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Thursday, February 16, 2012


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Could someone please tell me the schedule for MMA playoffs?

Quarterfinals are on Saturday Feb 25
Mary's vs 6 at the gym of 2 vs. 7
Timon vs Walsh at the gym of 1 vs 8

Semi's are Monday Feb 27 at Canisius COllege

Finals are Wed Feb 29 at Canisius College

Thank you very much.

Anyone know what the score of the Canisius JV versus Jamestown JV game was this past Saturday ?

Jamestown jvs played canisius two saturdays ago and won 61-49. They played Timon this past weekend and won 66-51.

Good to hear. With their wins over Timon and Canisius and winning the ECIC 1 in JV and Varsity, Jamestown looks to have a good future even during this "down year".

For the 2nd straight year on St. Joe's Senior Night there has been a monumental upset. Last year it was Joe's on the victor side beating Niagara Falls(In what is the best basketball game I've ever been at), this year it was St. Francis topping Joes.

The game started out Joe's playing sloppy and lackadaisical basketball. Turning it over, bad shots, sloppy defense. Down by 4 at half-time Joe's came surging back in the 3rd to take a 4 point lead.

The 4th quarter was back and forth but Joe's had a 1 point lead with about a minute under. They failed to convert and Frannies got the ball. Frannies turned it over, sending Oliveri to the line, he missed the front end of a 1-1. Frannies got the ball back and turned it over yet again sending Agbeko to the line. He missed the front end of a 1-1, but Maher got the rebound and Joe's was in the double bonus. Maher missed both shots giving Frannies the ball with 15 seconds left. After taking the clock down the Frannies player dribbled into the corner and seemed to be trapped, but either Glover or Briggs foolishly fouled him sending him to 1-1. He buried both shots and that was that. As much as I love Joe's they absolutely deserved to lose that game. Bricking 4 consecutive foul shots(along with many others throughout the game) and playing that poorly deserves a loss.

Reggie had a decent game I'd say 19 and 15 boards, but he shot a lot and had a couple turnovers. I was very disappointed in this showing from the Marauders this evening and if they lose Saturday I have a bad feeling about the momentum they will having going into the MMA playoffs, will be an early exit if they every play this poorly again. Simon's gotta get his kids head back on straight for Saturday and beyond.

Funny note: The seniors tonight got roses to give to their mothers and Reggie's parents obviously in Ghana awkwardly gave his cousin the rose, I found that humorous.

Who knows maybe this loss was a blessing in disguise and gives Joe's some humility, show them they aren't unbeatable.


Maybe it messes with their heads and screws them up. We shall see

I am sure CC and/or Keith will confirm this for you, but the Timon/Canisius game was wild tonight.

Canisius 65, Timon 63 (OT)

POY's don't let their team to lose to Frannies at home on senior night with so much on the line. RA is a POY candidate no more no less. The winner is TBD and will be based on what happens over the next three weeks starting tonight. Sure give us the all important stats 19 and 15 in a horrible loss, really does that matter at all. Oh but blame the cast, call out the teammates, nice post! They lost a game that shouldn't have been close. The leader did not deliver.

Do you want him to score 40 point when every play he is being doubled teamed? Not easy to break a double team led by Bartholomeow who is the best defensive/offensive lineman in WNY. If you saw the game you'd know had bad everyone else played. Reggie didn't have his best game, sure. But he found the open man when he was doubled, but when they got the ball they couldn't do anything with it(except Maher he had some nice plays). Other than that the cast was brutal Oliveri couldn't do anything, I don't think Glover had a basket, Morris had a 5 straight points then he did no more the ret of the game and Briggs(played great defense on #11) played lousy on offense. No way does any of this loss go to Reggie(other than him missing the FT, but the rest of the team was 2-11 from FT). Reggie is very much so still in the POY IMO. It's him or Stan, it isn't like Stan hasn't lost to bad teams either...

Ricky ever play sports yourself? You must've been a great teammate. Lighten up on the cast man. There others beyond Stanley. Playoffs will be critical in a year where there is where no clear choice.

Ricky -

Great recap of St. Francis' huge win tonight over Joe's. Thanks a lot for that, especially the details of the last minute.

