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Sunday, February 19, 2012


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AA,MM and A-1 will not have the top 4 seeds in semis, upsets re coming

I'm going with Niagara Falls over Jamestown.

I'd have to go with Falls over J'town too, although I think KW could give NF a better game in the semis. The lack of interior play from Jamestown is alarming, especially when matched up against a team like the Falls who has a strong rebounder like Crumpton and some length with their role players.

West Seneca shocks the world and wins it all!!!! KIDDING Taplin takes North all the way.

Hate to say it.. But that first round loss by Kenmore West may have damaged Bailey's chance to make first-team, All-WNY

^No. It shattered his ALL WNY hopes IMO. I think it made Taplin at least a 2nd teamer


According to my sources, Syracuse was in the building last night watching Taplin

My sources confirm that former Syracuse PG Gerry McNamara was in the building to watch Taplin. Taplin's dream school however is Mich St.

Sterling is going to Nichols next year, it's a done deal basically. Beating Canisius isn't our goal we just want to win B.

UB still is the frontrunner for Sterling.

What was Taplin's shooting % at last nights game. I know he scored quite a bit of points but at what cost. I was just following Keith's live blog and it seemed like he was missing a lot in the 1st half especially. Anyone have that info?

It's on CC's recap.

Duh. Thanks Lucky.

State Champs,
I dont know what your motives are, but you should have seen Stan on Tuesday. He was a blackhole,and missed a ton of shots, especially in the 2nd and 3rd qtrs. Almost as soon as he started passing the ball he started getting some open looks and made some big shots down the stretch. The fact of the matter is, the best player on every team is going to take alot of shots every game. The shooting % for most players this week has been lower than they are used to. Maybe its defenses stepping up or it could be the bright lights

Most players aren't used to the visual angles at Buff St.

Open backdrop at Buff State is definitely something the kids have to adjust to. Big difference compared to shooting in the usual environment in high school gyms -- with walls closer in behind the backboard.

Even at the Final 4, if it's in a huge football-type arena, they always talk about the college kids having to adjust to shooting at wide-open space.

Much discussion over the last few weeks over POY, AWNY, who’s the best clutch performer, who’s the best leader, who’s the best shooter and now who shoots too much etc…. Here are some verifiable stats for one player for the last 5 games that include the last two league games played with the title on the line plus championship week.

2fga 28 2fgm 15… 54%
3fga 28 3fgm 15… 54%
fta 16 ftm 15…93%
points 90… 18 avg
assists 30 turnovers 7
POY? What’s the criteria? Easily the most unselfish player in WNY. Plays with high IQ. Sees the court as well as anyone. Plays his best under bright lights and of course his team won all 5 games.
Answer: Matt Hart

That's why Hart will b 1st team and A Weir 2d team.

So at Timon, vs SJCI and 3 MC games. Now that is impressive stuff! Box scores only tell a small amount. Who would know Taplin jacked 28 shots last night if CC did not report it. Question: Weir MC MVP? How did that happen?

Wow nice stats for Matt it would be nice to see both on first team both are great young men with a lot of skills to help there team good luck to both hope they represent wny deep into the playoffs.

PG Taplin
SG Hart
SF Wier (Stan)
PF Weir (Adam)
C Agbeko

One player who has not been mentioned is Jermaine Crumpton of NF. First time seeing him play last night. Did he make the right decision committing early to Canisius?

FYI - I'm acting as the color commentator tonight at JCC on the Prep Talk Live Chat.

atta boy matty and he won the dunk contest at the sj pep rally. our boy has sick hops!

and Stan had 27 shots on Tuesday.

28 shots 26 points. 27 shots 27 points. not good

There is no way Stan took 20+ shots against Riverside. Not sure what ur smoking Cup!

Panama beats Clymer, 48-46.

Hart's bad shots, poor decisions and turnovers fit in a thimble. Pure basketball player!

Hart should go directly to the NBA based on all this gushing or at least Kentucky.

He's not going to the NBA or Kentucky. This is Buffalo that bus doesn't stop here very often. Certainly us fans can appreciate a good kid and good player who plays the game at his level the way it is taught and coached.

too bad keith didnt live blog that game so you could go back and count. maybe you can find someone w/ the tape. i wish i still had my notes so i could give you the qtr by qtr breakdown. i dont just post stats or info w/o the facts. besides that wasnt really the main point of my post. just a comparison and an example to the shooting across the board @ buff st.

Everyone appreciates a good kid, but all this lathering over Matt is over the top. He's a good player, should be 1st team instead of A Weir and is fortunate this is one of the worst years for talent in memory. The MMA was weak and so was section 6 as we saw last night in some of the weakest AA teams and games ever.

I was at the game Cup and know the stat man. Ur way off the mark.

Hyp cannot disagree with that. It's a shame where we're at area wide. The level of top division play is way below where it should be and it gets worse from there. Last night the four teams averaged 45points! No team over 50! There were supposedly D I players in those games? No wonder the big time bus doesn't stop here. Anyone have an answer?

So how many did he take?

If Hart had to be the Taplin on WN or the Wier on EA, he would be taking 25 shots in those games too, by necessity.

Amazing; all the pro active, pump, by those that don't have an active opinion on the game or this site.! Save the self promotion bias, watch the games and then put the kids in a gym (in your imaginary mind) and ask who dominates. Save the BS and support what you Say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rest is BS!!! Sign off all you self promoters.......It is obvious!!!!!!!!!!!!

Numbers don't lie, people do. Nothing wrong with providing provable stats beyond the box score.

EA, don't say you know the numbers are wrong and then not provide them. it makes you look......

I love all the desperate attempt by Yale Cup and all the Reggie people 2 rip Stan saying he was shooting 2 much the other night vs Riverside. The bottom line is in the 2nd half of the Mary's game Reggie had ZERO points and in the 2nd half of the Riverside game Stan had 22.

Stan is getting Player of the Year, I've been saying it 4 2 months, keep ripping him if it makes u feel better.

Do u know who leads the NBA in shots? By ALOT? Kobe Bryant. It's not even close. Check NBA.com...
But hey - whatever.

All u clowns missed a great night at JCC. I say it EVERY year great atmosphere down there. 2 of the best games all year the D and C2 final that went 2 OT. Even OTC game Holland down ONE after 3!!! Worth the trip boys. C u all 2day at Buff State. 8 title games in 2 days is awesome!!! Plus Cuse vs Louisville and Carolina Duke on ESPN3 during the breaks!

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