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Saturday, March 03, 2012


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Well WHAT A DAY at Buff State. That last game what can u say. 4 times in 7 years they have met in the AA final and I don't think ANYONE doesn't want it to b 5 out of 8 times next year. 17-3 run to end the game I think? T Williams amazing! Sal great job with that switch to a 3-2 zone, threw off Jamestown just enough 2 get u back in it. Still need 2 work on the outfit however, Drake just dresses way better than u do. The plan 2 remove J Paige from Jamestown WORKED!

Good work! Beat section 5!

McKinley solid...am I the only 1 who thinks if Stan finally has that great shooting night they could actually win that game? His 25 points streak ends at 12 game or something cause he only had 17 but did a LOT 2 help his team win the A2 title. Had 2 have 10 plus rebounds several assists and steals and draws 2-3 defenders everytime he touches the ball. Still just 'ok' shooting nights. I think McKinley - which was once UNTHINKABLE - could actually lose that game if Stan has a Johnny Flynn type game in him.

Depew played Olean tough. Still I won my bet with CC as East played them tougher only losing by 4 and not 2! Still I don't think Olean is winning a State title this year. No way. They r 'good' but not good enough 2 win it all.

CSAT good job winning your first title. Feel bad 4 Wilson, they may never win 1.

Hopefully Canisius wins pretty easy tomorrow then the Iona Prep game will b a great 1 next week.

Falls Jamestown WOW. I hope they r in that AA Final 4 the next 10 years.

Great Day of Basketball is right. Congrats to all the teams that played and those that came out victorious. Watched the first 3 games at Buff State and then took the road trip to Rochester to catch Section V in action. I was blown away by how everything about the Section V playoffs TRUMPED Section VI (not talking about talent or teams)..with all the little things like purchasing a real ticket and presenting it to be scanned to a concession stand every 20 yards, but most of all for the recognition of the athletes and teams that competed. At the conclusion of each contest a all tournament team is selected for each bracket, a sportsmanship award presented to two players from the championship game and the winning team from each bracket was presented with championship T-shirts, hats, their plaque and patches as well as a athletic bag, championship ball and net. They really were doing it right to recognize the athletes and teams competing. Many of the corporate sponsors were on hand to present the awards to the student athletes, talking to a few others I learned that each number 1 seed is recognized prior to the tournament beginning. Everything about what was going on just kept ringing "this is how it should be done in section VI, this is how it should be done".

Great post Coach!! I am not sure why there hasn't been a movement to depose Jim Walker long before now, but it is high time that he retire voluntarily or by insurrection if necessary. Section 5 disgraces section 6 in every way. It is also time to consider a change in venue. The Buffalo State Sports Arena is as tired as the staff and administration running it.

i don't think EA Has a chance with McKinley i think McKinley will take weir out the game like they did justice from Riverside and i just don't think they have the speed to do so either

I know MIG thought the real B-1 final was Monday, but Olean beat "Depew" on Saturday in the final, not East(as listed above)

Guest, I think MIG was stating his opinion that Olean and East were the two best teams in the B-1 bracket, hence his belief that the winner of the Olean-East game would be the eventual B-1 champ.

Lots of literalists on this site...

Speaking of Olean, it's interesting that they have advanced yet have not really played their best basketball at Buff State. Lot of factors involved, their overall youth and the floor matchups they've faced not being the least.

Still, the experience they're gaining is invaluable.

OK... I do see CC's listing of Olean-East in the B-1 final. Sorry...

Olean simply has not been that impressive...they have not come out in either game with much fire or intensity at all. Against Depew in particular, Eckstrom was seemingly trying to buy calls on Cotton whenever buy flopping around whenever they bumped in the paint.

When Olean was aggressive, they were the far better team in both games but much too often they seemed passive and stagnant on the offensive end. Playing similarly will still likely get them by CSAT tomorrow, but if they play the same way Saturday, likely against an aggressive and experienced Charlotte team, they may not be so fortunate.

I have had East as my 2nd best Class B team all year and I stand by my opinion. Not because of this but they lost by 4, Depew by 6. East Olean will b the 2 best B teams 4 the next 2 years.

Agree Olean doesn't pick it up Section 5 will end there season.

