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Sunday, February 19, 2012


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City Honors got a tough draw here as the 6th seed. If they can go into Allegany Limestone and win I'm picking them over Cleve-Hill in the finals. If not, then I'm going Cleve-Hill over Wilson in the final. Olean wins the Class B cross over game no matter who the B-2 rep is. Olean meets Mynderse in the regional game.

Wow! Wilson/City Honors was the game of the night at Buff State. Very physical, athletic game. Unbelievable that CH was shut out in the 4th quarter.

Olean/East game wasn't what I expected. There wasn't much emotion or passion until the end. In the end, the better team won, but props to East for making a game of it.

How CH go the whole fourth quarter without scoring? That seems close to impossible at this point in the sectionals.

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