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Monday, February 13, 2012


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Can't wait to see what MIG has to say about this post.


Stan is a helluva player, but the difference between Paige, Flynn and Weir is that Paige and Flynn won.

What about guys from this year like Lalka, Frasier, Carter, Lowery, Whelpley? None of them are averaging 24 per/game?

Through 19 games, Whelpley was averaging 20.7 ppg for Archbishop Walsh.

Through 15 games, Carter was averaging 21.3 ppg for City Honors.

Not sure on the others, I would have to contact their coaches.

Stan won too when he was surrounded by other strong talent, just as Jonny and Paige were. Jonny didn't even win the section his senior year.

If Joe's wins MMA...Reggie has a shot...if they get to Fed he is the favorite. If EA makes a good run, and Joe's doesn't make Fed, Stan is basically a lock.

Bailey is avg right about 18ppg for KW.

Taking from the News box scores.
Lalka averaging about 22.5 ppg. for Tonawanda.

Maybe I'm wrong but POY shouldn't be a career award, it should be a season award.

*Referring to TML1000

lowery has big numbers,1000pts in 2 yrs. where does that put him in poy and all wny talk and nc has played a better schedule then ea

I agree it shouldnt be a career award, but the excuse that Stan plays against inferior competition and his numbers should be lessened is shot down by the fact that when he did play against good competition, with much better teammates, he also put up good numbers.

Someone said he wouldnt have close to the same numbers if he played on Canisius....I argue ge would have similar numbers. With better teammates, especially a great passing team like Canisius, he would not have to create his own shot nearly as often, something that is not a strength of his.

If he played at Canisius he would play about 28 minutes in competitive games and one half to three quarters in blowouts. Like the current regulars. He'd be playing with three future college players who average 50 points between them. Hard to believe those three would put a lid on their games just to feed him the ball. With only one ball and a 32 minute game I say he wouldn't average 20.

^3 college players? Weir and Hart will play college ball. But you think White or McDonald will play collegiate ball? Maybe McDonald plays at Medaille?

Stan Wier put up 16-17ppg playing with Regan as a sophomore and I heard it was the same at LaLumiere, playing with and against the best in the country.
Last 7 games: MaxPreps says 30+ average, usually against every defense possible, as the opponents sole effort is to stop him. I've caught a few of them, Lets not forget 11+ boards per game, all from the PG position and EA is winning as the smallest school in the large school bracket.....If its a numbers game: he will be tough to beat. If its a defensive game or a hustle game: tough to argue against for POY.

are you kidding me...white and macdonald will both play college basketball (if they choose)...in fact i suspect macdonald will play at a scholarship level somewhere (probably D-2) because of his size, smarts and uncanny ability to shoot the ball

as for stan wier, i think he is a great talent, but reggie is right there with him. in fact, i'd put reggie slightly ahead right now for POY...until east aurora wins something

I love this post! Jelly Donut what do u mean 'until East Aurora wins something'...like what? When Will Reagan won POY in 2009 what did Nichols win? The fact this team is as good as they is because of Stan. Reggie doesn't need 2 carry Joe's Stan has 2 carry EA. Reggie-Stan it's not even close. TML is right Reggie would have 2 get 2 the Fed and have EA not even get 2 the Riverside game.

Was at the game 2nite at times I couldn't tell if Larry would rather stop Stan from getting 30 (he ended up with 26) or win the game! 3-4 guys would b all over Stan when he had the ball and he would just kick it out 4 his team-mates 2 nail open 3's. It happened SEVERAL times! Stan also had 10 rebounds again but his 30 point binge did end.

What do I think of CC's post? I think J Paige last years player of the year averaged 26.1 points a game and this years player of the year averges 26.1 points a game.

Because it is such a weak year, it can become even more of a career award, giving another reason Stan should win it. Also in Feb of 2007 a great article by my namesake came out about Flynn. 2 months later he was named player of the year. In Feb 2010 a great story by Keith came out about Will. 2 months later he was named Player of the year. Tomorrow in Feb 2012 I am sure another great story will come out about Stan. And April 7th he will b named player of the year.