A lot of tough analysis on Joe's performance tonight and I can appreciate you being so accountable for your team after they played poorly. However, saying I don't mean to bash the kid, he's a hell of a player, doesn't make it okay to bash a high school player. I took that part out, leaving a very good comment. You can analyze a performance, but when you drop a kids name, please be more careful with the word choice.

If anyone cares to read, here is my recap from the wild Canisius overtime win at Timon, including Aaron White's sick crossover that sent the game to OT (and despite the crappy video quality I took, that is absolutely CC's "Oh My God!" voice next to me on the video following White's move and bucket.


Big win by CHS tonight on a very tough night to win in South Buffalo. Big comeback from 10 down in the second half. White big hoop to tie game in reg. Hart as usual played big in a big game. Great trey to put CHS in the lead for good. Pat I like Weir a lot too but this year Hart is CHS best player. Very composed in key situations and makes plays when it counts. His big game resume goes back to last years MC Championship game.

I predict a O'Hara-Nichols classic Manhattan Cup Final Feb 29th.

Great game 2nite at Timon. Had 2 feel bad 4 Palano who suffered ANOTHER close loss. Canisius may b better off LOSING Saturday. Whoever wins 'gets' Timon in the semis (most likely) whoever loses gets St Mary's...not that it would b an easy game but u have 2 think at SOME point Timon will actually WIN 1 of these close games.

Bishop Kellenberg on Long Island will b a tough out I hear 4 our champ March 4th on Long Island.

Stan already took picture 4 Player of the Year, it's over. Reggie will b on a plane back overseas when they do pictures 4 that stuff in April anyway.

"Crusader Fan"
While I'm still a Weir guy, tonight there's no doubt you're right. Hart was flat-out cold blooded out there. He was burying huge buckets and looked like a closer.

Tonight Weir definitely struggled. He was forcing his shot and just couldn't seem to find a good rythym. Having said that, he did still have 19 (from my count at least) and had 14 through the first three quarters when a lot of his teammates weren't playing that well.

For those that didnt see it, albiet not great quality, I posted a video of White's bucket. That was a sick crossover on Kyle Kobis.

For Timon fans out there, tonight has to be frustrated. The question I can't figure out is why in the world did Timon go away from what was pulling them out in front? Kobis and Williams literally were taking turns burying threes in the third quarter and then in the fourth, once again they went right back to trying too hard to force the ball down inside.

Go with what gets you to the dance.

MIG, I'll say this man..

It almost looks like no team wants to at the top of the mountain this year, and it's almost starting to look like no one wants to win POY either.

I can't analyze seeing I wasn't at the Joe's game, and Reggie had some good numbers. But come on, you gotta lead your team over St. Francis at home whether it takes 4 points or 40.

This postseason race may be INSANE

God my spelling sucks

CC I understand. I mean he's a heck of a player and be crucial to Joe's success, but he was bad. But I do understand it's not good to bash high-school players.

Ricky it appears you DO NOT understand. Had to get one more bash in on the way out. You're a beauty. CC don't edit this clown anymore just stop posting his nonsense.

what about Crumpton,Campion,or Keenan for POY especially with such parity in this season

Falls are too balanced...J'town would at the least have to win the section, probably the regional, with Tommy having at least three huge games...Keenan is not in the conversation.

its too bad for him Matt Hart got off to a slow start this year and was nagged by injuries, because the way he looked last night and the feeling I have about him going into the postseason, he'd definitely be playing his way into the conversation.

Still may actually if they go far enough.

Oh, this is what I forgot to mention.

When I cover a game I at least try to get there early enough to check out some JV Action, not to write about but to "scout" I guess on some of the up and coming talent. And I have not seen nowhere near enough teams to say who has the best JV teams, etc.

But man was I impressed with Canisius JV last night against Timon. They are 18-3 (no clue who they've played), put up 80+ points last night and have at least 4 kids on that team that are going to be real good varsity players in a year or two.

I'm at my office and don't have the names on hand, but No. 3, 22, 23 and 32 got some serious game. No. 3 reminds me of another Matt Hart already and No. 23 is a slasher and could be a big-time scorer.

