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Sunday, February 19, 2012


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when is the nichols game? time?

I'd assume 7 or 730

Nichols vs. Cardinal O'Hara - 6 pm

So Canisius and Joe's are playing the first games on their home courts I see. Interesting.

I know Joe's is. Not sure about Canisius though. I'd think they would want the second game rather than play at 11 am.

yeah just found out.

Joe's has the first game in Kenmore.

Timon/Walsh up first at Canisius.

Best time of year is here! March Madness officially begins this week!!!! I am taking quick trip 2 Carolina 2 c Heels play at NC State tomorrow hope 2 c everyone at Saturday at Joe's and Canisius. Real A1 and A2 finals will b in the semis when McKinley plays Hutch and Riverside plays EA. My boy Stan will need a BIG game 4 them 2 pull that off.

I also predict Nichols shocks the world and wins the Manhattan Cup.

I will get the same thing at Buff State every nite I am there. 2 Hot Dogs, 2 Mountain Dews, Plain M and M's and pizza if it is ready. I will b the short goffy woman in the orange hoody :)

I got Canisius over St. Joe's in a close game in the MMA finals. Canisius' win looked more impressive then Joes' win over Canisius.

What a nice job canisius did with the video broadcast of the joes game. Very nice picture and sound quality. The commentating was excellent I enjoyed watching the video as much as being there. Again nice job by everyone involved.

CC any idea about when and what time the semies and championship games will be?

Canisius vs Nichols/O'Hara matchup is 11 on Saturday

Monday & Wednesday (Feb. 27 & 29th) at the Koessler Center beginning at 6 pm each night.

You sure the Canisius game is before Timon/Walsh on Saturday? I heard the opposite, but dont know anything for sure about it.

Canisius at Olean for scrimmage tonight. Wouldn't you like to be there?

Crusaders also scrimmaging Niagara Falls this week.

Just spoke with Matt Hart from CHS and he said they did not keep score but if they did, CHS would have won. He did say that Olean is a very very good team.

Pat, for sure first game on Saturday per mma email

Good job CC...look forward 2 Saturday!

I still can't believe McKinley was #2 ahead of St Joe's in the poll....I guess St Joe's BEATING McKinley on a netrual court get's throw out the window? Makes no sense. I thought Canisius, Joe's, McKinley, Falls, Timon, Jamestown, K West, Riverside, H Tech, Frontier...

I predict W North upsets K West Friday. Sterling gets his team 2 Buff State. I also think Maple Grove DOES beat I Prep.

And watch out Canisius one day Timon is due 2 actually WIN a game instead of getting another 'good loss'...but I give Walsh a shot 2 beat them in what should b a great game Saturday.

Carolina crushed at State 2night. K Marshall career high in points, 12 assists NO turnovers. Wow

And Crusaders scrimmaged Aquinas yesterday. AQ Olean and Niagara Falls. Quite the week for the Crusaders

Sounds like way too many scrimmages in too short a time.

Totally disagree. Kids have been practicing against each other since November 8. At this time of year no one wants to do that anymore, coaches or kids. Scrimmages keep it fresh and fun.

If you need scrimmages to keep it fresh and fun this time of year then you do not have a championship caliber team. This is not the pre season. A scrimmage is a useful tool to keep a competitve edge and challenge yourself. However 3 scrimmages leading up to 3 potential playoff games in 5 days is too much in my opinion. Would be better served to keep practices a little shorter, crisper and work on those things the coaching staff feels need fine tuning. We'll see how it works out.

Of course, I'm not sure playing the MMA's version of the Little Sisters of the Poor on Saturday qualifies as a playoff game.

So.....CHS not a championship caliber team because they scrimmaged 3 quality teams instead of practicing. On what page of the manual can I find that on?

SJCI....I assume you are speaking of Nichols in your rude comment above. Do you remember 2010? How many Fed Titles does SJCI have?

Forget the past it's all about the present. And I'm pretty sure Joe's beat Nichols by at least 30 last time they played.