It's over fella's! Stan is the Man.

PS - TML what about Syracuse now? On the road at Louiville and nice wins over top 12 teams Marquette, Georgetown, and Florida at home. Let's get that 1996 Finals rematch April 2nd Kentucky vs Syracuse!!!

Nice story on Stan Wier in the Buffalo News today. Hardworker who will be successful at UB and most importantly where ever life takes him. Ball is like life, you get what you put in!

Buffalo News should continue such features on the other stories of WNY bball like Lowery, Campion, Whepley, Hart, A. Weir, Crumpton, Agbeko, and the many others. Will open more doors of opportunity for our players.

White is like 5'6. Hard to play college ball at that height.

I'm gonna stop with arguing POY for now because the people who think Stan will win are stuck on that side and those for Reggie on the other side.

In a couple weeks maybe the winner is more obvious, right now I think it's rather vague.

Yea...it's a road win over a decent team, but it's such a down year in the Big East and NCAA in general that any I'm not ready to say any team is close to great. The game itself was awful...both teams were lucky to even get in the 50's.

They have a shot, but I would be surprised if another middy doesn't make the FF. Cuse, just like any of the top teams, can lose to an experienced, hot shooting middy.

Ricky what's your point on Medialle? I said college basketball, is it not? Truth is what coach Mac is doing over there is a fantastic success story and should be celebrated. On the verge of another NCAA berth. Giving lots of great kids a chance to realize their dreams of playing college ball and play in NCAA tourney. Many of them local. Not all kids are 6'3" 210 (Stan) or 6'7" 225 and jump out of the gym (Reggie) at 18 years old. It's become a great option for talented kids who aren't blessed with big time bodies. Your post sounds like a diss on the Mavs, coach Mac and D III.

I went to see Lalka play last night and he lit it up w/ 8 3's. The kid can shoot and is leading a winning team to a Division title. However after reading the Buffalo News this morning and the recap of last nights EA game, it is clear that MIG and all the Stan backers are correct on POY. MCshea has a love affair w/ Stan. Not that he doesnt deserve the recognition. Reggie's only chance would be Co-POY. Lalka 1st team?? Also, how would everyone compare Regan to Reggie?

'11-'12 ???

Could the Reggie and Stan factions stand it if they were co-POY, UB shows more interest, Reggie chooses UB, both factions are forced to sit together at games next 4 years, RA & SW are lifelong friends often flying back & forth together to and from Ghana? :)

Regan's numbers from 2010, the year they won the Fed, are almost identical to Agbeko's numbers this year. Obviously, they are different types of players, with Agbeko being more athletically gifted, while Regan was possibly the most polished big man ever to come out of WNY.

2010 Regan - 19.6 ppg, 14.1 rpg
2012 Agbeko - 19.1 ppg, 14.4 rpg
(Agbeko's numbers only reflect his first 19 games)

Also, just got some numbers on MST Seneca's Aaron Frasier for this year, and as expected, they are pretty eye-popping.

23.0 ppg
9.5 apg
8.2 rpg

Frasier is definitely one of the best I've seen this year, and in my opinion, the best player in the city.

Thanks CC for mentioning Frasier and his #s. He definitely deserves consideration. By the time it's over, he and MST might go further than the other two if Joes doesn't win the MMA.

Didn't Lackawanna's Blackburn average nearly 30 ppg in 2005?

He may have, I only went back as far as Flynn's senior year.

How could you have Timon 9th? It makes no sense. They took Joe's your #1 team to OT. Beat Bishop Kearney, only lost to great teams. You should not be allowed to vote at all if you truly think they are not top 5.

Sounds like a troll, but I'll take the bait.

What should that plaque read again?

They did take Joe's to OT, and lost. Then in the rematch, they allowed a 33-5 run and lost again. They beat BK without Obokoh and with Anderson injured in the 4th. Still their best win, but show me something locally. They even fell at home to St. Mary's, who followed up that win with a bad showing at Walsh.

