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Tuesday, February 07, 2012


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Have to say ... watched Olean simply crush Allegany-Limestone tonight, 72-26. Allegany-Limestone scored 9 points in the second half. (Bench kids played much of third and all of fourth quarter.)

Even as the Huskies have had a lot of accolades this season, they appear to be taking it to another level in their last few games. Essentially, they toyed with Dunkirk last week — another late push by Dunkirk made the 15-point margin in the final score seem more respectable. Allegany-Limestone is not a powerhouse by any stretch of the imagination, but they do have a winning record and they hung with Olean in their earlier matchup.

Hope I wasnt the Tonawanda Jinx.. I had them ranked 10th in my BSD POWER RANKINGS poll yesterday. I don't do seperate large/small schools for my power rankings.

Big game for Weir at East Aurora, I have a feeling he's going to go on a scoring tear and lock up a first-team, All-WNY spot. Despite playing on a team that's not among WNY's best, he's a big scorer and a big name.

Oh, speaking of Dunkirk ... I'm sure they're excited about their big 104-40something win over Lake Shore. Looking in the Buff News box, only seven kids scored for Dunkirk, which would seem to indicate the starters and top subs played the whole way.

In there any coach out there who is more bush league than Dunkirk's head man?

Wow. Just when I thought things were starting to get settled in the N-O. Akron SLAMS Wilson and holds Martin to one point. Roy-Hart crushes Albion in what I thought would be an even game. Newfane handles business against barker despite 35 points and 21 rebounds from sophomore Jake Haight. Medina plays much better and loses by 16 against CSAT than they did Saturday after losing by 31 and not having their leading scorer on the team any longer. Freshman Jason Hellwig of Medina scored 20 including 5 of 7 from behind the arc and if you haven't seen Darnell Carson of CSAT yet, I suggest you do. He might be the most underrated player in WNY. He can finish with the best of them and has a smooth stroke but his best skill is his awareness and court vision. Some of the passes he makes are just ridiculous. AND he's only a junior. In my opinion he's one of the top 5 point guards in WNY for sure, I really encourage going to see him before you write him off as a small school or charter school player.

That was a big source of lively debate last year-- Dunkirk running up the score, which left many critics feeling real happy when they went down at Buffalo State College last March.

And I just read someone said he is like 'Javon McRea'....WHAT???? The guy who starts 4 UB? Who took Newerk 2 the State Final? The rebounding machine? Possible 1st team all MAC as a sophmore? Strongest Big 4 player in years? Guys GET A GRIP! Call me a jerk whatever, but PLEASE! Enough!

BTW if they ever would let a woman vote in the polls I would only vote 9 in Large school this week there is no #10 team. I was out of town so I didn't get 2 any games 2nite but I hear Amherst and Will East lost. Maybe Frontier slips into #10 I guess but it doesn't matter. The ENTIRE ECIC stinks this year (except Jamestown). ALl about the MMA, Yale Cup, and Falls-K West-Olean.

I also think Tom Brady is very sexy. I was sad he lost. All us girls think he is way sexier than Eli Manning who looks basically like a nerd. Someone Ricky would date.

I would date Tom Brady. Guy is a hunk

So if the entire ECIC stinks this year except for Jamestown (which I mostly agree with you on, in a less-harsh way), then how could Jamestown be Number one in your poll playing in such as weak division?

And I'm pretty sure the Canisius "was tired" theory against St. Joe's in their first game isn't fair reason to vote Canisius ahead of Joe's either. For the record, they had played Walsh two nights earlier and buried them by around 25 points.

I can perfectly understand your reasoning for not liking St. Joe's and you're probably not the only one, but if you look at things with even a tint of being unbias, I can't fathom how they couldn't possibly be number one in someone's poll this week.

Maybe that changes at Timon on Thursday, but based on what I've seen this year, I highly doubt it.

I have nothing against St. Joe's and I believe Reggie is the frontrunner for player of the year at this point, but the McCrea comparison is a little ridiculous. You have to understand that Javon McCrea has an NBA body right now and did as a 17 year old which is how old he was when he stepped onto the UB campus. Then he was dominating games as a freshman at 18. UB isn't at the highest level of Division 1 basketball yet like power conference level, but they are certainly not at the lowest either. I don't think Reggie will be able to go to a mid-major and absolutely dominate right away like Javon did.