Yes that was a great Nichols team, but I'd take Joe's basketball history over Nichols basketball history any day.

Coach, key words, "to keep it fresh and fun."

As Ricky says, this year is this year. O'Hara and Nichols will be a pillow fight. Neither has a chance on Saturday. Nichols has had great teams. Laettner is probably WNY's best ever. Regan is definitely among the best in the MMA. I'm sorry to have offended you. Good luck Thursday.

^Totally Agree

AND The Buffalo News had Joe's at #6? Is McShea unaware Joe's beat McKinley and St. Mary's? Ranking shouldn't be based on a week-week basis but on the entire year's work. It's not really a big deal we'll see who comes up big in the biggest week of the year(for high school).

I'll take Nichols history in basketball over Joe's, measured by state titles

I'd take years of good, consistent basketball rather than a couple years of greatness and the rest being lousy year after year.

Ricky...you must be a Bills fan. Always a bridesmaid. I'd rather have the ring. It's much easier for a school with 800 boys to be consistent than a school with 200. The bottom line is both schools have history's to be proud of. To mock one or the other is foolish, they're kids...

Here is my (very long) preview of the Manhattan Cup Playoffs (other Section VI coming very soon)


Hey Pat, Any thoughts on the ideas to change Sec 6 scheduling or are you only interested in moving CC's traffic to your site?

Well, I posted this link in the "Manhattan Cup Playoffs" comment section, not the Sec 6 scheduling post, didn't I?

I don't have a lot of thoughts on the scheduling because I don't feel qualified to offer a lot of insight there. I do think it's unfair Sec VI only gets 18 games and that so many are used up in league play, but I'm not sure which solution would work best.

As a father of a 9-year old kid who loves playing baseball and football, I can promise you that when he gets to High School, If I'm fortunate enough to be able to have the finances to send him to a private school, he'll definitely be going to Catcholic High School.

I feel bad for athletes in Sec VI and unfortunately I think will only get screwed further down the line.

Can't we all just get along?

Can we get back 2 the important Stan vs Reggie posts?

Also CC your post about those 2 games being 'gone 4ever' reminded me of "They Boys of Summer" by Don Henley....'Those days are gone 4ever, I should just let em go but, I can c u - your brown skin shinning in the sun'....c'mon everyone sing along!

Who is coming over 4 the Cuse game with CC I am being serious. Lots of Mountain Dew will b available.

CC has gone viral! He's sporting a Canisius t while broadcasting and analyzing the Crusaders/Nichols game. Looks like he isn't as unbiased as some say. Meanwhile as expected Nichols is being outclassed by the more experienced and talented Crusader squad.

Joe's beat Frannies pretty bad. Agbeko with monster game. Looks like Joe's v. Mary's. Mary's was up by 20 at half when i left

I was wearing a Canisius shirt.

Canisius College Golden Griffins. It was a gift. Since I'm a huge Cuse fan, please don't tell Jim Boeheim.

There's only one high school I openly root for - Go Ripley!

He's Alive!! Hey CC any thoughts on the last 2 days games? are you putting up a new post?

Yale Cup -

Surprisingly, not a lot of thoughts on the last two day's games. I thought there were very few upsets or surprises. The games I picked as the top three quarterfinals all lived up to the hype. I just wish I would have been there to see any of them. Ended up at East/Newfane, because my daughter (Newfane student) came home and asked me to take her there, so I bailed on my Depew & Will North double-header. Yes, I screwed up, but I made my girl happy.

The game I saw was a good one and never got away from Newfane, but East led for three plus quarters and answered every push Newfane made. The largest East lead was 11 and the closest Newfane got in quarters 2,3,& 4 was four points. The biggest factor was the size of Brown and Tyson inside, blocking and altering shots. Both teams zoned each other because neither shoots particularly well.