Like I stated in the Poll Ballots post, no wins over a top ten school. All the schools I placed above them have one. You could make a case for teams like Riverside and Frontier being ahead of them - I went the other way. Tough to argue with Jamestown and West being ahead of them. Remember, West won at Falls, something Timon could not do.

I do think they're a very good team, but it's a poll and I do my best to be logical with the results. Keith told me I voted them lower than anyone else, so obviously you're not the only one who questions my logic.

Next time, rip me under the right post.

Yea...appropriate positioning of Timon...good losses only get you so far. At this stage of the season, you have to get some good W's.

Just heard about this site yesterday. Thanks to everyone for their comments. It takes two sides to make a market and whoever put this site up: hats off! The market is rolling!!!!
Having read all comments; I would like to provide some info the readers may not be aware of, as Stan has been absent from the area. Without it, judgement may be difficult. Stan has opted to test his skill and be blessed with the opportunity to prove himself successful as a teammate, scorer, defender, re-bounder, hustler and leader, on every possible stage: ECIC, Monsignor Martin, NYS Federation, Nationally ranked High School and Prep School competition and AAU National Level with Nike's Albany City Rocks. Also against many ESPN Ranked players: Achraf Yacoubou (presently getting good minutes at Villanova, primarily for defense). Stan 31-Achraf 11, Nick Johnson (Findlay Prep/Arizona, Savon Goodman, Rick Ledo, etc. where in each instance, scored and MORE IMPORTANTLY, held these and many high ranked opponents in check. DEFENSE: Nobody ever talks about "D" and that, in my opinion, is where the games are won. Never enough attention to "D"; always points, points, points.....Stan's defense and hustle speaks volumes, just ask his coach's or those he's played against. Proving himself at these levels turns opinion and the unknown, into fact and reality. It is precisely why he did it. To become better. For the question marks at the next level: more than 50, D1 coaches (Coach W, Coaches: Jim Baron,Driesel, Henderson, etc)would need to be wrong for some of the posts to be right. BBall minds might opt in favor of the opinions held by "the already proven" at the D1 level, rather than the "ricky" sort??? Many of those D1 heads were turned during July because of Defense and I have to admit, shooting 55+% from 3 land against "stud" defenders, helped his cause.
INFO: As for this year, one of the main reasons Stan came back to Buffalo was the opportunity that he could learn the point guard position and play with his brother. He's never played it and thought it would further round out his game for the future. The improvement is evident. As for his performance, (MaxPreps), always hard to compare a Point Guard vs.a Big

Stat: Stan (PG) - Reggie:
PPG 26* 19
RB 11 14*
Turnovers 31* 72
2pt% 56%* 56%*
3pt% 38%*(47of123) 0% (0for1)
FT% 74%* 55%
FTA 133(nice* 125
*went to stripe more, in 3 less games, with a better %.
Blocks 3 39* (nice)
Assists 46* 34
Steals 43* 30

Stats are just that, Stats: and are part of the measurement process. Stan has achieved success at every level offered answering many questions already. Reggie is a fine player and a very nice young man. My wife had the pleasure of driving him to the BCANY and said how much she enjoyed his company. We wish him and St. Joe's well!
Sorry for getting long winded but wanted to put the info out there. Best of luck to all the teams and boys in their playoff quests and that they all stay healthy.
Let the market roll......

I'm not dissing Medaille. I said McDonald may go there because his dad is coach. I made it out tobe a complement to Matt McDonald

Oh and "Stan's Dad", I mean MIG, I don't get why you're respected here. You are the most obvious troll on the internet.

I believe the comment above is from Mr. Wier.

What is never mentioned about either Stan or Reggie is that they both are very humble. They show great composure at all times and want to lead their respective teams to a championship.
I truly believe that whoever is awarded POY the other who did not win will be happy for him.
Why who wins the award is more important to a contributor to this blog is more importtant to either Stan or Reggie or thier respective families is a little troubling and really makes no sense.
Good luck to both and may you continue to be positive representatives for your schools.

