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Sunday, February 05, 2012


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@Timon and @AQ. Could be tough week for the Marauders

St Joe's is the most over-rated HS team in WNY history! SJ rules is crazy. So r the 10 voters who still insist on putting them #1. Canisius will still win it when it counts.

I can't believe that Super Bowl I am so pissed I wanted Brady 2 win his 4th. The Buffalo hotels team stay at like the Adam's Mark and Hyatt downtown do suck. Bottom line Welker dropped his pass and Manningham caught his.

PS - I serioulsy think the Canisius HS team could hang with if not beat Canisius college. Will b interesting 2 c if the new coach next year still wants 6-4 Power Forward's :)

I suggest Jack Herlan 2 take over 4 Parotta and then when Joe's falls apart u will all c who the real brains behind Joe's has been all these years. Who do u think was flying back and forth from Ghana during Reggie's recruiting? Risking his life over there with kidnapping rampant just 2 get Joe's some much needed size. And the planes that fly into Ghana r those small prop planes. Jack has a family and he was willing 2 risk his life 2 recruit this guy. Amazing.

I also wanna thank Patrick Moran 4 the breaking news he provides this blog. While others come on here with smoke and mirrors, Pat contiues 2 cough up good information. Well done Pat.

Timon has made a small change to their starting lineup. In is sophomore Donte Williams, who'll make his first start Tuesday when they play St. Francis. Out is Fulton Bryant, who will now come off the bench.

McShea is God is delusional

This week is a big one in terms of possibly defining a number of league champions. Timon can put itself back into the league race with a win Thursday, while Joe's can basically asure itself no worse than a share of the MMA crown with a win. McKinley can lock up the large Yale Cup with a three game sweep against Park, Bennett and East this week, while OTC can do the same with the small Yale Cup, starting tonight with Honors, Emerson and daVinci.

Wil East can take a big step towards the ECIC II title against Iroquois tomorrow, while Cheektowaga must defeat EA tomorrow, to force a first place showdown with Amherst on Thursday. Tonawanda can of course nearly wrap up ECIC IV with a win over one loss Cleve Hill.

Can McShea is God be banned or something? I mean he is an obvious troll.

Patrick, is Bryant Fulton hurt or is he just demoted? Kind of surprised he hasn't been more of a factor in his time at Timon. First saw him in AAU play when he was in middle school and it just seems he never took the next step — at least offensively.

Will be interesting to see if D. Williams can thrive in expanded role. Also, his Dad looms large in the Timon theater...

Ricky M.I.G. is the only reason I read this blog. Funny stuff. I'd rather have you banned. I was rolling over with the Moran 'Smoke' and 'cough' up comments. You obviously don't get it.

Anyway I vote we ban Ricky not MIG. And you only know what the word 'troll' means because you spend too much time on pornographic sites. Go to Church Ricky and stop watching that stuff.

Lefty, If its true that D.Williams is starting ahead of Bryant, then its a smart move. He has given them more quality minutes even though he sees less action. Either way, Jordan Williams role wouldn't expand. Right now he needs to worry about contributing period. Looked completely lost against Canisius and Kobis looked loke Kobis. Everyone talks about Kobis and Williams but in every Timon game I've seen Gibbs has been their best player.

Regarding Donte Williams, from what I gather it's not a demotion for Bryant Fulton. Timon has been struggling to find scoring of late other than DeMilo Gibbs. The thinking is that Bryant off the bench fresh will cause more matchup problems for the oppostion at more opportune times for Timon. He'll still get a lot of minutes. I think Palano is just looking for some kind of sparks.

Regarding Jordan Williams, the kid is lost in part (LARGE part actually) because of the sudden change in their offense. The good news for them is that Gibbs has stepped up ina big way and causes a huge matchup problem for anyone (he even got the better of Agbeko several times). The bad news is they have an offense built around running plays and getting off at the perimeter.

I don't want to be overly critical of Palano's new philosophy because I cover high school games and it's not fair to cover kids the same way with the same intensity pros get covered.

I'll say this though-- I do NOT think Timon is a very good team when Gibbs is scoring 20+ points per game. He gets his, but the rest of the guys try so hard to feed the ball down low that they get away from what they're actually best at doing, and that's running and gunning and playing a lot of half court press/trap defense.