I'll be skipping the MMA semifinals on Monday to go to Buff State. Here's the logic: I'm expecting two very good games, but I believe Canisius & St. Joe's will win. Since I've already watched Canisius/Timon twice and Joe's/Mary's once, I'm after some new scenery in the form of the three games at Buff State. Also, I can go home and watch the Crusaders on the internet - might even change into my Canisius College shirt for that. Obviously, if I miss some stunner of an upset at the Koessler Center on Monday, I'll swim in a sea of regret.

The next post might be Poll Ballots. I put up the brackets for each class and update the scores and matchups, so people can direct comments on a game from that bracket to its respective post.

Who's playing at Buff St. tommorow night?

City Honors vs. Wilson
Olean vs. East
Depew vs. Tonawanda

Does anyone have Any predictions for tomorrow night? Keith usually puts up a poll @ the beginning of the week. Haven't seen one yet

Thanks CC. I'll obviously be at the Koessler Center tommorow

Reggie is one of 6 finalists for MR. Basketball in NYS along w/ Dejuan Coleman and Phil Valenti from Aquinas

I heard that too yale cup. Do you know if he has been nominated for NYS Gatorade POY? I know Coleman will win, but it's a nice thing anyway.

Fyi, Adam weir is gonna win mma poy award

Heard that Stan Wier is in the running for ECIC 3 POY and the all-ECIC team.

Adam weir has solid basketball skills is a skilled player at many positions. Should be picked as one of top players in wny

MIG should know if he is in line for the NYS Gatorade Award as that is given by the NYSSWA. and Fan/MIG/Captain Obvious, you are correct. Stan is in the running for those awards and will likely get both.

U guys don't have a clue there is no 'list' 4 the nominations 4 Mr Basketball. Mike McDonald is a KEY guy 4 the group that meets. I can assure u whoever said 'Reggie is on the list' is on CRACK.
There is no 'list' I can assure u. If u have some link 2 this story Yale Cup u would like 2 share w us please post it?

There r 20-25 players better that Reggie or Stan in the NYC area alone. Guys going 2 Bona and Canisius and UB (no offense 2 my man Stan) r not up 4 this award.

There were only 2 players really considered. Coleman who is going 2 Syracuse and Omar Calhoun who is going 2 UConn, the kid from Christ the King. Coleman will get it as he made the McDonalds team, the only kid from NY State. Plus it is sort of a 'career' award and he has had an unreal 5 years though I think when it's all said and done Omar Calhoun will b the better player.

It will b fun 2 c Stan get Player of the Year April 7th after I got attacked 4 suggesting it last month :)

If Stan wants to be in the conversation for P.O.Y. I would highly suggest for starters he puts his team on his back (if necesssary) and makes sure they get past Riverside at Buff State tomorrow.

I don't know why, but I have a funny feeling about tonight. That funny feeling tells me that we're not going to see a Canisius vs St. Joe's final on Wednesday. One of the underdogs is going to win tonight, I predict.

IMO Pat there are only 2 players in the POY conversation, Reggie and Stan. The only way anyone else gets in the convo is by winning a state(maybe) or federation title. They are the two best players and both have had stellar seasons. And if Timon doesn't win tonight I'd be surprised to see anyone from Timon crack the top 3 teams.

I agree with you on pretty much all parts. I do think it's also a two-man race, although in reality I think it's already locked up, short of Stan averaging 30 a night at Buffalo State and them winning the A2 and Crossover title and St. Joe's losing tonight.

I also agree about Timon. Although I think they have Top 10 in WNY player talent, a loss in the semi's tonight seals the fate (or lower) that you implied.

The last time those teams played (Canisius/Timon), Tmon was the better team for 28 minutes--which is also their problem. They don't play 32 minute games and its hurt them repeatedly. It's a shame in ways because at times they're very good, and entertaining to watch. They get those runs against them and don't find ways to respond with a couple of key plays by someone with a cooler head.

They have had just one signature victory in the last 2 years,and it came this season against Kearney.. By the way in that game, Jordan Williams had the green light (something that doesn't happen often anymore) all night and responded with a season-high and game-high 27 points, including six three-pointers.