Was anybody really expecting the Huskies to blow past Depew? I wasn't. The Wildcats have played in five title games in six years for a reason. There was never any reason to think the Olean/Depew game would go much different than it did.

I don't think they're regressing as a team, but rather they've reached the time of year where all opponents will be tough and giving their best shot. I think Olean wins on Saturday and heads to Glens Falls.

Proof is in the pudding - Mckinnon out at Nichols for recruiting.

Come on CC...olean came out flat both games...lack of fire...inexperience maybe, but there is no reason they couldn't have come out firing early on.

Hate to say it, but MIG was right.

Stan Wier just locked down POY honors after tonight's win over McKinley, and he deserves it.

Riverside, Amherst and McKinley all in a six-day span, just showing he was more than scoring a lot of points on a bad team.

Lemme tell you something about Stan. First, there is absolutely no one who works harder at the game than him. The kid arrives at school early every day to get up 500 jumpers. He really works every part of the game. Second he really took a lot of hits a couple years ago for jacking shots at Nichols, a lot of which was justified. However, what everyone failed to appreciate, see or comment on was his growth as a player and person because as the season went on he became better and better in that regard. And if it wasn't for his improvement and maturation along with the jelling of the team there is NO way Nichols wins a state and federation title. Nichols had to run through a murderer's row of teams to accomplish that feat and there is no way they do it without Stan's growth.(Of course everyone made valuable contributions) Fourth and most importantly anyone who has watched Stan and his EA teammates sees a cohesive team with Stan as the clear leader and one who is universally respected by his teammates.

It's just been unfortunate that he's taken so many shots on the board and just want to paint a little different picture for everyone's consideration.

Lastly congrats to Stan and Cam Wier, The Wier family and every player on the EA team and their coaches.

Hoopster that's a solid post.

I know you're talking in general. I've never taken shots at Stan. I just didn't think based on the schedule they played (at the time)and the results (at the time) that he was POY worthy over Reggie Agbeko.

But he proved his supporters right and critics wrong in the postseason. EA doesn't sniff Buff State let alone knock off three quality teams in a row (especially McKinley) without him.

I've never doubted his ability or desire to be great, I just didnt think his season was POY of worthy, but that has changed over the past week.

And that's not to take anything away from Reggie either, who had a fantastic season himself.

Anyway, instead of debating Weir's POY merit, we should be just be congratulating him and his teammates on a feat very few people expected to see this week

What is nice is that Stan's outside shooting was not even on display tonight...his work ethic, court awareness and strength were. He made countless plays to get himself in position for rebounds, he purposely drew double teams if they were not already there and then quickly dished the ball off to an open teammate and he showed he can score in a variety of ways.

Stan was not the whole story, however. The entire EA rotation played well and simply out worked and out executed McKinley. They made few mistakes and were far more often in the right place at the right time, especially in the fourth quarter. Great game planning by them, not relying too heavily on Stan and the rest of the team's confidence has sky-rocketed...this is not the same team from even a few weeks ago.

Hopefully they will BK a game...I think they can...BK has not been blowing teams out and a smart, disciplined EA team should be able to keep themselves in it. A win would be a massive upset but I wouldn't expect a blow out, especially playing here.

I love all the Stan support now! USA! USA!

I'm kidding...sort of. Part of the reason I started all the Stan MVP talk was because of what he did with Nichols in 2010. I have always thought in some ways Player of the Year should b a career award and I don't know if any of u saw my previous post but that 2005 Falls and 2010 Nichols teams were SO GOOD and winning Feds in AA and A is SO hard to have had 8 of the last 9 Player of the Years from those 2 teams just shows u HOW GOOD they both were.

EA btw GREAT JOB BY THAT coach. Sad I don't even know his name. Outstanding job against that pressure D. #31 and the kid w the headband deserve a ton of credit. It all revolves around Stan though U had 2 BE at the last 3 games 2 c 2/3 guys watching over him while other EA guys got wide open 4 layups.

B Kearney game let's b honest will b tough. I want 2 c Stan in Glens BAD cause I am missing Saturday.
It will come down 2 rebounding. The 1 thing they did not do a great job of against McKinley. I mean McKinley on their INITIAL shots couldn't have shot better than 10%. They got most their points on 2nd chances something EA HAS 2 not let Kearney do with those 2 big guys. I hate 2 sound negative but I think Stan nees 2 go off for 30 or 40 for them to win. He needs to have a game like he had in the Fed at Glens in 2010. He IS DUE 4 1 of those so let's keep our fingers crossed. I have learned not 2 doubt this team.