CC maybe it was Stans dad. I guess when I see multiple !'s I assume its MIG. Also the fact that it was about Stan made it seem even more like MIG, who has made fake names before.

If it truly is Stan's Dad(Great TV character btw) then I apologize.

I'm really not sure what all the animosity over POY is. Both players have had outstanding years and a case could be made for either as POY. Obviously there are some very strong opinions on the subject, but all the debate in the world will not resolve the issue to everyones satisfaction. Demeaning either player certainly does not make anyones point stronger. Maybe there should be more debate as to who is the best team.

IMO there are four teams that are a level above the rest, Canisius, St Joes,, Olean and NF. I would have included Timon earlier in the year, but their inability to beat NF, St Joes and Canisius even once does not cut it. To me this means that other than Class AA and the MMA all the other Sectional titles are up for grabs, which should make Buff State really exciting.

Are MMA playoffs at Buff St. or Canisius College?


They're at the Canisius College Koessler Center.

Stan is making 1st Team, All-WNY, I think that's pretty obvious and based on his talent, it's deserved.

I don't think he'll sniff P.O.Y. unless he somehow puts his team on his back for a magical postseason run.

Otherwise, it's Reggie Agbeko that will win. This has not been a standout year for any players or even teams in comparision to most recent years, but Reggie is deserving, I just hope people who actually watch the games realize Reggie is no one-man show on that team, they have some very underrated supporting cast members.

By the way-- Everyone should be either thankful, or bitter that Jaysean Paige bolted for Kentucky.

If you like parity where very few teams are locks to win every night and no player was a heavy POY favorite until now, then it's great he left.

If you like dominance, then it's a shame. I can't even imagine how dominant Jamestown would've been this year had he stayed.

Speaking of Paige, any clues where he may attend college?

No Patrick stop coughing up your opinion that Stan has no shot 2 win it. He is the frontrunner. Reggie has played in a cloud of smoke all year while Stan recently has 'lit up' the scoreboard at a pace not seen in years.

All this Player of the Year talk wouldn't matter if Sal hadn't used his AAU connections 2 force J Paige 2 Kentucky. Good move Sal, Falls now an early 12 point favorite vs Jamestown March 3rd.

Just doing some internet research I came up with this:

Jaysean Paige is averaging 21.4 ppg and 6.6 rpg for Perry County, whose record is 22-4.

He's being recruited by Marshall, Tennessee Tech, Northern Kentucky, and Eastern Kentucky. Per scout.com he has an offer from Morehead State.

Marshall is a good program and Morehead State had a nice tourney run last year. Hopefully his academics are in order and I'll be interested in seeing where he plays college ball.

I don't get how Sal got J Paige out of the area with AAU connections? If that is true there should be something done about it. I mean in one way I guess it's smart but it hurt the rest of the basketball fans in the area. I knew Sal came from AAU. I don't know just don't think it is righ that Sal did that even if they do end up winning AA.

Good reading, checked out maxpreps.com regarding the Reggie - Stan debate:
While Stan is leading Sect 6 in nearly every single category the Rankings for ALL of NYS for Stan are:
8th in Total scoring
22nd in Total boards
7th in 3 pointers made
9th in free throws made
Dudes, this is the entire NYS (all schools) and from the Point Guard position!!!!! PG's don't board like this and if they do, wow!
If POY determines who is the best, All Around basketball player (not team) in the Section, then
it's obvious. Too much production at every aspect of the game: undeniable! Go Stan and hope to see you at Buff State!

Max preps stats arent even close to reflecting all of NY because the majority of coaches dont put stats up on there.

Not surprised he rebounds well.Look at his size. Weir doesnt play the top of the zone or guard the other teams pg so he only plays point half the game. You would think the best pg in the state could lead his team to ecic3 champs. Do you think he wins Mr. basketball NY?


^ Strange story...

I mostly stay out of the Wier discussion, which has certainly become the top hot-button topic of debate in WNY hoops this season.