But for all this Timon/Canisius talk, it's actually St. Mary's that I'm giving an excellent chance too tonight. If Reggie isn't dominant, the Lancers can beat them, though it certainly won't be easy.


google Mr. basketball NYS sends you to nysswa site where there is a link to bcany.

I certainly hope you're right Pat. However, following Keith's explanation of the selection process over the years it seems like Stan probably had a leg up on anyone since he was a 2d team selection 2 years ago. Personally I think it's a toss up and I'm thinking it's more likely that we see co-POY at this point with things subject to chamne depending on how the playoffs pan out. And I don't see us losing tonight. I'm looking for a 10 pt+ win and a rubber game with Canisius.

Looks like MIG is the one that has no clue. I dont think MIG ever sounded more foolish than in your comment above and then having the proof thrown in your face.

With all do respect, I don't feel as though Reggie has to be dominant. Don't get me wrong they need him to stay on the floor, however Joe's can guard the perimeter, and if Mary's wants to double and triple on that bigger court, it could pose a problem. Joe's can guard man to man and not worry about doubling anyone, at least tonight. Should be fun, both teams can run the floor, and score. Just think joe's defends better and there is alot on the line. Joe's has had a tendency to play down to the level of the competition the last month. I think they cured that ailment on Saturday, so they appear to be focused and ready, and once again playing TEAM ball which had them #1 in WNY and #3 in NYS. I believe that they are once again playing with a chip on thier shoulder as they did earlier in the year, which is when they seem to be at thier best.

Surprised this is even a discussion. Yes St. Marys had a nice season but I just dont think this team is any different from years past and will get bounced tonight like they always do. Too much credit for losing by 6 to Joes earlier. Game was never that close. Same with loss to Canisius. St Marys is a good small school but has been overrated all year. Much more excited about the first game tonight.

I couldn't disagree more that Mary's isn't a different team than years past. They have excellent, well-rounded players with senior leadership in Meyers, Redden and one of my favorite (and most underrated players in WNY) in Jake Denze. Nicc Johnson can give them big minutes as well. They don't have the height they had last season, but they are a better all-around team and they are also very well coached and fundamentally sound.

I'm not saying they WILL win, I'm saying they can. All the talk is about Joe's big guy, but with Morris, Briggs and Glover they have good defenders who can hit the three-ball. I still think Reggie needs to be dominant though because A) he should be, he's a POY favorite and thats what they do in playoffs and B) It makes life easier on the rest of their team.
As for the other game, actually both games, it comes down to the fourth quarter.

I would be shocked if Timon isn't leading after the first quarter and very possibly the third too, that is the kind of team they are.. It's a matter of them finishing, something they struggle BADLYYYYYY to do.

It should be noted, Donte Wiliams (ankle) is questionable tonight, and didn't play Saturday..That's big news. He's the first guy off the bench and had a hell of a game when the teams played last week.

Mark my words, if Kobis or Gibbs leads Timon in scoring with more than 17 points, they will lose for sure. I'm not saying it because "he's my guy", but Jordan Williams needs to be hot from the outside and score 20+ points. It opens up things for easier buckets inside from Gibbs and Kobis from the lane. Kobis is a very good player in a certian role, very good.. But he's NOT good when he takes on too much and I've seen both sides.

Bryant Fulton's defense will be HUGE.. From what I hear, he's guarding Weir while Wiliams will be matched up on Aaron White and Kobis on Hart.

I'm excited for these games tonight.

Addressing Patrick Moran:
As for your comments on the Stan Wier front. I have seen both Stan and Reggie play several times; Have you????? I personally don't think you have. Reggie is a nice player, no doubt but:
1)Stan has put his team on his back, all year:
2)Done it on both ends of the floor and boards. 3)Been the more productive and all around player, this year and each year prior,
4)Stan is a proven winner: Been there and done it (Fed Championship) versus the best of competition, at ALL levels, personally and team wise!!!
5)Has far more to offer at his position, at the D1 level.
If this is truly a PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARD and is not a team of the year, then quite frankly I find it hard for anyone else to be considered. The others are hoping to accomplish, on all fronts, what Stan already HAS and are a distant second!!!