PS - Was kind of cool seeing MAC Player of the year Mitchell Watt and Will and most of the UB guys at the game 2 watch Stan. Hopefully UB makes their fist NCAA Saturday night.

I have more confidence in EA winning on Saturday than UB winning the MAC.

I have more confidence in winning the MAC. They shouldn't lose to Ohio three times in one season and if they win that game they match up with everyone else in the conference well. BK has 2 legitimate high major D-1 players that are 6-7 and 6-9. Thats one thing EA hasn't faced and I don't see how they can match up.

Not to take anything away from EA at all because this has been an unbelievable run, but I saw McKinley for the first time tonight and was NOT impressed at all. They can't shoot whatsoever and often looked organized and like nobody even wanted to try and score. I understand they've made their mark all year with defense but I was expecting some more skill. Stan is undeniably good and I didn't doubt him so much as I doubted the other guys on EA but they have stepped up and played better than they have at other times this season.

I thought Olean looked better tonight but that's taken with a grain of salt. CSAT didn't match up as well inside as East and Depew did. Carson looked like he was going to put on a show early and be the best player on the floor but then he got visibly frustrated and taken out of his game continuing to settle for too many outside jumpers. Credit Olean for the defense as he has shredded just about everyone this year and is one of the best ball handlers in WNY if not the best.

I think the big key for Olean will be Wil Bathurst. He is their most talented player in my opinion. You usually get the same from Eckstrom (buckets down low, defensive presence due to size) and Schmidt (3-point marksmanship, solid PG play), but Bathurst can have a huge game or a quiet night. For Olean to continue winning they will need those big games from him. This is a lot of pressure on him considering he is the one sophomore for Olean who didn't play varsity last year.

For those of u REALLY into HS bball Omar Calhoun and Christ the King who had been in the last SIX NYC CHSAA AA Championships - winning a Fed title in 2010 and losing 2 Mt Vernon in the Fed final in 2011 - lost in the Quarterfinals! The semis r set 4 tomorrow at St John's:

Holy Cross vs Mt Saint Michael's
St Raymonds vs Cardinal Hayes

NYC PSAL AA Semis Saturday at St John's:

Thomas Jefferson vs Wings Academy
Boys N Girls vs Lincoln

LI Luthern beat Albany Academy to win the NYSAISAA Class A title 4 like the 40th year in a row

Collegiate beat Poly Prep to win the NYSAISAA Class B title 4 the 5th year in a row. They r also going 4 their 5th straight Fed B title.

It's an ABSOLUTE JOKE Luthern doesn't play the Fed as an AA and Collegiate as an A. I would give my left u know what 2 c St Mary's beat Nazareth (an all black fast athletic team) this weekend and get a shot at those clowns in the Fed.

Also just 2 show u why Mike McDonald - I mean the BCA Mr Basketball nominations were a joke - go 2 espn.go.com if u have time and look at the grades on the NYS basketball recruits. YES I GET there r many recruiting sites but I think we can all agree we have heard of 'espn'...Daniel Dingle of St Raymond's not being in the top 6 is a JOKE!! He got co NYC player of the year with Omar Calhoun. He is going 2 b the A10 Freshman of the year next year. Valenti? Reggie? Ahead of him? Mike u really need 2 step down from doing Mr Basketball. I mean obvioulsy Coleman will get it this year which he should but 2 leave out Dingle who got a grade on the espn rankings of 91 right behind Coleman and Calhoun is insane. And 2 include guys like Phil and Reggie who r NOWHERE on these lists just because Phil was going 2 Canisius (new coach may not want him) and because u went 2 a few St Joe's games is crazy.

By the way on the ESPN.Go.Com list the top player from WNY is STAN WEIR with a grade of 87 (I am not including Prep school kids)...not that he is up there with Coleman or Calhoun or Dingle but Mike McDonald needs 2 step down he clearly has no idea what he is talking about. I get it's only 'espn' but give me a break.

I'm out!
Daniel Dingle

Congratulations to Stan wier and the ea team on some great wins down the stretch.nice to see hardwork pay off good luck keep going

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