With Weir, White and MacDonald back next year among others and some of these kids who will come up, the Crusaders are going to be loaded again.

The players you are referring to are Michael Keenan (#3), Josh Huffman (#22), LaTerrence Reed (#23), and Ryan Richards (#32). Canisius does have an exceptional JV team - they usually do.

Just think, Jamestown's JV beat Canisius by 12 and the Red Raiders will already return Campion, Lee Yaw (soph), Panebianco (fresh), and Kellam (fresh).

Yea...J'town situation considerably more impressive considering three of their top six players are underclassmen. Panebianco in particular was very composed in the time he played against Frontier that I saw.

All I'm saying is that the kid had a rough game. Not meaning to bash him but ask anyone at the game, including the kid, and they'd all say he played poorly. The kid is a great player all I'm saying is that he had a poor game. His great games against CHS/AQ/Timon completly overwhelm the fact he had a poor game. I'm just pointing my opinion. I'm not bashing him I'm simply telling you what I saw.

@ Moran speaking of CHS JV. Yeah they're talented. I think Huffman(#22) will be an absolute stud, only a frosh. Reed is also a freshman and he's got some serious game. Keenan is a great leader/PG. Great knowledge of the game and runs the court very well. I'm not very high on Richards, I think right now he's superior due to his athleticism, but I have a hard time belive his game will translate to varsity. He'll be a good bench player, maybe starter in his senior year, but won't dominate like he has this year and last year.

For those going to the game Saturday watch #14 on Joe's JV. Justin Hollins, with some tuning up in his game he could be a beast next year. He already has great size, shooting, and passing skills, but if he gets the rest of his game cleaned up he will be a treat to watch.

I think Jamestown's outlook over the next 2-3 years might be even brighter than Olean's. Minus the fact that Olean plays in Class B where a run to Glens Falls is much easier to ascertain than AA.

I believe that we will win!!!!!! Joe's by 8.

Game recap I posted:

BTW, Matt Hart is most definitely back.. He's been on fire against Timon and Joe's this week.

Weir was huge in the first quarter this afternoon. Call them 1a and 1b anyway you want, but this is one hell of a 1-2 punch Canisius has going.

Give POY to Adam Weir RIGHT NOW!!! The most complete player on the best large school in WNY. He will continue to expand his game making him a legit prospect at the next level.

Who would you rather have, Blair Helton or Adam Weir assuming they have been the Crusaders' two best players over the last 5 or 6 years?

Didn't see much of Helton when he was at CHS, but Weir does it all. Can handle the ball, drive to the basket, shoot the 3, and he can get up with anyone on the boards. Of all the CHS games I have seen this year, I thought that was Weir's best performance, scoring the first 9 points, and finishing with 23. He should definitely get some votes for POY with Stan and RA. The MMA playoffs should be very exciting, with Timon and Mary's both having the ability to take down the top 2 seeds.

Section 6- whats wrong with it stems from its leadership- Jim walker, its time to call it a day Jim and let a young hungry guy take over the reigns. Scheduling,sect. 6 website,officials and Buff. state(playoffs) would all be better off. Lets enjoy the playoffs they are always fun, but the future of section 6 needs change,walker give it a rest

Look Adam Weir is awesome and all, should be 1st team ALL WNY, but the difference between him and Stan/Reggie is that Stan/Reggie make their teams. Don't get me wrong I think Adam is great and all but I could make a strong argument he isn't even the best player on his team, Matt Hart. I think Weir is better than Hart but there is an argument to be made for Hart. Weir also had MacDonald and White to complete that incredible back court. RA took a team which last year consisted of a varsity bench warmer(Briggs) and the rest of the team was JV last season and made them into a top team in WNY. Stan, well just look at his stats he turned an East Aurora team which probably wouldn't have done anything without him and made them at least respectable.
I understand the argument for Weir, lats nights game is still very fresh in everyone's heads, but I think Stan or Reggie is more deserving. That is not taking anything away from Adam Weir, he's a hell of a player and will certainly be the front runner for POY next season.

AND I'd take Weir over Helton. Better rebounder, shooter, and can run the point even though he is 6'4. Overall he is just a great player, although I would like to see him be a bit more physical on defense.

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