Gibbs has been very impressive and remember, this is the first year he's been a signifcant factor. But the negative that comes with that is not being used to all these mintues and touches like he's getting now, he's wearing down later in games against good teams, is not a good foul shooter at all and teams are picking up on that (Canisius' Kyle Husband admitted to sending guys in and out to intentionally foul him in second half last week) and because he's not that experienced with this kind of playing time and responsibility, is not a good passer down low out of double and triple teams. Again, Canisius had the strategy of letting him put the ball down and then doubling up on him every single time, either fouling him or forcing up low percentage shots.

Timon, much like Canisius is at their best when they have their best 3-4 guys getting 13-17 points. When they upset Kearney it looked like a total different offense. Williams was lights-out,scored 27 points and nailed six three-pointers. Kobis, Bryant and Ryan Dougherty were also big factors.

Bryant and Dougherty are both averaging less than 7 points per game this year after promising sophomore campaigns.

As for Williams, I think to put things mildly he's not in the situation. Timon now seems committed, maybe overly committed to getting the ball down low as much as they can, not to mention Kobis does an awful lot of ball handling when he's obviously to anyone with a set of functioning eyes a natural shooting guard, NOT a point guard. Fulton has played the point from time to time but is as much better slasher than outside shooter and for whatever reason, him driving to the bucket and either scoring or dishing back out seems outlawed in Palano's offense.

I'd put my money on Williams in a 3-point shootout against anybody in Western New York and feel confident about it.

AFter the Canisius game, a game where Williams had 2 points, by far his worst game ever, Crusaders guard Aaron White was shocked by the offense he saw and told me, and I quote "In my opinion Williams is the best shooter in WNY"

In my opinion, the ST. Joe's offense to feed the ball time and time again to Reggie works. With Timon and Gibbs being the new focal point, it does not.

Gibbs is an insanely improved player and a huge part of any success they may have, but if Timon wants to get past St. Joe's and Canisius, it will not happen unless Williams and Kobis are leading the way.

Bullet-Point time on Timon. I wrote out a long post but I think I screwed it up and it didn't send.

1- Bryant coming off the bench is not a demotion really, they're trying to get a spark. Donte Williams is a better outside shooter (when he takes smart shots)and Bryant off the bench gives them better matchup options and a differnt look. He'll still get a lot of minutes.

2- Gibbs has stepped up, but that's good and bad. Good because you always want to have an effective big man.. Bad because their offense suddenly has become so low-post dependent that everyone else is suffering in a major way.

3- Against Canisius, me and Keith did interviews with Kyle Husband and some players for our respective blogs, his much bigger than mine.. But the quotes were very telling.. Husband and ADam Weir admitted they sent 4 guys in the second half alone to foul Gibbs and send him to the line. THey also put heavy pressure on him knowing he cant pass out of double teams, so they would either foul him or force him into a bad shot.

4- I'll take my two dollars and wager it that Jordan WIlliams is the best shooter in WNY, period. He's a horrible fit in this newly Timon offense centered around the low post. If anyone saw the Kearney upset win, Willams had 27, hit 6 threes and if that was the first time you watched a TImon game, he'd have your vote for WNY Player of the Year.

He was awful against Canisius, in large part because the team now has no identity.. Aaron WHite from Canisius post-game told me point blank,and I quote "Jordan WIlliams is the best shooter in WNY in my opinion, we were surprised they were moving the ball around the key more than they did."

It's spread beyond just Williams. Ryan Dougherty and Bryant both look lost lately too. Both are averaging less than 7 points per game after promising sophomore campaigns.

5- The biggest problem they have is that Kyle Kobis does way too much ball handling. Kobis is a scorer and needs a point guard to put him in better situations where he can play to his strengths, IE- outside set shooting, cutting to the lane, etc. Trying to dribble around triple teams and create your offense or throw wild passes when you're in the air isn't the way to get it done. Kobis is a solid player and a VERY GOOD SCORER, but is not a responsible point guard facilitator.

Palano better figure things out and come up with something to get his team more confidence, thought the Kearney win would do the trick but they've really struggled since. Unlike many, I don't think the St. Mary's loss was a fluke. In fact right now, if they played tomorrow I'd pick Mary's to win again.

You must be 5 years old MIG. I swear it's like talking to a 5 year old, whatever you can continue to be a miserable soul who trolls high school basketball baords. Congrats! I bet your parents are very, very proud!

Now on a real note. Refer to Patrick Moran's comment, you're very right. They should try to get some inside-outside movement to Williams. It seems like Gibbs doesn't even consider kicking it out once he gets it in the post.