As someone who does not vote for the Buffalo News All-WNY team, though I do have my own little version of the All-BSD team, at this time (things change) Stan is a clear-cut choice for 1st Team all-star, though I don't think he has a realistic chance at all of winning POY.

It's clearly Reggie's to lose and in what's been a year filled with parity, nobody has stood out enough to really challenge him. That could change, I dont think team postseason success should be the only major deciding factor on individual accolates (in the professional ranks MVP and ALl-Star teams are chosen before playoffs even begin) but short of someone catching fire and leading his team to championship or especially unexpected championship heights, I can't see Reggie not winning POY.

I been singing this song all year, but for me personally, the player I've enjoyed watching the most this year is Canisius' Adam Weir. I really thin that kid has some serious all-around game and he's incredibly unselfish. HE could average 30ppg on lesser teams if he wanted to.

That's why I HATE stats being such a big factor in awards.

Take McKinley. Morris is their big scorer, but R. Jordan is the one who makes things happen.

Riverside: It's all about Justice Feggan, but I'm a huge Lamont Little fan.

St. Joe's would not be undefeated in league play if Kyle Briggs didn't "D" up some of the best opponents and make clutch plays all season (scoring average stinks but irrelevent)

Timon: Not a doubt in my mind, or anyone's who watches them regularly that Jordan Williams is their best player, despite only averaging around 14ppg. IF he was in a Ryan Whelpley or Joe Lowery situation he'd put down 26-28 per game I'm very confident.

St, Mary's: Simmons' value can't be measured in statistics.

I can go on and on.

It's for all those reasons that had I had a Player of the Year vote last year, it would've went to East High Schools' Tremmell Fisher.

He was my favorite player to watch, put up solid but not eye-popping numbers, made his teammates better and led his team to postseason success.

Could not agree with you more pat

Some good points about statistics not telling the whole story. Adam Weir and Jordan Williams are great examples of guys who could score much more if they played someplace where their scorinbg was depended upon.
Will disagree with you about the POY. Right now I do not think it should be decided with too much season still to play. But it is decided already and since it is not a vote but rather just McShea's sole opinion, there is no doubt he picked Stan W. He was not a Reggie fan last year and still is not. If it were a vote as you implied above, then based on how I think the rest of the season goes Reggie would win it rather convincingly. Glad you and Centercourt provide another prespective for fans and look forward to the All-BSD team again when it comes out.

There is little doubt that the scoring tear that Stan is on, and his always impressive physical strength makes him look like a man playing against boy's. Whomever the selection is the choice will be the correct one. Both Stan and Reggie are equally deserving.
If one has advantage over the other in the statistical category that edge has to go to Stan. As a point guard he obviously has the ball in hands most of the time which creates more scoring opportunities.
Either way the playoff runs by both teams will matter greatly.

To be fair to Keith, who as the sole real HS reporter for the Buffalo News, does listen to input from others but also does have the final call for Bflo News Player of the Year, as he should since it's his reputation and that of the newspaper's.

Anyway, if I had a Player of the Year vote and had to cast it TODAY, it would go to Reggie, more so by process of elimination. I think Reggie has been fantastic, and while I hesitate to say he's been POY almost everytime he's stepped on the court, I can't see anyone else who's been better night in and night out.

I am not a Stan Wier hater at all, I respect the hell out of his game and you don't go to DI schools on full scholarships without having some serious game, but in his case stats tell too much of the story.

If Stan can be P.O.Y. on an "OK" team because he's on a scoring tear, I can make the same exact case then for Aaron Frasier, Jamaal Carter, Justice Feggans, Joe Lowery and Ryan Whelpley just as easily.

Just like any sport at any level, it's always fun and sometimes frustrating to dicuss POY and first-team all stars, but since the playoffs DO mean something, we have got to let things play out.

If Stan leads his team to a strong postseason, he is definitely in the mix. I also think if Adam W or Jordan happen to lead their teams to a Manhattan Cup and have phenominal playoff runs in doing so, they deserve to be. How about Tommy Campion at Jamestown or Jermaine Crumpton or Williams from Niagara Falls? What if Martin Bailey or Campbell catches fire and Ken West goes all the way at Buffalo State.

