Saturday but a few other games, Weir has taken some shots of late with his team up late that were probably poor decisions. He’s also just a junior and will be a huge frontrunner for POY next year (and I think he’s very possible first team All-WNY worthy right now)

But over the last two games, I’ve come to learn that Hart is the most important piece of that puzzle. He was lights out against Timon and St. Joe’s and when he’s on that team is going to be very hard to beat. He’s been slowed down some of the year with various nagging injuries, but that kid can play and that comment above was spot-on—he does have a high hoops IQ. His one bad tendency at times I’ve seen is a habit to get frustrated and thrown off his game.

If I’m Timon, Mary’s or St. Joe’s my strategy would be to do everything within legal reason to get in his head. I’ll tell you right now, if Hart plays like he has the past week, CHS will win the Manhattan Cup for a 2nd straight year.

I still think Weir has had the better all around season, but Hart is making his stake as one of WNY’s best when it matters most.

^I think the key is to get in Hart's head. Last time the Joe's fans were yelling "cry" at him the entire game and his game seemed a bit off. Maybe the fans got into his mind a little bit. On Saturday the St. Joe's fans were nearly non-existent, no life, no heckling, and Hart had a monster night. I'm just saying maybe the key is to get into his head.

Well it's easier said than done.

TImon fans are very loud and were on Hart big-time the whole game, and he was still as cold as ice hitting big shots and making plays.

Guess my point is off than. But I agree getting to his head is the best strategy.

Good natured heckling from the home fans in the cozy confines of their own gym...some really cozy, has a greater impact than on a neutral court at Canisius College. I would say it will be all about the ball at this point.

I completely agree. My reference in regards to strategy would come from opposing players. Fan heckling at a wide open place like Canisius College won't-- or at least shouldn't get to anyone.

Aaron White is going to be a huge factor for Canisius in the postseason.

For St. Joe's, they need Oliveri to step up. He was huge in their win over Canisius last month, but was a total non-factor on Saturday. He just didn't seem comfortable some reason.

Their bench (Cerza and Maher) is big for them too. They got a ton from their reserves when they beat Timon recently. St. Joe's won't win relying too much on Reggie.

BTW, Reggie had an up and down game on Saturday, but that first dunk was sick and showed you what that kid is capable of. That was a nasty dunk (and foul)

I think Oliveri was still a bit rattled from his game on Thursday. He needs to get his head straight. Joe's also needs Briggs to step up on defense and they need to get Morris open looks. That's what they had been doing all season, but the past 2 games they seem lost.

Im putting this out here right now. Matt Hart and Adam Weir are the best players in WNY and they are on the same team. They complement each other so well and when they are both on (like saturday) they will not be beaten. They both should get POY or at least both be on the All WNY team.

I think weir and hart. Are both great players each has strengths and weakness both are sound basketball players. What are the needs of the team that is what's important. I think weir is asked to play many more rolls on this team than hart is. Weir is playing forward, guard, point guard, he defends big men under the boards then next play he is defending a guard he is more flexible with many rolls to play and is still a junior . He also made some of the best passes I have seen all year.with another summer in aau and another season to play I think he will become one player wny can be proud of

Adam Weir and Hart are not the two best players in WNY. They are very good, but they are even better because they have each other. But they are not the best players in WNY, one of the few things I'm sure of.

Niagara Falls and Timon had a very spirited, long scrimmage today in South Buffalo to get both team ready for their respective playoffs.

pat, were you there? should of said hello. timon is going to be a tough out

I'm sneaky--- but I'll see you at Buffalo State in a few weeks ;)

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