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Sunday, February 19, 2012


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McKinley over Williamsville South but the big game in this bracket will be the Hutch Tech vs. McKinley in the Semi's. Anything less than a Yale Cup representative in Class A would be an upset in my opinion. McKinley is too deep this year and battle tested at Buff State.

The way Tech has been playing, I wouldn't say even going on the road and beating Iroquois is a lock. Starting with the Riverside game and onward, they have not looked that good at all. If they play at their best, they're the second best team in the bracket, but they have been off. I like Sweet Homes chances against WE...East struggled with Nettles' quickness and that is one thing SH has, is speed.

predictions for tonight? i got Mckinley by 5 and wil east by 2.

Great prediction on that McKinley game

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