You keep coming on here pumping Stan and saying Patrick has never seen Stan. Name what game or games you saw Reggie play this year.

All of Stan's accomplishments have come just a few months shy of his twentieth birthday, too. Now that is what makes it really impressive.

Age does make you stop and think. You assume most seniors are 17 or 18 but I guess that is not the case. I do think it's had to play against someone 2 or 3 years older than you. Something to consider.

I guess we should have a best 18 year old poy award

MIG anyone who says "are you on crack" usually shows me that they are uneducated fan. But I like reading the rest of your posts to laugh at them.

I think St. Mary's is gonna be all over Reggie, which means the Joe's guards need to step up. Specifically Oliveri who has really struggled lately after being great most of the season.

I think Timon can beat anyone on any given night. If Kobis or Williams gets rolling they will be very tough. Fulton will be key, whether he is guarding Hart or Weir.

"Hey Late Guy", "Mitch Rapp" and "Roundman": You and everyone else reading these posts can now take them for what they are: NOT CREDIBLE!!!!

Sorry to disappoint you boys, Stan is 18 years old! I am his Uncle and Godfather.

I am happy to support him and provide info most do not have.

Based on the fact that he is 18 years old, I appreciate your strong support of his accomplishments.

Be careful about commenting on what you do not know; usually comes back to bite you!!!!!

You guys are worse than a sewing circle.

OK let's see the birth certificate. I don't think Stan meets the minimimum qualifications to be an American let alone POY. Who woulda thunk we would have birthers on this blog! C'mon let's get real!

Be careful about commenting on what you do not know; usually comes back to bite you!!!!! ...from "late to the show"

Like when MIG say's RA goes back to Africa at the completion of the season!!!

I have seen Stan play live, and for the record I am a big "Stan Fan" (Maybe you should write a rap song titled that, MIG)

But putting a team on your back doesn't constitute being a third seed in A-2. Now, if he brings them success at Buffalo State and shines, well that's another story.

As for the "Been there, done that" with Nichols, I feel like Regan, Canestro, Vanedgriff and MacKinnon may have had a little to do with that as well.

Wier is unquestionably a first-team, All-WNY selection and much deserved based BOTH on his reputation and his play this year.

But not POY, at least not in my personal opinion. HOwever, maybe that changes this week.

Since you were unable to tell me a Joe's game you attended this year and got all defensive...that means you have never seen Reggie this year. Funny that you would attack someone for not seeing stan even though he did, yet not see the guy who deserves the award. Typical biased support. Not surprised to hear your related. Basketball fans know Reggie is poy. Stans family thinks he is.

Hey Late to the show; just one question, if you are his uncle and his godfather, you are a really bad relative for not telling your bro (or bro-in-law) SOONER than you did about this blog.

It was fun to read Stan's dad's virginal remarks on this blog. I honestly find it extremely difficult to believe that Mr. W never knew about this blog until he "recently found it". Wasn't he the owner of the Buffalo Rapids professional basketball team? wasn't it his professional responsibility to have a pulse on the wny basketball community?

maybe that wasn't his dad, nor you his uncle.

I'm not getting into the middle of this age thing, just trying to connect dots and make sense out of the off court jibberish that clouds the game on the hardwood.

Let the kids play and don't award them, or take anything away from them, until the fat lady sings. That lady, of course, we all know is MIG.

So what is the spread for East Olean game tonight? Rooting for my boys but looking forward to seeing this JV team from Olean play some Varsity ball.

Sorry wrong post.

All these are MIG. Nobody else here uses 15 !'s and all CAPS to get their point across

Olean -9

Reggie isn't even gonna win poy in his own league, heard coaches voted Adam Weir

If Weir wins POY over Reggie It would be an huge shame on the voters. Weir isn't even the best player on his team.