I think Hart and McDonald from CHS along with Williams are the best 3PT shooters I've seen so far.

Don't forget about Jesse Lalka from Tonawanda. He does not have the prettiest form but hes not afraid to put it up from anywhere outside the arc. I still remember the Tonawanda East Aurora game in the West Seneca tourney over Christmas Break when he outplayed Wier and took over in the 4th quarter.

WT716, you're right about Jess Lalka- he's a very underrated shooter.

Lamont Little from Riverside is a very good shooter as well-- and of course Canisius has sharpshooters in Hart and MacDonald (Weir is good too, though he's a bit more of a slasher). MacDonald looks so natural shooting,which I'm sure his dad a lot to do.

Ricky-- about Timon-- THe thing about Gibbs is you really can't put any fault on him. He's never been a starter and certainly not a focal point of the offense like this.. He doesn't have experience at getting the ball in and out of double teams like a lot of big men around. His problem, at times and again because of a lack of experience, is that his size advantage plays against him because he tries to do TOO much in the post.

But he's essentially doing what the coaches are instructing him to do. I blame their in-game strategy more for their woes than Gibbs, who by the way isn't just the most improved player in WNY but one hell of a kid off the court as well.

Was he on Timon last year? I don't remember him last year from JV or varsity

Gibbs? Yes he was. He just rarely played. They had their four starters from last year who are back (Kobis, Williams, Fulton, Dougherty) and Dave Scarcello was the point guard. Zack Hayes was the main forward off the bench, he's a senior now but quite obviously Gibbs passed him in the rotation, as did Demone Harris.

By the way, I heard Gibbs pulled a muscle in his rib and is very likely out tomorrow night (Tuesday) when Timon hosts St. Francis.

If you haven't figured it out, I'm just a MMA hoops guy. I cover Section VI games when it's a matchup I can't refuse or for a story that needs to be written, but otherwise I'll go watch O'Hara play Niagara Catholic before a better VI matchup elsewhere. I just figured some years back it would be easier to know almost everything and cover 9 teams in one league than 85 all over WNY like crazy-ass CC does.

I'm all MMA as well. I mean I'll go to Jamestown v. Falls, but other than that I'm all for MMA(specifically Joes)

Ricky u r a loser. I can't believe I am being distracted from watching '2 and a half men' 2 respond 2 u. I put up a nice post about Pat and a few nice things about Canisius and u want me banned? WTH is wrong w u? This isn't Russia? I can't suggest Jack Herlan should take over at Canisius without u losing control? Then out of the blue u attack me again? With a 2nd post? 4 what?

People like Ricky r what ruins this country. He would stifle any voice that disagreed w him. This is AMERICA u communist pinko loser. I can support Jack or say I like Pat's posts if I want 2. I keep looking back at what I wrote and dont' get what got u so upset. Having a bad day? A bad life? Then the 2nd post came out of nowhere 4 hrs later. Like u kept thinking about me and decided 2 rip me again. Get a life man.

Next game I am at I will bring my 8 year old son who I'm sure will b able 2 smack u around. Anti American's like u r what ruins this blog. I'm sure u don't support our troops either. U make me sick really.

Ok that is enough. Looking 4ward 2 Joe's Timon Thursday should b a fun game. CC if u know who Ricky is point him out 2 me so I can stick a US flag in his face and let him know any1 can comment on this blog. USA! USA! USA!

Wow, OTC beat City Honors tonight by 30.. That shocks me. I didn't necessarily think Honors would win but didn't expect them to get handled like that.. I wasn't at the game, but TML was, looking forward to reading what he has to say.

All of these boys are fine shooters, good players too. As for the best shooter I would give a small edge to Hart because of his adept shooting off the dribble inside the arc. From what I have seen he is equally strong off screens in half court and on the break with stops at the elbows. His elevation when he shoots off the dribble makes him very hard to defend. Good mid range shooting off the dribble is a lost art in today's game.

Yeah, Hart is a real good shooter. Whey they had the 3-point shootout this summer in Binghampton for the State Games (not the Empire State Games but the version they did this summer), Hart and Williams teamed up for WNY and lit the bucket up, finished second in the team competition out of all the sections of the state.

With absolutely no disrespect to Hart at all intendd, he's a wonderful player, I still think Adam Weir is the best player on that Canisius team.
Matter of fact, this may surprise some but Weir is #2 on my early February ballot for Player of the Year. Of course that can and probably will change 10x between now and March.