I'm leaving out a few Southern Tier guys Im not as qualified to comment on as I wish I were.

Still a good amount, in fact the best hoops left to be played.

Pat you are a big MMA fan how many Canisius games have you seen.

at least 5-6

Same here and in all of those games Wier took the most shots. Unselfish was not what I saw. I would be surprised if wasn't the leading shot taker for the team. Hard to take the most shots and be unselfish. Unless you are a one man band which is certainly not the case on his team.

He may take the most shots (though I'd go with Hart,another solid shooter) but he could take a lot more. Canisius has a bunch of shooters on that squad.

Husband has that team geared for his four top guys to average between 14-17 per game at the most.

Weir also does a lot of other things well that many good scorers in WNY don't do.

Pat, let me get this straight. If you had a vote for POY last year it would have went to Fisher at East? Then why was Paige BSD POY?

I do not think for a second Adam Weir is selfish. I've seen 4 CHS games this season and not once have I gotten the impression that he was selfish. If I said anyone on CHS was selfish it'd be Hart, that said I don't think Hart is selfish at all.

Moran and Guest: boys, before you comment, please go out and watch a few games. Wier guards the opponents best, whether on the perimeter or the post, then brings the ball up and out rebounds the others beside shooting the 3 and going to the line more than most. The fun is always in the debate, but you guys are clueless, blind or have no basketball acumen. Either way, your comments can't be taken as anymore than that. Check in after a few days......

I want 2 take official credit 4 starting all this player of the year talk. There have now been over 350 posts on this subject ALONE! Thanks 4 all the imput. It's funny how Pat and all the Anti Stan guys put other kids on bad teams scoring (not as much per game mind u which they never mention) but fail 2 mention he was the 2nd leading scorer on NICHOLS in the 'MMA' when they won the State Fed title 2 years ago in Class A.

Just remember - Stan is the man. I will b taking him out 2 breakfast April 7th when the paper comes out, then asking his Dad 2 borrow some chew!

whoa, when did I become anti- Stan Wier???
Are you kidding me? I said he's one of only 2 locks for First-Team, All-WNY.

I am glad Stan Weir is getting player of the year he is sexy. No question the best looking player in Western New York. He can't be asking out of games come playoff time but me and the girls are looking forward to getting our hands on Stan in the Fall. He is the Tom Brady of High School basketball and that really should count for something I think.

MIG that's kind of weird that your calling a high school player sexy. If that doesn't make him feel uncomfortable, I don't know what does.

Paige would have NO shot this year. Dudes, look at his numbers. Not enough production, not well rounded enough. Undeniable!

How about that Triple Bypass Burger at The Heart Attack Grill, better stay away from that stuff. Stick to pizza, maybe white pizza with some grilled chicken and veggie toppings, drizzle of extra virgin olive oil... oooh, it's so good. Hey, Mr.Food, get outta here.

See you at the Bengal House! Sorry, we're outta pizza already.

Paige is playing in a league and section with more Division 1 commits and higher ranked teams. Yet he is still a player of the year candidate there. I highly disagree he would have no shot here. At Jamestown he would've averaged probably 30 ppg after getting 26 last year. He would've been AT LEAST co-player of the year with Weir or Agbeko or whomever is selected. Paige is also a better shooter than Weir which is interesting because he seems to be labeled as a pure shooter. Paige is shooting 40% from 3. He is also a superior athlete. I think all 3 are VERY good high school players and are Division 1 caliber, I just think it's foolish to say Paige would have no shot.

I think the Paige would have no shot comment was a joke. Made me laugh. We wouldn't have even discussed it if he were here. Reggie and Wier are great but Paige was at a different level and the most exciting player since Flynn.

Patrick Moran says Fisher should have been POY last year not Paige.

I read that comment too, and as you pointed out, Paige was the BSD POY.

In this year's ECIC, yea, JP could have averaged whatever he wanted.

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