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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


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The large school poll may be the most logical I have seen in many years. There is really no legit aregument for those 10 teams to be higher or lower. KW/Falls and Frontier/Jtown split, but KW's and Frontier's wins were far closer than their losses. The top half of the NFL is stronger than the top half of ECIC I, so Falls and KW are higher than Jtown and Frontier. The city teams are accurately spaced and Timon just hasn't won lately.

Seneca really came to play last night and put a hurt on Emerson...Frasier is playing very well in an all around sense...defense, distribution and early in the second half brought the ball up the court and hit two long, straight on threes for an exclamation point. To further CC's point, he is certainly the most consistent and level-headed player in the Yale Cup...never gets too high or low and usually makes the right decisions on the floor. He can shoot, drive, defend, rebound, distribute...doesn't do anything absolutely great but everything well to very well.

Even if it means nothing to them in the standings, Timon desperately needs a win over Canisius on their home floor on Senior night in their season finale on Thursday.

They are 0-8 vs Joes and Canisius the last 2 years and in almost all of those games, led for a portion or the majority of the contests. Before they can get physically over the hump for 32+ minutes, they need to get there mentally.

DiMilo Gibbs continues to be slowed down with injuries. He was less than 100% last week with a chest injury and now sat out tonight (Tuesday) win over St Francis with a sprained ankle. He's expected to play on Thursday.

if you didn't already know, Timon has a pregame ceremony planned to honor coach Jim Palano, who will coach in his final home game after being with the team for 39 years. If you had plans to attend the game I'd highly encourage you getting there early. I guess a lot of Palano's former players have been invited back and will be there.

It's also their Senior Night

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