Excuse my typos, I'm pounding away on the iPhone

I would have to agree with you on Hart being the best all around shooter in WNY and think his teammate Weir is close behind. Williams at Timon is probably the best at threes, but he is very up and down.


@Moran. Who's your number 1? Agbeko?

And McShea is God you're right, you win. I am a communist supporter and hate the US. I actually cried out of sadness when I found out that Bin Laden was killed.

3 point contest in wny: I am taking (Hall)from Tech, (Morris) from Mckinley, (Weir) from E.A., (Feggins)from Riverside and (Williams) from Timon. These kids are PURE SHOOTERS check out their forms and release... they should pretty much make every shot they take. seriously!!!

Ricky, Why do you let MIG get under your skin. He only posts on here to stir things up. He's a Retired @ 40 loser,that uses blogs to stir up traffic so he can get his vote on Mcshea's Blog. I question his credibility sometimes, but he doesnt even vote the same way as his posts. so just ignore him and keep your comments and replies to the credible posters. St Joes and Olean are #1 til they lose.

As of right now yeah, if I had to make a pick as of today I'd go with Reggie Agbeko for P.O.Y.-- he's the best player on the best team (according to polls) and his numbers have been consistent.

However unlike previous years this is truly a wide-open race--at least I think so. There's still plenty of time for someone to step up, with things so open a sensational postseaon performance could push several kids over the top.

Eyes of the City (By the way isn't this comment back and forth stuff awesome)

Feggans is a real nice player at Riverside, but dont you think Little is the best shooter on that team?

I've seen Morris twice this season (McKinley) and on both occasions he really struggled shooting.. Of course, that just goes to show you how irresponsible it is to judge a player based on just 1-2 performances. I know he can flat-out play his numbers don't lie.

Same thing with Timon. If someone saw them for the first time at Canisius last week, then Jordan Williams looked like the worst shooter in the history of high school basketball. We all know that's certainly not the case.

I done gots to chang my name to MIGIG! Ban Ricky! Go fastbreak yo sef back to Canada with all the rest of the Monsignor Martine stars! USA! USA!

Talk about a one man show.

Acording to TML, Jamaal Carter had 20 of City Honors' 23 first half points tonight in their blowout loss at OTC.

Note of interest; Here is the Oklahoma Sooners link on RA being recruited by them.


I wonder if RA is going to keep on wearing the crimson and white?

Panthers, has Reggie been offerred a scholarship by the Sooners? I remember reading similar comments about Chris Secky being recruited by and going to Syracuse.

Reggie has had an offer from Oklahoma since August.

They are one of 4 schools he is scheduled to take officials at in march. Should be at a Joes game in next couple weeks.

Patrick I am right with you on the MMA being a CHS graduate. Weir is my favorite player to watch because he can do it all. Shooter,slasher, can bring the ball up, and is not afraid to bang with the big guys. Guess you could say I have a man crush on the kid. The Canisius Joes rivalry will always be there, but for this year and next year as well, it should be very very good, with both teams returning juniors.

I like chs team also lately they stepped up defense and can now turn that into more offense fast breaks and more transition points this can only help them. They have many big games coming up and this new found defense will greatly help them going forward


Here's a link to a piece I did for BSD...some thoughts on the past week's games and beyond.

There is a fantastic web site devoted to Girl's Varsity Basketball and Soccer.
Listing of Teams, Standings, Schedules, Box Scores, Power Points,Stats and more.
A lot of time and effort went into this site.
Great job !

It would be great if there was one like this
for the Boy's Varsity.

Wow, that is a really great site. I agree in wishing there was one for Boy's Varsity too!

Yea, that site is an extension of the section V site...girls soccer hooked on a few years ago and bball did this year. Section V's boys site is equally as good.

When do high school basketball players have to commit by?

AND I don't think Reggie will go to Oklahoma. I've been thinking Bonnies or Siena all year long

Thanks Division 1. It's nice to hear Reggie has that kind of interest. What other schools will he be visiting in March?

I swear to you guys I'm a big Reggie supporter and I think he's got a lot of talent and potential, and he's even a better, classy kid off the court-- but I really don't think he has the experience to be a really good Division I player, at least not for a few years.

I love the route "God's Gift" took from ECC to St. John's now. While Reggie is certainly too good a prospect to attend St. Joe's, I'd really like to see him play at a smaller school for 1-2 years then maybe transfer to a more big-time school.