I should say an argument can be made Weir's not the best player on CHS

Hart has been answering that question all month. Double double tonight the exclamation point.

SJCI...how are you feeling now after gettting dumped on by a small school...still think SJCI basketball history is so great...another losing season...

St. Mary's crushed Joes in every aspect of the game. In terms of POY,you put Reggie on EA and hes averaging 30 pts, 15rbs, and 5+ blocks. Unfortunately RA's season came to an end tonight, and if Stan's season comes to an end tmrw and Canisius wins on Wednesday why not give POY to either Hart or Weir. Just throwing it out there.

^ 20-5, that's a losing season? They didn't win it all but they beat one of the best teams in NYS(Aquinas), beat CHS, beat McKinley, have beaten St. Mary's, swept Timon. I'd call that a damn successful season.

Tonight was horrible. Joe's thought they would roll over St. Mary's to see CHS in the Title Match. They played like the night they played St. Francis. The past 4 games Joe's showed that they played above their heads at the start of the season and Reggie's supporting cast showed how they were a team of JV and Varsity bench warmers last season. Very, very disappointing end to a once incredibly promising start. Joe's consistently played down to lesser opponents and showed up big time against the teams ranked higher than them(CHS/AQ/McKinley).

To the game. Sloppy from the start. Nobody came to play for Joe's, other than obviously Reggie. Reggie had only 11 points(mostly because they didn't give him the ball nearly enough) and bunch of boards. Oliveri had been great all season leading up to these past 4 games. I think his rough game against Frannies rattled him and he never recovered, and that showed tonight. He's been key all season being a great complement to Reggie, but he hasn't come up to play in the most important time of the season. Unfortunate, but I look for him to have a monster season next season if he learns how to take smart shows and starts passing the ball. Back to the game. St. Mary's was just clearly the much better team tonight. Lousy defense from Joe's led to open 3's which St. Mary's took advantage of.

Really impressed with Eric Simmons. I think he has been great all season and tonight he played himself onto an All-WNY team.

Now POY, well now we have an interesting race. I think there are 4 options: Reggie, Stan, Hart, and Adam Weir. I don't think Weir or Hart deserve it because they have outstanding supporting casts(along with an outstanding coach) plus they have each other. That leaves Reggie and Stan. They are the clear-cut best players in WNY. I'm stumped. Are there any other options for POY?

Right now my ALL-WNY team looks like:
F- Smith(McKinley
F- Weir(CHS)
G- Weir (EA)
G- Taplin(WN)

WT716, you make a very valid point. Both Crusaders would be legit selections for POY.

I don't think one of them should be POY. I think Hart will win, but I disagree with it. He's a great, great player but not the best player in WNY

Taplin? Please make that case over Hart. Then make the case that A Weir should get it over Hart. Hart is CHS best PLAYER. You were there tonight. Hart 21 and 10, missed two shots all night, no turnovers, makes everyone better. Always shows up in big games. Would be in his rights to shoot twice as much but doesn't.... team player, smart player, coach on the floor.

I didn't want to seem so MMA biased. But I can finally agree Hart is better than Weir IMO

Who will represent MMA in Class B if St. Mary's wins Wednesday?

1st off I CLEARLY got PUNKED by Yale Cup. Nice job I was wrong. I had never seen them do that b4 but my bad. I think McDonald is on CRACK then lol! I still think Omar should get it over Dajuan but he won't. Still no Leroy Isler from Boys N Girls? Dana Dingle from St Raymonds? Please! And when Stan locks up player of the year tomorrow McDonald will clearly c he is out of his mind.

SO while I may have got punked, where r all the Reggie people? I was at Buff State so I don't claim 2 have seen it but St Mary's w NO REAL SIZE somehow ended Reggie's season in the SEMIS! I get it Stan needs 2 pull off the upset tomorrow so we will c what happens but I think we can all agree he will lock it up if that happens. The only other player who could steal it now would b Taplin if he somehow leads North over Falls and Jamestown which is possible!