Congrats to you, TakeitToTheHole for throwing out some McCrea information and actually giving us some N-O feed as well, its always a interesting little league.. have not seen Carson play yet but have heard many coaches say that he has tremendous quickness off the dribble and overall outstanding player. Its tough for me to figure out how Newfane and Wilson are on the top of that league after losing so much to graduation last season? Is this the year Wilson takes down the B-2 crown? Clev Hill and others will be good tests for the Lakemen. B1 looks to be a really good bracket having Olean Depew Dunkirk East Tonawanda in there..most ranked in top 10 small schools with Olean the clear favorite but still should be some interesting stuff at Buffalo State when it comes to the B brackets..selection saturday only 10 days away and alot of league titles up for grabs.

Akron played exceptionally well last night. Everything the Lakemen normally do well, didn't happen last night. Coach Gerstung had his players ready to play and they executed the game plan to perfection. I hope Wilson can forget about this game and move on to the final three league games against Albion, CSAT, and Royhart.

If you would have told me that Wilson would be 9-2 after 11 league games I would have taken that without a doubt. They need to right the ship Friday vs. Albion.

Wilson has had difficulty with physical teams on the perimeter as well as inside. My hope is that, in sectionals and hopefully at Buff State, their match ups are with teams that aren't as physical. The big court may negate some of the physical play, which bodes well for the Lakemen.

I don't think Newfane will lose another league game, so the best the Lakemen can do is to share the title with Newfane if both teams win out.

Newfane and Wilson always seem to reload and never have to rebuild. For Wilson, next year will be a rebuilding year.

I agree Lakeman Fan, Wilson will be losing all 5 starters from this years team. Newfane loses Seefeldt and Kneeland but they will have a strong core back. Those teams are so good this year for a couple reasons. 1.) great coaching and they are disciplined teams and 2.) they ALWAYS play VERY hard. Also Tyler Martin is a really good player for WIlson. Newfane doesn't have a star but they have about 8 pretty good high school players that play great defense and hustle. I'd definitely pick Olean to come out of B-1 and B-2 is a tough call between Wilson and Cleve Hill after they just beat Tonawanda.

Next year, Wilson will have hustle players, but not the athleticism or skill to compete against average to above average talent. Newfane will have the athleticism and skill to compete at a high level again next year.

CSAT is held back by their poor discipline, but is slowly improving in that area. They will be a factor next year and even this year they have the ability to put some good games together. As long as Carson keeps his emotions in check and on the floor for 32 minutes they can play with anyone.

B-2 is a tough call and if last night is an indication to how Wilson will play going forward, it doesn't look good. Last night, Akron reminded me of Newfane. Physical, aggressive, and nothing was going to stop them from getting an offensive board or a loose ball. If they play like they did last night, they will be a tough match up in sectionals.

I cannot comment on teams other than N/O league teams because I haven't seen any other teams play.

Thank you for your insight TakeItToTheHole.

Just cleaned out the spam filter and found a comment from Division 1 and Patrick Moran, which I published, although I think both were re-written anyway. They don't show up as new comments, but rather get placed in where they were intended to be.

If you ever think a comment got lost in spam, you can email me or let me know in the comments section and I'll look for it. There's nothing more frustrating than taking the time to type out a long series of thoughts, only to have them disappear through the magic of the internet. It's happened to me several times.

CSAT and Honors will both be right in the B-2 mix with C-H and Wilson...I honestly think any of those four could win the bracket. When Washington is shooting the ball well and Honors plays solid team defense, Honors is tough as Carter will get his 20+ per game. CSAT goes up to Wilson on V-day so that should give a final gague as to where those teams are standing.

I don't like when players are compared because of statistics. It's all about the players around them and the program. Just off the top of my head, I can name 5-6 players who if on other teams would average 24-25ppg with their eyes closed if they were on a different team but only score 13-14 per game on the team they are on now.

Occassionally there are players who fill up the scoresheet and they are flat-out just that good, but without naming names, there's plenty of kids who average 22 points per game who wouldn't be a first, second or even third option on a lot of teams.

Oh by the way, I wanted to let you guys know that I'm working on putting together a weekly podcast on my site dedicated 100% to high school sports talk---obviously now with hoops season but also baseball and other sports and of course, football next year.

CC I expect you to be a regular--and I'd love to argue with MIG on the air, at least he's fun.

"The View from Centercourt" is finally on Eastern Time!

Correct! While sifting through spam, I decided to go all out and correct the three hour time delay.

Thank goodness! I wuz in like a time machine every time I dribbld up in here

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