In my opinion, he won't get any significant playing time at a higher level Division I school until he's a junior at the earliest, largely because he's so far behind more polished kids his size.

And again, I am not a Reggie hater, I love this kid and he is working his ass off to get bettern and I'm a fan of the St. JOe's programs and the way he's coached up.. I'm also confident in a few years he'll get to that level. But right now, if a big man is ready to play at the high D-1 level he should be absolutely decimating any competition in WNY high school on a nightly basis.

Just my 2 cents.

I compare Reggie to University at Buffalo 4 man Javon McCrea. McCrea is listed at 6'7'' but has a 7 foot wingspan. Both can shoot the 15 foot jumper, have nice ball handling skills for a big man with a sick crossover, and are beasts on the boards. If you haven't checked out McCrea play I highly recommend that you do. They play Feb 11th at 6 o'clock. McCrea is a future NBA draft pick. Mark my words.

He's pretty dominate, but not enough for WNY high school to go Big-12. But his potential is unreal. Just look how much he improved from last season and it's still only his 2nd season of legitimate, organized, hardwood basketball. A 6'8 PF(in college) who can dribble and pass. If he gets his mid-range jumper consistent, maybe develop a 3-ball, he could become a big time player. With the right coaching he could become a very good collegiate player.

I think Bonnies is the perfect place for him. Nicholson and Cook are gone after this year and their other 2 forwards are juniors right now. Reggie could possibly start in his sophomore season.

Yea...I have to lean more towards WT716...there really aren't that many "polsihed" big men anymore, especially at the mid-major level. Reggie is an elite rebounder...something that really can't be taught all that much, while he is not severly hampered by being overly one dimensional on the offensive end. Of course it is unlikely he would see the floor much in his first year, few D-1 big men do...but I feel he would gain more from practicing with a good crop of other bigs everyday rather than dominating overmatched opponents at a lower level.

Most high school hoops fans around here got their first look at Javon McCrea when his Newark team defeated Williamsville South in the regionals at Buffalo State in 2010. He was the only reason the Billies didn't get to Glens Falls that year - South couldn't do anything near the basket with him manning the middle.

Patrick, I read you about Reggie Agbeko — and I haven't seen him play as much as you have.

But I think he does have the skills to compete at a pretty high level of D1. One thing he faces is a lot of double-teams and clogged lanes. His unheralded teammates have done a nice job stepping up this season — but they still for the most part are middle-of-the-road kids who don't spread the floor and pose a threat from all over the court. He just doesn't get the space because coaches make him the priority on defense.

I think Reggie will excel because his game is tailor-made for the more space he will get on a college floor, where, hopefully, more teammates are consistent threats. Great first step, ability to finish and getting better with the outside jumper. I think he'll be a matchup problem for a lot of teams just based on his ability to get to the basket — he can go around bigger forwards drawn out to the perimeter, or he would overwhelm small forwards or guards trying to keep him away from the basket.

I think he has that kind of game. Now, is his motor high-level D1? That's the real question that I've both seen and heard regarding him...

The one thing you stated above as a strength of Agbeko that I think he has to improve on is finishing. He definitely has the ability to as you wrote, but often his lack of touch around the basket calls his superior rebounding skills into action, until he does finish.

Either way, he'll play D1 somewhere and should only continue to improve. His game has already grown exponentially since he arrived at Joe's last year.

Penn State is other finalized official. Providence and Marquette are still in the works, and possibly another A10 or Big 12 school. He will most likely not use an official with St. Bonnies only because he has already visited a handful of times (games, pickup, etc) and has gotten to know players and likes what he sees there. More than held his own matched up against Cook and Simmons and had a big time flush in traffic.
Pat as far as the numbers they are meaningless, because a major reason St. Joes has had the kind of season they have had to date is due to team not being dependent on Reggie scoring every bucket. His willingness to give up the ball instead shot hunting. That team doesn't win in the long run if they don't share the ball and starters average between 10 - 15 shots per game. Reggie has better numbers then Dajuan Coleman, whom many consider as the premier high schooler in New York. Better averages then Tyler Cavanaugh, Daniel Dingle, Chris Obekpa, Leroy Fludd, Jeffland Neverson and many of the so called best players in the state. Coleman got 22 and 14 against Syracuse CBA and Reggie had 31 and 15. More kids putting big numbers never make it or get significant looks from relevant division 1s. D1 is generally determined by your ability to defend based on projected position and offensive numbers will generally come down to being able to achieve with limited touches because most at that level were the MAN on there high school team and absolutely will not sit back and feed you all not while they watch. Those of us involved with Reggie and have played at that level have emphasized to him more about being efficient and competing against yourself so as not to go through the motions when playing lesser talent. The motor is there and he is a kid that can do anything on the floor you ask your bigs or guards to do. Kid plays up to the level he is matched up against.

