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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


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I agree that Jamestown and Niagara Falls would be a great AA matchup. Although, Frontier looks like they are on a hot streak and might meet up with Jamestown again. After getting blown out by Jamestown earlier in the year, they beat Jamestown. Did anyone see that game and what was the big difference?

TML1000 was at that game.

I like to judge how good the brackets are by counting how many teams have a power rating of or over 3.000. Class C-2 has the most with 7, while Class AA and Class B-1 are second most with 6.

Overall, Class AA has 6, Class A has 7, Class B has 11, Class C has 10, and Class D has 3. Classes B and C are certainly very deep this year.

The interesting part for me in C-2 will be how the CCAA teams match up against the Yale Cup schools. For AA, it will be interesting to see if anyone upsets Jamestown or Niagara Falls before the final. It's definitely a possibility as evidenced by earlier season games. For B-1, it will be interesting to see if anyone can take down heavy favorite Olean.

Well...I didn't see the first J'town/Frontier game, but at the Frontier win, Frontier was able to control the boards and exploit J'town's lack of an interior presence. Also, Frontier got hot from range at the right time and Domzalski did a great job in spreading the floor when Frontier was in the half court and did not allow J-town to get out on the break or get easy looks. Basically, Frontier controlled the tempo, which is what they'll have to do again. They aren't going to win a game in the 80's or even 70's. They will have to keep it in the 50's range and make it a half court/gritty game.

The full court should be in J'town's favor should they meet.

Silver Creek Black Knights win the C2 bracket

i think the City schools fare well at Buff State/JCC, with McKinley (A1 and overall A), Riverside(A2), City Honors(B2) and OTC winning their classes. The other winners will be NF (AA) and Olean (B1 and overall B). lamestown will lose prior to the AA final.

Canisius will win Manhattan Cup, they are the best in WNY, their big four will be enough.

"Lamestown will lose prior to the final"

Bold prediction and clever re-naming.

A lot of bold predictions coming from Jamestown haters this year esp. the #1 hater himself TML. Back to Back sectional champions, when they lose in the playoffs to a team from WNY then you all can talk.

I saw Jamestown earlier this year and while they're good they are definitely down a notch or two from the last few years, not to say that just might not be good enough.

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