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Thursday, March 22, 2012


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when is the all WNY coming out?

^ Early April I believe

CC how long did it take u 2 type this list up? How do we know it's correct? Could u have made a mistake? Can we trust u?

CUSE!!!! GOD I hope they beat Ohio State!!!

OSU loo,ed very good tonight against an undisciplined Cincinnati team MIG. Should be a close one, but I like Cuse.

maybe that shoulda been looked, eh?

I am surprised that Blanch (KE), Williams (NF)or Mis (NT)didn't make it before Dzeiwit (LP) or Mulcahey (NW)on the first team in the NFL, based upon what they either did stats wise (Blanch) or for their winning teams (Williams/Mis). How are they voted upon?

blanch did not make first team because of the attitude and all the extra junk that goes along with his game. as for the falls guards not making 1st team, complete joke. mulcahey woulnt even start at falls and NW was awful thhis year.

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