I think RA is the best player in the area. He is an athletically gifted big man and a relentless rebounder at both ends of the court, but he has a somewhat limited offensively at this point. Although he has the quick hops that McCrea exhibits he does not seem to have the knack of blocking shots that Javon displayed at the same point in his career. this I believe is due to his inexperience.

His college choice from a basketball perspective, will depend on what his expectations are. Does he want more immediate playing time at a mid major or wait out his time on the bench learning his trade at a high level D1.

Hopefully his college decision will be based upon academic reasons as much as basketball, since there are many high school stars that have to make a living at something other than sports. He should have some great options.

^ I'm sure it will. From talking with his uncle the main reason he came to the US was for academics, very intelligent kid. If you talked to him today you'd never believe he barely spoke English when he first got here.

I think Reggie is the best player in the area and I also think he has the most potential at then next level. Having said that, I think he's a few years away from tapping that potential.

Trust me, I'll be rooting for the kid. I think he's a classy young man and a hard worker, and I've never interviewed him once without him praising his teammates for any of his success.

Just not sure if he's ready to go right to a larger D1 school and be a contributing factor in his 1st or 2nd year.

Even though the matchup was pretty much a stinker, I went to the Timon/St. Francis game tonight for two reasons; 1) I've covered so many of those games and seen Kye Kobis played so much I may as well be there for his 1,000th point and 2)I love hwo the Timon and Frannies fans essentially hate each other.

Here is the video of Kobis hitting a three to reach 1,000 (and I sure as hell aint no Lauren Mariacher, I suck at video)


One important thing to note: as I said on here yesterday DiMilo Gibbs has an injury in his chest area and is having problems breathing. He was in street clothes tonight and is "iffy" for Thursday's huge rematch with St. Joe's. I spoke to both Gibbs and Palano after the game tonight and Gibbs is hopeful, as is Palano even more so saying they "need him"

OMG if I have 2 read 1 more post kissing Reggie's ass I'm going 2 PUKE!!!! He is an OK HS player! Hey Reggie's 'uncle' or 'Division 1' if Oklahoma REALLY 'offered' him a full ride even the people on here who hate me r not stupid enough 2 think he wouldn't have taken it in a SECOND! Enough! Please! He was NOT offered by Oklahoma!!! This kid MIGHT b able 2 b a backup in MAAC. I mean r people at Joe's paying people 2 post here 2 make sure he gets player of the year? I still think Stan Wier will get it. And then u guys debate 'who is the best shooter'??? Maybe ask MAC coach of the year Reggie Whitherspoon who has a full ride waiting 4 him who HE thinks the best shooter is?

My God it's bad enough Joe's is being voted #1 in the Buff News poll despite beating a tired Canisius team at HOME by a couple points but this I love Reggie stuff is unreal! He is NOT Johnny Flynn! Or Paul Harris! Or Will Regan! Enough!

PS - 2 the guy who asked 'Ricky' why I let him get under his skin...YOU r the loser. CC told me who u really r and your life is basically a joke. Yes being able 2 retire from 40-45 to hang with my son while he still wants me around makes me a loser. Amazing I can do that and still somehow live in Williamsville. Only a true loser would have planned his life enough 2 b able 2 pull that off!

USA! Only in America baby! Where Reggie is NOT from! HA!!!!

No comment from me MIG. I only talk basketball to people who have played it at a decent level or know what they are talking about so talking to you is out of the question.

Reggie's other established official is with Penn State and last 2 are still up in the air as the right fit is decided upon based on who has offered. But appears to be Big East schools. Probably might not do an official with St. Bonnies only because he has done a number of unofficials to play pickup and see watch games. Likes players and staff and knows what to expect but has not visited the other schools on his list.
He will decide on a school that challeges him to be the best early and win as well as right academic fit.

