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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


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Nice line up Sal!

Just reading my NYSSWA newsletter and see that AIS reps LI Lutheran and Collegiate won the A and B fed finals yet again. Isn't it about time the other fed reps tell the AIS that it's high time LuHi and Collegiate compete in AA and A?!

Have city schools ever participated in this event? You get some city school to replace the weak N-O school and that would be solid.

I do not remember a city team ever being in the lineup.

Riverside has been in it a couple of years, the problem there is they dont bring much in fan support, we treat the teams pretty well and 3 refs on a game the gate is our only revenue. It is something to think about in the future, and before you ask about out of town teams brunswick and Kearney games will sell out

The BK game will be a marquee matchup in the early part of the season and will be a big draw. Last year, Kearney brought a lot of fans to Falls. It was the first game of season for the Kings, one filled with high expectations, so fan support was huge. Expectations will be even higher for BK next year, as they return four starters, including the two future D1 bigs. I expecct Falls to beat them!

The Brunswick game should be excellent also. Their style reminds me of Canisius or - well coached, shooters all over the court, and a very high basketball IQ. They also travel extremely well for a team from Ohio. At the Wilson Tournament the last two years, they had the most fans at the games of any team in the tournament including the hosts. Their team was young this season and still won the Wilson Tournament over Riverside & St. Mary's, so I expect Falls to get a pair of major tests to start the season.

As for a city school to bring in, the East Panthers will be loaded in two years, and would be a great team to bring in December 2013.

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