BTW major congrats 2 Dan Gill. Did u guys know of the 9 catholic boys teams only St Mary's had NEVER made a final? Ever! Niagara Catholic had, O Hara in 94 won it, Walsh won it in the 70's...so WOW congrats. Can u imagine if they win Wednesday? I am pretty sure Nichols would play NCatholic as the 2 lower seeds with the winner 2 face Walsh 4 the B title. I love Dan but I hope Canisius wins cause I would like 2 send a STRONG A and B teams which they would b.

Buff State...City Honors coach MEMO u have Time Outs when teams go on 13-0 runs USE THEM. Or ONE of them! They didn't score the ENTIRE 4th quarter and he called ONE timeout. Nice. East if I had a vote would have voted them the #2 B school ALL YEAR and 2nite they showed why. That was the clear real B final. Depew beat a Tonawanda team that has 1 player. Larry is a good coach but Olean wins that game by 10 at least (and then CC will owe me 10 bucks!!!).

How about we let Hart and Weir play one on one Saturday at Buff State between one of the public school games? Both players are incredible and deserve to be 1st team All-WNY. Look forward to seeing Stan play tmrw night and I don't know Reggie's numbers from tonight but he tried to do to much. An example when he tried to bring the ball up court when he had Glover wide open. And there is no way he is 6'7" 6'8". Probably 6'5". Better work on his free throws and that jumper.

MIG, in regards to City Honors coach that has to be a factor in why all his top talent is bolting for Nichols correct?

Cerza is listed at 6'5 and Reggie has 2-3 inches on him. Have you ever seen a 6'5 person? Reggie is much taller than that. Schiferlie of CHS is 6'7 and Reggie is taller than him.

Reggie had to try and do too much, his teammates didn't get him the ball even though when his teammates had the ball they couldn't do anything.

Now 2 the serious stuff. If u r going 2 Buff State EAT B4 U GO! No more slices boys we now have these little round pizzas they call personal's that u can eat in ONE BITE and they r 6.50!!!!! It is in my 20 years going 2 games the biggest joke ever. It looks horrible is less filling than a slice and they want almost SEVEN DOLLARS 4 it!!!! And get this. I have been 2 arean's all over the USA as I am sure many of u have. Ever pay '8.62' 4 your total when u get Hot Dogs and Soda? They said 'well there is tax' - wait hasn't 'tax' been around since the tea party??? THANK U 4 letting me know what 'tax' is EVERY ARENA IN AMERICA makes the drinks 1.82 if the tax is 18 cents. So if u wonder why u r waiting 20 minutes 4 three people in front of u it's because they r looking 4 pennies and nickels. IT IS A JOKE!!!! Try it 'I'll take 2 Hot Dogs and a Mountain Dew'...ok that will b '4.16'...tomorrow when u c Me Keith and CC have a pizza delivery guy bring us a tray in the front row pulling a Jeff Spicoli u will know why.

PS - Good Job Jim on having the programs ready on Day 1 we were SHOCKED!!! Still Lockport on the cover AGAIN???? Can we make a rule that a school has 2 get 2 Buff State once ever 10 years 2 b put on the cover???? Also I didn't know McKinley had moved back 2 AA and was playing Falls Thursday. That was a revelation. In fact that entire semifinal lineup page was last years! HA! It was so funny. Mabye now we know why the programs were never ready on Day 1.

I'm out!

Yeah Yeah-- Shameless plug.

My story from tonight:

I want to offer a few quick OPINIONS about tonight seperate from game-recaps, because I don't like to insert too much opinion into a high school report.

Canisius vs Timon

Timon was literally a two-man team tonight. Jordan Williams had 29 points and Kyle Kobis 23. They combined for 52 of Timon's 66 points and 37 of 42 in the second half. I literally mean they were a two-man team offensively. I'm not just saying it because "he's my guy", but Williams was ridiculous tonight and had he been the focal point of that offense like he should've been far more often this year, would be racking up a lot of postseason honors. Ask Keith, any fan there or watch the videos from news channels, he is as lights-out a shooter as it gets in WNY.