Pat, theory of decimating stats is wrong my friend. If Reggie were shot hunting as many would expect, the young guys from St. Joes would have spent too much time watching and not learning to compete. The sharing of the ball is what allowed team to believe in themselves in the Canisius game when Reggie was not a part of most of the game. Wins before stats, and Reggie's 20ppg and 15 rpg is similar or better than elite post players throughout the state. Dajuan Coleman got 22 and 14 against Syracuse CBA and Reggie got 31 and 15. Reggie averaged 25 ppg and 15 rpg at AAU nationals against the best high school talent in the land as well as a 40+ point game against a team with Big East and ACC recruits. The kid outplayed a number of top 100 players that are going into BCS programs as starters next season. A10 and above schools have followed the kid since last summer and are willing to bet 120k - 160k over next 4 years that they are right that he can play 3, 4 for them. People will keep being shocked at what he can do because there is very little he can't do on the court. He simply does what is asked of him. Imo his biggest weakness might be setting his own goals within the game so as to bring the proper intensity against lesser comp.

So TML, Center Court, Hoopster, Jack Herlan, Mark Simon, MIG can't talk basketball with you because they haven't played it at a 'decent' level. Keith McShea, Sal from Niagara Falls...none of us will you talk basketball with because we haven't played it a 'decent' level like yourself? Would you mind sharing with all of us what level you consider decent and how far your basketball career went?

I agree with MIG you are clearly lying. Funny you never mentioned the Oklahoma offer MIG brought up in your post. Because there is no offer.

Please stop insulting Center Court and Keith McShea and everyone else on this blog who you don't feel should be able to talk basketball with you because they haven't played it at a 'decent level'....Your words Mr D1 - also can you please enlighten us and tell us where you played D1 basketball? Go ahead I'll wait...

NAIA or whoever

Take it anyway you feel like. Bottom line is that its easy to question and hate on what people are doing, have done or whatever. But a player should be fueled by doubters just like you. Just because you can dunk a nerf ball on an 8 year old doesn't make you basketball player or knowledgeable of it.

FYI, Oklahoma offer had been mentioned previously by me and if you would take time out to read, not talk, but read you will notice that someone introduced a link from Soonersfan message board mentioning the offer to Reggie, or I guess if we go with your theory we are manipulating their moderators to come on here to impress you.

My ball credentials don't have anything to do with Reggie, but I'm pretty confident its greater than yours. Or that may be to impress you again.


Google espn: Reggie Agbeko. When it says offers one of them is from Oklahoma. But you're all right espn has no credible sources or anything...

I will find out in the next 24-36 hours exactly where Reggie may have official offers from.

And LOL,some of you guys are mean, I'm glad I'm not an athlete.

Surely MIG is out of his league in this conversation. Easy to spew bull but I know he is still choking on that crow! How else would he go from saying CHS will run the table on Joes 3 games this season. How is that prediction working out for you? Now he is saying they will win the one that matters which is what?.. the one in the cup. Please!?! Where is your spine---stand by your words or admit you were wrong. Oh I forgot...it takes a real man to do that!

Personally I like CHS and wish the kids well this year but Joes not only has a better record but a better team suited to go further than CHS.

When you come on as another blogger it is easy to recognize you since you can't change your low bball IQ. Hey dude...You are a funny guy which is pretty lame if that is all people get from your comments and by the way spitting up crow is illegal in this here USA. Sad that no matter what you say or continue to say you are always wrong time and time again. Don't feel bad that we call you on your useless comments!

keep trying to deflect and cover your identity. We all know you were @ the Will east game last night, since it is 5 minutes from your house. Truth be told Reggie is solid and will go D1 but is no Mcrea. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so stop attacking them for it. you on the other hand just make stuff up to rile people up when you don't even agree w/ your own posts.

Also there was no need to ask CC who I was. You and I go waaaay back. Its been a long time, but now that my kids are older we may be seeing more of each other. Sorry for being rude last night @ Wil.East. I should have stopped to say hello.
Riverside/ Hutch Tech tonight?

@ MIG. Why wouldn't Joes be #1? They beat the previous #1, beat AQ, and has some quality wins vs. McKinley, Timon, and St. Mary's. It's a no-brainer.

Reggie is not McCrea, it's simple. McCrea is leading UB to the NCAA Tourney. BUT with some tuning up in his game's jump shot, handles, and touch he could be a very good D-1 player as he is already an elite rebounder with great size.

When I said handles I meant hands, not dribbling skills. We all know what he can do dribbling...

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