Unforunately for them, Timon played horrible defense. Canisius ran several set plays worked to perfect for easy buckets and Aaron White in open court transition was too much for them every time. DiMilo Gibbs was dominant in their first meeting but Kyle Husband made adjustments and turned him into a liability at times over the last two meetings.

Timon is a good team that was never quite good enough to get over the hump.

Canisius meanwhile is near unbeatable when Matt Hart plays like he did tonight. He's flat out deadly from the outside when he's feeling it and he made some nice decisions with the ball, it wasn't like he was "hogging"

The Crusaders are very good, Aaron White is very underrated and they're going to be very tough to beat on Wednesday.

St. Mary's vs St. Joes
the easy thing to do is attack Reggie for having a poor game (he didn't try to "do too much", he flat out had a bad game) or say that Simon was outcoached, etc etc.

Instead, how about some credit to Mary's? They played very, very well. They move the ball around with ease, find the open man perhaps like other team in WNY and have several guys with guts to shoot the ball when open but not selfish enough to hoist up bad shots when they're not.

Jake Denz is without question one of the 5 most underrated players in WNY.. and St. Mary's is incredibly sound fundamentally, a great trait Dan Gill has taught them.

St. Joe's faded down the stretch, there's no getting around it. In their first year as important go-to starters, Morris, Glover, Briggs and Oliveri weakened a bit near the end of the season. I think they lacked a little bit of the senior leadership they had last year in Rehbaum, Moser, Louie and Spitler.

I also think Chad Kelly not playing hurt them this year. He was an outstanding rebounder and defender and that was missed on the court.

Reggie showed me both sides of him in recent weeks, that's to be execpted with how little hes played truly organized ball. At times he was utterlly dominant in entire games and at moments, like that breathtaking dunk he had at Canisius last week.

But at times he showed alot of the traits that make him still a raw player and a bit of a project. I still think he can be a very good college player.

The bottom line is St. Joe's lost an awful lot last year, I think they overachieved for a large portion of the season, still had a decent campaign all things considered and Simon had his team in the thick of things.

They were hurt a lot more by graduation and Kelly not returning than other teams.

Congrats to canisius and st. mary's, they're both well deserved of making the championship.

Being a proud parent of a St Mary's player we could not be happier for our son. I have followed High School ball for many years here and I hate to say it but this is the weakest All WNY class I have ever seen. Not sure who agrees.

I also have read Reggie should be considered player of the year. I don't know who should get it but not him. We held him scoreless I think the 2nd half. He got a few rebounds just because he is big but there is no way a guy who was nowhere to be found in his teams biggest game can get that award.

Can't judge it based on one game Will. Just because your sons team beat Joes does not mean that Reggie will not be considered for POY. I mean he is the only WNY player up for Mr. Basketball in NYS.

So Will if Brendan Tenney somehow scores 20 points on Wednesday night, should he be considered All-WNY POY cause he played well against your sons team?

@ Moran. Great post. Not only did they lose Kelly they also lost Dzewitz who would have been a great PG for them this year.

Will. Good win. But Reggie doesn't get rebounds because he's big. Schiferlie of CHS if big and he can't get boards. Reggie is a great rebounded and usually a great scorer. He didn't have his best game and his teammates around him have collapsed late in the season. Heck of a seasons by Joe's though. Look foward to Wednesday!

Coach Herlan wrote this earlier in the year, but our team was very good this because of its chemistry. He said he wouldn't trade any of his kids for anyone and that sometimes you experience subtraction by addition. We lost and didn't play our best, but no reasom to make excuses about this or that player not being here, etc. Just have to give credit to Coach Gill and his team. They played very well.

Coach Gill was able to take away SJ top weapon and noone else was able to step up. Deffensively SJ was very poor, St Mary's was able to get any shot they wanted.

Not sure it will be that easy on Wednesday, Canisius will be much different matchup with there perimeter players on the larger court at Canisius College. Should be an entertaining game.

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